Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Horner: Renault believe Vettel had enough fuel

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012In the round-up: Christian Horner says Red Bull engine supplier Renault believe Sebastian Vettel had sufficient fuel in his car to give a sample and avoid his penalty, but it couldn’t all be retrieved.


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Sebastian Vettel grid penalty frustrating – Horner (BBC, UK only)

Christian Horner: “Renault are convinced that the rest of the fuel is in the tank […] we need to get into the fuel cell to understand what the issue is.”

350 Milliliter zu wenig Sprit f???r Vettel (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

AMuS say Vettel needed a total of 1.2 litres of fuel (one litre for the sample plus more to return to the pits) and fell short by 350ml.

$500,000 offered by Bernie Ecclestone to shop a cheat (Daily Express)

“My budget cap allows them to spend what they like on anything within that limit. People within teams know if something is going on. An incentive of $500,000 [??312,000] might encourage people to speak out.”

Mark Webber slams Melbourne Cup and Australia’s gambling obsession; get your Sports Fix (Herald Sun)

“I’m not a big fan of how much it’s rammed down your throat in Australia, in terms of how you can bet on who farts at what stage in a football match. It’s incredible how obsessed we’ve become with gambling and betting, but each to their own.”

Bruton Smith scoffs at Austin F1 race (ESPN)

“Speedway Motorsports Inc. chairman Bruton Smith said Formula One racing ‘never has worked in this country’ and he has no concerns about its upcoming race in Austin affecting tickets sales to future events at Texas Motor Speedway.”

Q&A with F1 Austin’s mastermind (Austin Business Journal)

Tavo Hellmund: “As far as from a partnership side, we agreed to part ways. But I designed the layout of the track, I named the track, and I brought three of the big events to the facility, so I?m going to be a big cheerleader for them. I?ll be disappointed if everything doesn?t go great.”

Murdoch wants F1: Abu Dhabi talks could spark a revolution in the sport (Daily Mirror)

“Buying into Formula One would also open the door to the Murdochs? dismantling one of the key foundations of the sport ?ǣ coverage by terrestrial television worldwide.”

V8s left on the grid as F1 takes spotlight (The Age)

“Being on the supporting program of an F1 event means a guest racing category will play second fiddle to the main event, but treatment verging on disdain is another matter altogether. As well as the derisively short races, on top of severely restricted practice and qualifying sessions on Friday, the teams, officials and most of the travelling media have been penned in the support paddock far from the F1 paddock and main grandstand.”

Abu Dhabi GP – Conference 3 (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel (before his penalty was announced): “It?s difficult to pass here, even though you?ve got long straights, we?ve got the double DRS so we?ll see if that helps. I?m sure it?s not impossible. It?s definitely possible to pass people, even though it?s not easy but, y?know, race pace should be good.”

KERS mistake cost Schumacher (Autosport)

Ross Brawn: “I think he got the engine braking wrong, what we call KERS harvesting – the way you collect the KERS and the way you use the KERS.”

Ayrton?s my biggest reference in life: Nephew Bruno Senna (The Telegraph, Calcutta)

“Q: Having lost her husband and brother to crashes, isn?t your mother scared?
A: Initially, she was… But I had a big crash in 2006 [at Snetterton in Formula Three] and that happened in front of her eyes. She saw the car and, then, saw me… The car was a wreck, but I was fine. That?s when she began to believe that motor racing is much more safe nowadays. Now, she?s more relaxed when I?m racing.”

Q&A with Red Bull?s Adrian Newey (F1)

“Early in the year we had odd races where we have been very competitive, but we weren?t able to sustain the form from track to track. That was a combination of things: partly because it seemed that some cars did get on better at certain circuits with the tyres – which are very critical to manage this year – and secondly it was us having to get to grips over the winter on exhaust systems and front-wing flexibility.”

No stopping Newey the genius (The Telegraph)

“I?m quite fortunate in that outside of the immediate vicinity of the race track, say, I can go to the pub and the shops and no one recognises me, which suits me just fine to be honest.”


Comment of the day

Ranting par excellence from @Hairs

I’ve been watching the Tweets from the F1 paddock journos this week with disgust while they revel in the “luxury” and opulence of the place, and the stunning facilities. Pinning a bunch of LEDs to something doesn?t make it luxurious, and pampering the media doesn?t prove anything about the race organiser?s intentions other than their intention to pamper the media in the hope of good press.

Would you kindly take your crappy supermarket car park circuit, and its hideously garish, empty, soulless surroundings, and use a fraction of the cash to sponsor a race at a decent circuit, where racing will be produced, where the fans will actually queue up to buy tickets, and the viewer at home will get something out of it.

We don?t need ten-lane wide paddock club walkways in the middle of a desert on a man-made island. We need an awning and decent toilet facilities at Spa.

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Jim Clark and Trevor Taylor shared victory in the non-championship Grand Prix in Mexico City held on this day 50 years ago.

The stewards disqualified Clark after he received a push start, so he took over his team mate’s car during a pit stop, as was permitted at the time. Jack Brabham finished second ahead of Innes Ireland.

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