Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Buddh International Circuit, 2012

Hamilton not concerned by Mercedes decline

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Buddh International Circuit, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he is not concerned Mercedes have failed to score since he announced he will drive for them next year.


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Hamilton: no regret about Mercedes move (The Telegraph)

“I’m very happy with the decision I made. What is happening to them doesn’t have any impact on that.”

Hamilton a ‘big loss’ says Button (BBC)

“The team loses a very fast driver, a guy that’s achieved a lot with the team – the last guy to win a world championship for the team. It’s a big loss but things change and you learn to move on and adapt.”

Button: India shows F1 needs tyre thrills (Autosport)

“I think it’s more enjoyable when you have more stops, because there’s more overtaking, more fights, different people on different strategies. I think for the viewer it’s better when there’s more degradation.”

Alonso scoffs at rift reports (Sky)

“‘It was a very nice intention from the Italian media. It was quite creative to be honest,’ Alonso told reporters in the Abu Dhabi paddock when quizzed about the reports. ‘I think now or later I will speak with him to understand a little bit better how it became this imagination.'”

Abu Dhabi GP – Alonso: “We know how to fight to the end” (Ferrari)

“We are not thinking about the race here in 2010 when we lost the championship: we want to win the championship at the last race this year in Brazil. Thanks to KERS and DRS we should not have a repeat of the situation in 2010 that lost me the title when I was stuck for too long behind another car. In the last two years we have seen that these elements have produced exciting racing with plenty of overtaking.”

Christian Horner revels in Red Bull’s mastery of F1 constructors’ race (The Guardian)

“It is uncomfortable [for some people] the success that Sebastian has had and uncomfortable for some the success that Red Bull has had. That’s not our fault.”

Webber all but concedes F1 championship (The Age)

“I think it’s pretty much toast. But, you know, I want to still finish the year with the best results possible.”

Q&A – Nico Hulkenberg on his Sauber future (F1)

“I have to thank Force India, and especially [team boss] Vijay [Mallya] for picking me up after 2010, giving me a chance again and putting trust in me. For this reason I want to repay them. So for me there is no doubt that I am committed to Force India for the three remaining races of this season. What happens next year is a totally different story, but as for this year I am totally focused on my job here and nothing has changed for me in this respect.”

Paul di Resta hoping for change of fortune at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (The Independent)

“I can pretty much guarantee we will have something different in Abu Dhabi because we understood what the problem is.”

Drivers and designer sing praises of Yas (Gulf News)

Hermann Tilke: “??We?ve designed some 65 tracks, around 15 of which are F1 circuits. I cannot choose one over the other because every track is like a child to me. All I can say is that Yas is one of the best in the world and everyone involved can be immensely proud of it. It?s something unique that you can?t find anywhere else in the world.”

Motor racing-Formula One IPO unlikely before 2014 – Ecclestone (Reuters)

“I think we ought to forget about it for next year. In my opinion we ought to (forget about 2013). I should think by 2014 the world will have sorted itself out a little bit better.”

Yas Marina Pitlane (Lotus) by Rico Penteado (Photosynth)

John Cooper Fitch, Glamorous Racer With a Flair for Danger, Dies at 95 (The New York Times)

“Eva Peron, the legendary Evita, kissed him after he won the 1951 Grand Prix of Argentina. His friend George Barker, the poet, described him as ‘a tall Jack with the sun on his wrist and a sky stuffed up his sleeve.’ Mr Fitch, a lanky, graceful man who died on Monday at 95, put it more simply: ‘I?ve always needed to go fast.'”

Lunch with John Fitch (Motorsport)

“We wore pressure suits to inflate over our thighs and stomachs to stop us blacking out in the high-G turns, plus all the oxygen and radio, and I couldn?t unhook all these things. The plane was going down fast and I just barely got out ?ǣ the tailplane hit me as I came out, and broke my arm ?ǣ and as I got loose the chute opened and then, bang, the plane hit the ground.”

Human edges out robot car on race track (BBC)

“A race between a robot car and a human has ended with a win for the humans – but only just.”


Comment of the day

@TommyB89 can’t choose between title contenders Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso:

Both deserve it.

Alonso has been brilliant this season no doubt and so has Vettel even though people won?t admit it.

Yes he won the races when his car was the best, but to win four in a row isn?t easy. People think it?s a walk in the park to win with that Red Bull but if it was then Webber couldn?t have been 9th, 11th, 2nd and 3rd in the races that Vettel won.

People forget that Vettel had to get the results before the car was ??dominant?? and drives like Spa (11th to 2nd) aren?t mentioned at all. Even Valencia, he was unstoppable that weekend and lost an easy 25 points, so I don?t get how people can say he?s lucky to be leading the title now.

Even so, there is no doubt Alonso is the star of the season. Two championships doesn?t do that guy justice.

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Five years ago today Fernando Alonso and McLaren confirmed their acrimonious marriage had ended in divorce.

Alonso is yet to win another world championship since leaving Renault for McLaren at the end of 2006, though he was runner-up in 2007 and 2010.

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei