Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Indian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2012What did you think of the Indian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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Rate the 2012 Indian Grand Prix out of ten

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202 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Indian Grand Prix

  1. Rocky (@rocky) said on 28th October 2012, 17:21

    6 but with a few good moments.

  2. JPedroCQF1 (@joao-pedro-cq) said on 28th October 2012, 17:22

    Gave it a 6. Although the most of the race was plain dull, there were some battles on the way which were just under exciting. They need to do something to increase tyre wear at this track…

  3. TZoni (@tzoni) said on 28th October 2012, 17:51

    the second most boring race of the season, after monaco. the first round was good, but then it got very boring. hopefully the next race will be better ….


  4. wecaz (@wecaz) said on 28th October 2012, 18:27

    Alonso made the day for me!!
    He is never tired of trying.

  5. Jorge Lardone (@jorgelardone) said on 28th October 2012, 18:41

    4/10. Anyway, great victory for Vettel, the best F1 champion of this time after Schumacher.

  6. AlonsoMcLaren (@alonsomclaren) said on 28th October 2012, 18:47

    Total trash! I stopped watching it at Lap 40, first time this year.

  7. Scalextric (@scalextric) said on 28th October 2012, 19:52

    5: I enjoyed 5 laps out of 60. We’ve been spoiled by races in recent years. What I find interesting is that the circuit flows nicely, it’s fun watching cars go through sectors 2 and 3. There’s enough elevation change to make the circuit visually appealing, much more so than some recent Tilkedromes. And yet both races have been dismal. I really hope that this combination of visual appeal and dull racing doesn’t apply to COTA in 3 weeks’ time, but I think it probably will.

  8. baldgye (@baldgye) said on 28th October 2012, 20:31

    these new tracks where the only place to over-take is a boring DRS straight are super awesome!

  9. dodge5847 (@dodge5847) said on 28th October 2012, 20:54

    The Mclarens/Ferrari wheel to wheel start was awesome, likewise was Lewis’ pitstop, the rest was pretty dull. Loved the first half of the season, now it is reminding me of 2011. 5/10

  10. graham228221 (@graham228221) said on 28th October 2012, 20:56


    Roll on 2014.

  11. phmer3 (@phmer3) said on 28th October 2012, 21:31

    Gave it a 4 because I only slept for 10 laps and for the Hamilton steering wheel swap. The track has a nice flow to it but still too many huge tarmac run off areas and some portions are ridiculously wide, in the purest Tilke tradition.

  12. bigdon128 (@bigdon128) said on 29th October 2012, 1:08

    To those 1% of people who rated this race a 10 – what the hell is wrong with you??

  13. Pete (@repete86) said on 29th October 2012, 1:28

    Quite possibly worse than Korea. This is the only race so far this year that I didn’t even bother finishing. I was done watching this snoozefest by lap 30.

  14. Yosi (@yoshif8tures) said on 29th October 2012, 3:14

    Started watching it, changed the channel after 20 laps. Looks like we have a mini schumi on our hands. 1/10

  15. doodie111 (@doodie111) said on 29th October 2012, 4:58

    5 because it’s F1, but boring procession. And because the Australian broadcaster inserts ad breaks in 6-lap intervals EVERY round. This time we got to miss HAM’s 5-wheel pit stop and ALO’s pass on WEB.

    Increasing to 6 thanks to the consummate Martin Brundle as podium MC. Terrific and best so far of this format. Format is all well and good, just wish the post-race unilateral was still televised.

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