Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Indian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2012What did you think of the Indian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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202 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix

  1. F1Rollout (@f1rollout) said on 28th October 2012, 12:29

    I am a huge F1 fan like most of the others here . I somehow managed to keep following F1 in Schumacher era. For me the best part of F1 was 2005- 2008. The only thing i can conclude from that era is that it was famous for two horse race.(Mclaren v. Ferrari , Mclaren v.s Renualt, Ferrari v.s Renualt). Its great for championship not so good for the race show. There was little to choose between top two teams and their drivers.

    Whereas this era offers wide competition but difference of performance between teams even drivers is huge because it depends on so many variables so drivers can come up with lot of excuses for not performing .I would suggest to bring back refuelling for the sake of competition in strategies. Ditch DRS, keep kers but make it more effective and introduce tyres war.

    I dont watch F1 for show.i watch F1 for the competition(Teams and drivers). I would take Vettel winning every race but with strong fight both in qualifying and races. Bring back 2005- 2008 era.

    • F1Rollout (@f1rollout) said on 28th October 2012, 12:34

      and ofcourse i would suggest durable tyres to show true potential of drivers. How on earth they are good for competition is beyond me. I dont believe in “Managing tyres” thing.It depends on driver style. Its more of a limitation than anything good.

      • Dizzy said on 28th October 2012, 13:06

        i dont see why anyone would want refueling to come back.

        all refueling ever did was take the racing off the track & move it into the pit lane, in the refueling era 80% of all position changes were done in the pits.
        refueling was one of the biggest reasons the amount of on-track passing declined, we had plenty of passing pre-94 & as soon as refueling came in the passing moved into the pits & from 1994-2009 most the passing was done in pits at fuel stops with very little done on-track.
        when refueling was banned again for 2010 we saw more on-track passing that year than any year since 1989 & significantly more than was seen in any of the refueling years.

        • StefMeister (@stefmeister) said on 28th October 2012, 13:21

          I agree.

          Refueling may have been interesting from a strategy point of view, However I always felt it was horrible for the racing.

          Watching races like France 2004 where Schumacher went to a 4-stop strategy & we ended up with Alonso/Schumi fighting for the win despite been separated by a big gap after the 2nd stops with the eventual pass been done via a pit stop was just plain boring.
          Always felt that race would have been a ton more exciting had there been no refueling with Alonso/Schumi right together fighting for the win with Schumi having to find a way to overtake Alonso on the track if he wanted to win.

          I never liked it from the very 1st race at Brazil in 1994 where a great scrap for the lead between Senna & Schumacher was ended at the 1st fuel stop & Schumi then proceeded to simply drive away. Would have been far better with no refueling, We would have seen a great fight between the 2 on the track again with any eventual overtake having to be done on the track.

          Were many other races like that, Great fighting for position on track eventually been ruined by refueling with any pass eventually done in the pits.

          In my view refueling did far more harm to the races than good!!!

  2. Snafu (@snafu) said on 28th October 2012, 12:34

    It’s a shame… we had so many interesting races in first half of the season. I can’t believe it turned out like this!

  3. Ads21 (@ads21) said on 28th October 2012, 12:35

    The first half of the race was absolutely awful, but it perked up a bit after the pit stops and the battle for 2nd and 3rd that emerged. Was still a pretty poor race though, I gave it 6/10.

  4. beneboy (@beneboy) said on 28th October 2012, 12:37


    First and last few laps were reasonably entertaining but other than that it was 50+ laps where little to nothing happened other than the odd puncture and DRS enabled pass (I wouldn’t even call them overtakes as that implies there was some sort of racing involved – which clearly isn’t the case).

  5. Alley said on 28th October 2012, 12:44

    Poor Race.
    Poor means 4

  6. carl craven said on 28th October 2012, 12:47

    It was boring as hell, the only intrigue after 3 seasons is why oh why oh why is Webber still suffering KERS problems and the other guy NOT?

  7. Bobby Balboa (@bobby-balboa) said on 28th October 2012, 13:05

    whoever voted 10 needs a slap!!!

  8. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 28th October 2012, 13:07


    Thought that for 80% of the race it was dead boring. Only started to get good around lap 49. And then it was exciting to see if Alonso could catch Vettel and if Hamilton could catch Webber.
    Also, kudos to Senna for some great overttaking moves and showing his teammate how it’s done; with patients.

  9. Bobby Balboa (@bobby-balboa) said on 28th October 2012, 13:10

    and also a slap for the person who made this comment

    “introduce tyres war.”

    • beneboy (@beneboy) said on 28th October 2012, 13:51


      Have you been getting slap happy with Mr. Gueermo ?

      • Bobby Balboa (@bobby-balboa) said on 28th October 2012, 21:49

        The last thing F1 needs is another Tyre war!!!! Remember the American GP with about 8 drivers. Not to mention the tracks that favored one brand over the other

        • Franton said on 28th October 2012, 22:23

          That was NOTHING to do with a tyre war. That was an unholy combination of an extra rough circuit surface and Max Mosley doing his utmost to block any chances of the Michelin runners from running safely. It was his decision to block every offered compromise that would have allowed all the cars to start.

          • GT_Racer said on 29th October 2012, 13:30

            and Max Mosley doing his utmost to block any chances of the Michelin runners from running safely

            Wasn’t down to Max, He wasn’t actually involved in the discussions.
            The chicane often talked about as been the solution could not have been installed due to FIA regulations & insurance matters & there was no way to get around either so it was never a possibility.

            The Michelin problems wasn’t even an issue with all Michelin teams, Only team that had any tyre related problems was Toyota, Other Michelin teams had done full race distances on 1 set of tyres during Friday practice without any sign of issues.

            Charlie Whiting told teams he would waver the ban on tyre changes & allow them to change tyres as many times as they felt they needed, The idea was turned down as Michelin said they didn’t have enough sets but later said they could have flown new sets over.

            Michelin & the GPMA aligned teams used what was a problem for only 1 team & used it to play politics.
            They tried to blame Ferrari even though nobody from Ferrari was ever involved in any discussions, They tried to Blame Max although again he wasn’t involved & wasn’t even fully aware of what was going on as he wasn’t at the track.

  10. Cosmas (@cosmas) said on 28th October 2012, 13:13

    I gave it a 7 , not the most exciting race but it had some good moments like the fight in the start between Alonso and the mclarens. It doesn’t had a lot of spectacle but it had some suspense.
    If someone watches only the tv coverage i guess it is pretty boring but if you follow also the live timing it is different. For example it was interesting to see how Vettel delayed his pit stop trying to built a gap bigger than 21sec to Hamilton so his not going to lose the lead and losing also time behind him if he was first in the pits. Also following the fastest laps was also interesting . The Mclarens were the fastest car’s in the prime tyre but it was too late then to close the gap. Ferrari except the first lap’s of the race were equally quick to RB’s . If Fernando started the race a little further front on the grid we would see a different race. If ferrari improves the quallifying pace the final 3 races would be very close i think.

  11. MahavirShah (@mahavirshah) said on 28th October 2012, 14:06

    I voted the race a 6. I can’t seem to decide if the track produces a less interesting race or is it the fact that Red Bull (i.e. Sebastian Vettel) run away at the start and thus make the race less exciting. Certainly from turn 3 onwards the track becomes quite challenging to drive on but does not encourage any overtaking, quite a bit like Hungary. The crowd and attendance was way better than I had expected and the atmosphere was quite lively.

    Not a lot of battles but a decent race overall. One of the comments I read earlier spoke of the bad race timing. I agree as well. It became too murky towards the end and not so much fun to watch. I hope they make the race a little more early.

  12. OmarR-Pepper (@omarr-pepper) said on 28th October 2012, 14:11

    Fan of Vettel, happy with the result… 3 points for a race where only Alonso produced some exciting at the beginning and at the end

  13. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 28th October 2012, 14:23

    3/10. Just a few hours after the race I had completely forgot about it already, and had no interest in the post race stuff – simply because there was nothing “major” happening on track. A few nice battles, but mostly the field drove around lap after lap following each other.

  14. Fixy (@fixy) said on 28th October 2012, 14:46

    Great start, Alonso was trying to make it interseting all the awy through. Curiously even though DRS passes were usually done halfway-through the DRS zone, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to actually get close enough to the car ahead. It’s a pity that most cars got far from each other very early; Massa and Raikkonen beaing the only exception. Massa was clever to have Kimi cross the DRS detection line first.
    Webber was highly unlucky, again, with his KERS, but helped spice things up a bit. It was great to see Alonso driving the car to 110% of its potential, but there were many possible surprises that failed to realize themselves.

  15. marcus (@wombat1m) said on 28th October 2012, 15:06

    One of the dullest races of the year, great first lap after that, only things of note Maldonado and Koyabashi (is that really noteworthy or just normal though?) and Alonso overtaking Webber, which I managed to miss as I was chopping veggies infront of the TV to make dinner (for timezone context I live in Singapore) – yes it was that exciting….

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