Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Korea International Circuit, 2012

Hamilton: title defeat is “heartbreaking”

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Korea International Circuit, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he’s “heartbroken” as his championship hopes are virtually over.


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Hamilton heartbroken as title hopes end (The Telegraph)

“I’m not happy with the result because I’ve lost the world title, so it’s heartbreaking, but that’s the way it goes.”

I?m Not Going To Ferrari, Says Vettel (Speed)

“Nothing has changed. It’s quite amusing. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t read much, so it’s quite a surprise when you get to the circuit and get all these questions.”

Schumi resigned to low-key end (Sky)

“I’m not very sentimental about it. As long as I can fight for top positions I do my job as much as I can and try to help and support the team and get things ready for them for next year as much as is possible.”

Ecclestone: Budget cap F1’s best option (Autosport)

“Ecclestone is in no doubt that the budget cap – which he wants to set at ??155 million ($250 million) for 2014 – will be better than trying to bring in other cost cut measures. ‘We are looking at the right way to put it in,’ explained Ecclestone.”

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone unperturbed by smaller crowds at second edition of Indian Grand Prix (India Today)

“It would be better to have a driver from the country. I think Narain (Karthikeyan) should be driving a Force India. You (media) should talk to Vijay and see what he says; after all, one has to look at the best option. But if we saw Michael (Schumacher) in a Red Bull (over the last three years), he would have been a different Michael.”

Time running out for Alonso (BBC)

McLaren sporting director Sam Michael: “The performance can swing from one track to the other by a couple of tenths, and that’s all there is in it at the moment – 0.2-0.3s in terms of qualifying. […] If Ferrari have a competitive car, then obviously Alonso can still do it.”

Vijay Mallya to reveal drivers’ line up next month (The Times of India)

“Mallya said with a ‘bit of luck’, they can still snatch the sixth position from Sauber in the Constructors’ table.”

Indian GP – Conference 4 (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel: “There are a lot of people here: 1.3 billion or more so quite incredible and just to see that, to see how people live here, to see the culture, I think is very very different. In life, I think a lot is always about expectations and in Europe expectations are very very high. Money plays a big role whereas here, I think, expectations are fairly low. Money is not that important. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I think it’s more important to have a healthy, happy life, to enjoy your life with your family, with your kids. Sometimes to compare the circumstances you live in, here in India compared to Europe – obviously I grew up in Germany – it’s black and white, it’s very different but it’s nice to see that the people are so happy, warm-hearted. I think it would definitely be nice to spend a little bit more time to travel around and get more of an idea.”

Williams and Senna ’13 (Compton Grand Prix)

“[Valtteri] Bottas won the 2011 GP3 Championship but strangely didn?t enter the GP2 Championship this season, instead concentrating on his frequent Friday morning drives for Williams. There is no doubt that the young Finn is fast, but he is inexperienced and frankly now out of practice in a race situation so I can?t understand why Williams would be considering pushing a regular points scorer out of the team to bring in an unknown quantity.”


Comment of the day

Nico Hulkenberg is having a strong end to the season which could play well for Force India, reckons Antonio Nartea (@tony031r):

Hulkenberg?s strong performance for the third weekend in a row combined with Sauber?s second consecutive no-points finish means Force India can put some real pressure on them now. Nico single-handedly took 12 points out of the advantage Sauber had in only two Grands Prix. It?s only 23 points between them in the constructors’ championship now with three races to go. A couple of sixth and eighth finishes for the FI duo and the job is done and sealed. It?s a fight that should provide for some hot moments in the midfield.
Antonio Nartea (@tony031r)

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Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the first ever Indian Grand Prix on this day last year:

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