Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2012What did you think of the Indian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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202 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix”

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    1. Oh, yeah, a 2. Maldonado provided the only excitement.

      1. I actually fell asleep halfway. Didn’t catch the Maldonado part but at least i saw Alonso overtake Webber which would just about be the only thing anyone can remember from this yawnfest.

        1. Weird, I actually fell asleep for most of it too. After lap 10 I’d had enough. Could still hear the commentary in my dreams though and I dreamt my own race. Vettel retired in mine, was quite sad to wake up to him still leading on lap 53.

          1. That’s actually happened to me before! I fell asleep on Lap 8 of Valencia 2011.

          2. They could host a race in places like Siberia or Christmas Island i dont really.

            But god they should keep Tilke away from building any more of his sleep-inducing circuits. India and Korea have combined for 2 of the most oitifully boring races i have ever watched. Along with the usual snorefests that are Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, China …..

          3. I dozed off around lap 13 and woke up on 30…only because the laundry machine was beeping that it was done!

        2. LOL! I didn’t fell asleep but I was close :-) I really think the smog affected the drivers that said they liked the track hahaha.

          1. Turns 5 to 14 are actually quite challenging technically, and a very good thing if you are a driver.

            But then again, who the ___ cares for that? Fans want racing, pure racing, not how interesting or challening a race track is for drivers, it’s not good to aspire for wanting to hear the moans couple next door, bring the action to where the desire is!

          2. I hope some day you get to watch this circuit live..you would sink up to what drivers says buddy, I am sure about it!!

        3. It’s a very fast circuit with no easy maneuvers…required hell lot of skill and nerve by Alonso to overtake 3 drivers and get at number 2..same for other drivers..don’t know what you get tee on your channels but it’s an amazing circuit to be live on… Guys…

    2. 8, for the insane crowd support!

      1. I gave it a 6, but I completely agree about the crowd support! The constant cheering during the podium was great!!

        Martin Brundell also did great with the interviews. By far the best since the new podium format has started..

        1. Who the hell is Martin Blundell?

          1. Brundle or Blundell ?

      2. mate half of the stands are completely empty i guess the novelty factor after the first race is gone I dunno which crowd you taking about…only good thing is at least alonso is still in contention

        1. Which race were u watching??? There were close to 80,000 fans in the stands which has a capacity of 100,000! Do the maths yourself!! Another point- I saw the race today on Sky Sports…man it makes the boring race look even more boring…can understand the sleeping complaints from Sky users!!!

          1. I saw the main grandstand and the banking on the outside of turns 1 and 2 full. The rest of the grandstands were empty. It certainly wasnt at 80% capacity. No way.

          2. @ajokay– stating the numbers suggested on star sports by Steve Slater! Will have to wait and read tomorrow’s newspaper!

          3. You can’t trust everything Steve Slater said. He’s one of the worst F1 commentator in the world.

          4. @bernie-ecclescake


            Q2(not indian GP) in progress, and suddenly steve slater got very hyper, and started shouting in his dramatic tone “oh drama, oh drama….the world champion vettel has some serious issue, he’s pulling over, that’s game over for vettel in qualifying, there’s going to be some heads rolling in the red bull camp”.
            His fellow commentator could not take it any longer and shouted back “relax, that is not vettel, it’s daniel ricciardo, and he is only slowing down and moving to the side to let the driver on a hot lap go by”. And indeed, ricciardo promptly came back to normal pace immediately after!

            That’s steve slater for ya! I think there could have been 30000 spectators, but those that were did enough cheering and made sufficient noise to sound like a 80000 crowd!

          5. It was a great gathering of 68000+ spectators..who got much more than their money’s worth…amazing race through and through…don’t know how and what your broadcaster showed you guys..its an amazing circuit..!!

    3. Very dull… why are some people giving this such high ratings ? Are they rating it according to who they support or are they actually rating how good a race it was ?

      1. Because for some reason people today consider 7 as an average of 1 and 10.

        1. Yeah, I rated it a 4.

        2. No, that’s 5.

      2. 3, for the number of exciting moments in the race. Lap 1, the punctures and the Williams fights.

        1. 3 for me too. I struggled to stay awake., not for the first time this season. What’s the point in having 20 races per year if 20% of them are dull as dishwater? This is bad for F1, IMO.

      3. @marlarkey:

        Very dull… why are some people giving this such high ratings

        Just Bernie’s henchmen doing their job!

    4. “Yawn” just about sums it up perfectly I reckon.

    5. 1. I fell asleep after 10 lap. Much more boring than Korean GP. Smog doesn’t help either. It’s like watching race in forest fire.

    6. Was going for a 2, then I gave a three just because of the fight between Alonso / Button / Hamilton in the first few corners. Well deserved imho.

  1. Top driver has got to be Alonso… from 6th to second… Amazing!

      1. Whatever. Still drove a bloody good race. Will be tight between him and Vettel IMO.

  2. Good racing throughout the midfield, the front was boring up until the end. A seven.

  3. The end was OK therefore a 5, one of seasons worst.

  4. I made a cup of green tea during the race to cheer myself up. If the season goes on like this, I’ll need to take something stronger.

    1. @girts whiskey, mate… whiskey. If the race is boring, at least you have a great time !

  5. Apart from the opening lap and the tussle between Alonso and the McLaren’s…. meh. 4

    1. I gave it a 5 for that very reason apart from that dull.
      DRS was a bit too much again

  6. snoozefest

  7. The race maybe a 6

  8. 2. Only excitement was on the first lap and a couple of short battles in the midfield. Haven’t been that bored during a grand prix for a long time.

  9. The podium position battle’s never really came to anything, the tactical battles that could have materialised ended in nothing with collisions but there was some tension with apparent car problems.

  10. The end was a little exciting. That’s why I’m giving the generous rating of 3

    1. +1 as well. I hate DRS.

      1. Count me in! Just absolutely hate the way it has destroyed F1!

      2. Every time DRS is deployed a little part of me dies inside.

        1. Same here! I’ve even used that exact phrase to others!

        2. Me too. I was explaining DRS to the wife, and felt quite embarrased.

  11. Generally good race from top runners except Vettel. First lap slip streaming gives +1.

    1. @eggry

      What a joke. Vettel did just as much of a good job as Alonso, Webber or Hamilton.
      Now it’s just too obvious you hate Vettel.

      1. @f1fannl He did good job. but not race, isn’t it?

        1. @eggry

          Alonso didn’t do any ‘racing’ either. One easy pass on Hamilton and Button and another even easier pass on Webber. After passing Webber he was never under any threat for the remainder of the race because Webber didn’t get KERS back and because Hamilton didn’t have the pace to pass Webber and attack Alonso.

          The only difference between Vettel and Alonso is that Vettel started where he finished whereas Alonso was gifted second place by the McLaren’s three corner scuffle and Webber’s KERS problem.
          Alonso would have probably passed Button and Hamilton regardless because of the ridiculous double DRS zone combined with the Ferrari’s better race pace but I doubt he would have passed Webber had Webber’s KERS remained active.

          1. @f1fannl It’s too obvious you hate Alonso.

          2. @eggry

            I don’t hate. It’s irrational and a complete waste of energy.
            I don’t like Alonso as a person but that doesn’t change the way Alonso got to second yesterday. I’ve stated facts, nothing more.
            If you think I’ve got a grudge against Alonso for some reason I’ve voted for him in the DotW poll several times.

  12. Gave it a 6.

    Some good racing, close battling & some overtaking through the field.

  13. And once again, Vettel winning makes for rubbish races. Good battles in the second half, but the first half was terrible. A 5 is being generous

    1. It not Vettel winning which is boring, but the fact he wins with little trouble which is boring.

      1. @slr

        I couldn´t have said it better myself!!!! My exact same feelings!

      2. @slr

        + 1 Very well said!

  14. 5 – the first lap was great, and there was a certain amount of tension at the end, but much less overtaking than I’d hoped. Some good passes nonetheless. I was pleased for Senna getting that final point.

    1. Same, he had some great passes today and very good pace as well.

      1. No offence meant, but er… are you related to Bruno?(This in light of earlier comments)

        1. @chicanef1 …No? Where on earth would you get that impression from? Does one have to be related to be a fan of a driver? I’m genuinely baffled by this comment, lol.

          1. @leucocrystal I told you..no offence meant. If someone asked me whether I was an F1 driver’s sibling, I would’ve been flattered.

          2. @chicanef1 I’m not offended, I promise! Just rather confused is all, lol.

  15. Well, that was a waste of my Sunday evening.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys maybe the “off” button on your tv remote was an option?

      1. You’ve now used this little quip twice and can use it a third time for me. This isn’t a sport at the moment. It’s a kid playing a game on easy and a bunch of bewildered numbskulls running around in his dust. If you want 20 Indian Grand Prix’s then I agree with taurus, you can have it and I hope you enjoy every second of the predictable monotony.

      2. @raymondu999 Not reading these comments is an option for you though…

    2. I didn’t get to watch it and i’m glad I didn’t by the sounds of it. Plus, I watched Ted’s Notebook on the Sky website. It’s never a good sign when he spends more time on the off track action than the on track stuff.

  16. 3 – I wanted a Phaal but got a Korma

  17. Absolute rubbish. If this is the way F1 is heading you can keep it.


    1. @taurus maybe the “off” button on your tv remote was an option?

      1. two of the most boring F1 races i can remember in a row. if it carries on in this direction i wont even bother switching it on in the first place

  18. Well, I’m gonna be indulgent and give it a 5. And that’s because it managed to create at least some tension here and there in the midfield, in places, between Button and Rosberg, even thought nothing came of it; because at least we had a small glimpse of a fight for the podium between Alonso, Webber and Hamilton, even though nothing much came out of that either and, well… because I never had high expectations for this GP in the first place. And nothing much to do on a Sunday morning, other than watch it.

    One sole comment: I’m firmly convinced Pirelli should have brought the softer / more-degradable compounds here. Two stop strategies for the top teams and the alternative of a three-stopper would have made for a much more entertaining GP and would have mixed things up in the field in a more desirable fashion.

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      28th October 2012, 12:57

      Here’s a suggestion: Have Pirelli bring only the rain tyres!

  19. starting to hating this late starting race. why is the race is held late in the afternoon. the lighting is the worse it should be held around 2o’clock.

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