Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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321 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

    1. Why do you say it wasn’t good for the championship? The top three contenders for the championship finished the race in reverse order, tightening up the points gaps and making it more exciting.

      1. twice.

        He made one great overtaking move. which was on button. he deserves credit for that as it was awesome. but he was again not great in traffic. He did very very well. but he got his fair share of good fortune today that is for sure. but you got to be in it to win it.

    1. Vettel was extremly lucky in the race because of the 2 SC periods which played well in his hands. An unfair advantage in his favour.
      With the fastest car on the track and a working DRS, plus 7 drivers that did not finish (majoity of them in competitive cars: Ham, Web, Ros and Gro) he got on the podium.
      Man of the race? I think not.

      1. He was in front of all of those cars except for Hamilton when they retired. Also, since when is a working DRS considered lucky? I guess every driver was lucky that day.
        And look where the ‘fastest car on the track’ got Webber.
        You can try to deny it all you want and kick up a fuss that a driver you don’t like had a fantastic race but that’s simply what it was. Vettel did a great job, and fully deserved to be the first ever driver to stand on the podium after starting 24th

        1. @hxcas
          “be the first ever driver to stand on the podium after starting 24th”
          Not really Jarno Trulli did it in Australia 2009 if I’m not wrong, starting from the pitlane aswell, awesome drive by Vettel even though I’m not a fan, there is too many people saying he’s lucky and I don’t think he was, those people are unobjective haters

          1. @hxcas; right there were only 20 cars that year and Trulli finished the race 4th in fact (Hamilton got disqualified as we know) and so Trulli had not been on the podium, but in stats he was the last to make a “podium” starting from the pitlane, can’t remember if Glock was ahead or behind! So Vettel did an outstanding job making up twice the places. Thanks for that HxCas

  1. 8 for me. Drama all the way, weird incidents, a massive drive by Vettel, helped by other’s misfortunes but still.

    And best… BEST of all… Kimi’s radio messages. Where were those at India? we need them.

    1. 8 as well … great race but to scrappy for a 10. The entertainement came mainly from the incidents and Vettel. Remove that and you have nothing left, just cars following one another at that artificial track.

      Still enjoyed it quite a lot, but that’s not the best race we could have

    1. That was one of the greatest races I’ve ever seen. Fanatstic race by Vettel (I think he has well and truly silenced the critics now saying he can’t race from the back), some fantastic battles throughout the field and a very tense finish. Easily a 10.

      1. I do think that he was VERY lucky this time around (given the pitlane start). But still even without all the retirements he probably would finnish in the top 8. But as I’m aware- he is driving the best car around there. Right? So I will give an 9 points for RAI , 8 for ALO and 6,5 for VET in imy private driver rankings.

        1. Vettel’s critics will never be silenced – they refuse to look at facts. Vettel just finished on the podium despite not only starting last, but then going back to last place again 1/4 of the way into the race after damaging his front wing. He is also verging on being a 3 times world champion.

          It’s like Schumacher’s detractors who claim the 7 times world champ cheated and lucked his way to almost as many wins as Prost and Senna combined.

          Some of these same people go on about how Vettel’s win in a Torro Rosso was in a top car because it was a clone of the Red Bull, but conveniently forget it was a clone of a midfield-at-best Red Bull with the team operation run on a considerably smaller budget.

          If the facts don’t speak to these guys what’s the point of trying, let’s just get on and enjoy watching a driver who may turn out to be one of the greatest of the modern era.

          1. I’m not a Vettel fan but also not a Vettel critic. I always admit that he is one of top lets say 5 drivers of the current grid. The fact I don’t support him dosen’t make me his critic. And the fact I don’t support VET is determined probably by the fact that for the last 4 years out of 5 year long carrer he has the best car (ok maybe 3,5 cause RBR was behind Brawn GP at the start of 2009). It’s somehow in my nature to support the “underdogs” or drivers who face more difficulties in their championship race. Oh! And I do think that its amazing from RBR to be so consistant in building top car lately- my bows to Newey in this matter.
            I’m just saying my opinion that his podium was a impresive result but for me it wasn’t a impresive drive by Vettel. I personaly rate it as one of the worst by him dis season (the whole weekend was poor by his standards. Maybe it was stress getting to him) as I said by driving not result.. Maybe he can buy my sympathy with time? But this time around I truly believe that both Hamilton and Alonso were better this season. In driving not results of course;)

      2. Don’t believe so. To start with he still has the best car out there by quite a margin and on top of that he had it setup for the race vs cars that were setup for quali/race, plus he was on softer tyres and had safety cars falling in his lap. Two incidents fixed on one stop that also gave him a strategic advantage. Great drive yes but he continues to have all the luck in the world

          1. Its nice to see how mclaren ****** up this year for Hamilton, he has been driving exceptional. He said that 2011 was a year to forget, someone should ask which one he wants to forget the most 2011 or 2012

          2. @suka @hamfanatic – Then RBR didn’t have the best car in Valencia this year, or the various times in 2010 when Vettel’s car was unreliable.

            Fine, an unreliable car isn’t the “best”, but the Mclaren was the “fastest” car, and RB have in turn, had more unreliability this year with both drivers than Ferrari.

          3. The macca on LH’s hands is very good in qualifying, but even in Australia you could tell the RB had better race pace. Had Vettel kept his grid position he would have won this even w/o Lewis retiring, so yeap, the best car.
            Add to that the fact his car was setup for the race and you can see why the fastest car today was Vettel’s

          4. @alelanze – lol, Red Bull have had the fastest car in India or Japan when they lock out the front row and Vettel pulls away from the field, but when Mclaren do the same, Red Bull still have the faster car?

            Astonishing level of double standards there, how when Hamilton takes pole, it’s the driver, when Vettel does it, it’s the car.

          5. Yeap, as seen by Vettel’s race pace today, the RB was the fastest car in the race and would have probably also been the quickest in quali if it weren for the brake issues.
            And yeah you need a good car and a good driver to take pole, that goes without saying, but on Vettel’s case in F1 he has yet to be tested against a top driver that would tell us much comes from the driver and how much comes from the car.
            I’m not saying he doesn’t have merit, i’m just replying to someone who said this would ‘silence’ his critics. Not at all ;)

          6. @alelanza – Nope, because as I said, people don’t turn around and say someone else has the fastest car when Vettel is leading like Hamilton did. That’s why your comment was a double standard- you’re just assuming RB have the fastest car no matter what actually transpires.

            And really, while Webber isn’t as good as Vettel, he is still a reasonable benchmark, and not much different to Jenson Button over the course of his career.

          7. They don’t because overall, for the past 3.5 years he’s had the fastest car

            Webber was marginally better than an old Coulthard who by his own recognition wasn’t very good at the end of his career

          8. They don’t because overall, for the past 3.5 years he’s had the fastest car

            Yet, for the 10 or so years before 2009, Ferrari and Mclaren were usually the most competitive teams. Maybe we should assume that they have the fastest car? Things change in F1. Just because Red Bull had the fastest car in 2011, doesn’t mean they automatically have it for every race in 2012, as your skewed logic is showing.

          9. @alelanza

            Yet, for the 10 or so years before 2009, Ferrari and Mclaren were usually the most competitive teams. Maybe we should assume that they have the fastest car? Things change in F1. Just because Red Bull had the fastest car in 2011, doesn’t mean they automatically have it for every race in 2012, as your skewed logic is showing.

          10. @david-a it’s probably not double standards just a result of him analising some of the data.

            Let’s get this straight: Mclaren have a very fast car but unreliable car. They can match RBR race pace more often. With some exeptions like last race or few first GPs of the season they lack little quali to RBR.
            RBR had very strong race pace from the start of the season and have a dominant quali pace in the second half. At the moment as shown in Abu their race pace is also probably the strongest (although we can say for sure cause of Hamiltons retirement).
            Ferrari had a poor quali and better race pace at the start but the car seemed hard to drive. Now they are matching Mclarens race pace but still lack speed in quali. Probably they started near the front row their pace would be similar to RBR.

            On that base I’m saying with full confidence that RBR are the fastest car overall.
            They are faster than Ferrari both quali and race. But lest reliable (alternator problems which seems fixed). They match Mclarens in race pace are faster in quali. Also more reliable than Macca.
            The fact that Mclaren was fast (probably fastest overall: dominant quali and matched race pace) in last race doesn’t make it a faster car than RBR and as we all know Vet car had brake problems so we can’t be sure how much faster Mclaren was.
            I am probably only missing the fact of clutch and kers problems on Mark’s car in judging RBR reliability…

          11. @arrang – But then there’s the claim about RBR having “dominant” pace vs. simply having frontrunning pace. Mclaren had 3 straight wins (and four poles) between Hungary and Singapore. That’s just as “dominant” as Red Bull were between Japan-India.

            I can understand that a car isn’t the best if its unreliable. But when people (elsewhere) claim that it is bad luck that has prevented Hamilton from running away with the title this year, it doesn’t follow that Mclaren haven’t also had the fastest car over this season, albeit, one held back by errors and bad luck, but still the fastest.

            Alelanza didn’t analyse the data, either. He/she basically said “because RBR had the fastest car in past seasons, they’ve had it for all of this season”, even when others win and take pole position.

          12. @david-a Sure. I agree. Heads should fall at Mclaren, they did an incredible job lossing this year championship! I believe that their car did maintain his form through all the seasson in terms of speed of course. It was top from the start and still shows that in can deliever. I also think that at the moment RBR has the best car. Dominant? Not sure but probably not.
            I also do hope that Ferrari can do something with their quali pace so we can all have a great fight till the very end!
            RBR has construtors in the bag though..

        1. It almost looked looked like Alonso’s win in singapore 2008. Just wow at that luck. O.o First safety car pushes him to 12 and by his fault pushed back to 19th. Then second safety car right after his stop following the elimination of 3 cars ahead of him pushes to 4rd with fresh soft tyres ahead of his opponents. He drove well but luck was on his side this race by a huge margin.

        2. If you look at all the other drives from the back, like Senna in the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix, he had the best car as well (the one that won 15/16 races).

          People can’t give credit to Vettel when it’s due. I’m sure those same people gave it to Raikkonen for this win, Alonso for Valencia, Button for Canada last year, and so on.

          1. Button and Alonso have had worthy team mates and never have had the best car for 3.5 years in a row. So yeah, Vettel is making the most of the situation as a great driver should, but so far when it comes down to F1 we only know he’s better than Bourdais and Webber, which basically puts him above average. Maybe one day we’ll find out how good he really is :)

          2. @alelanza

            I have a feeling that we will never really know how good Vettel is as he seems to be better than almost all the drivers on the grid except for Alonso and Hamilton. Unfortunately he’s never going to be paired up against Alonso or Hamilton… as these 3 drivers belong as #1 drivers in the top 3 teams on the grid.

      3. @alelanza Going to go out on a limb here and say I thought the only really “great driving” I saw from Vettel was when he overtook Button, that actually made me laugh in admiration. But he clumsily hit Senna by not giving him room and he nearly rammed another Australian driver under a safety car.. (remember Fuji..?) Ricciardo wasn’t braking that hard, it’s lucky Vettel didn’t hit him but there were two very, very clumsy incidents before he lucked it with the safety cars and pit stops.

    2. Alonso has been incredibly lucky in the past also (Valencia is the immediate example that springs to mind). If Vettel hadn’t been sent to the back of the grid I think he would have had a great chance to win this.

      1. Agree with that, but you feel Vettel must have just used all his luck for this season and next. Amazing how everything except his own mistakes (at least three) went his way.
        Still to a large degree you make your own luck and he made the most of this race without question.

        1. if anything his own mistakes made his race. forcing him into what turned out to be the ideal strategy.

          its not knocking him. its a fact that he made 2 errors. The change in strategy meant he never really had to overtake anyone of note except for button and romain.

          Great recovery. but thats what it was recovery. the errors cant be ignored. That is all part of the game tho.

          1. @Q85: Which 2 errors? What “ideal strategy”. Its not very ideal to almost crash because RIC totally unprovoked brakes on the middle of a strait during SC period and VET had to pit and change the front wing, comming out 19th. At least he didn’t hit RIC or the wall. But as I stated yesterday today wouldn’t change anything for the most stubborn Vettel haters. Another forum member stated that even if Vettel raced up through the field on a Unicycle they would still claim that he can’t overtake. The first frontwing contact is just those things that can happen in a tight race.

  2. Race? What race? More like a comedy of errors. I suppose the Vettel fans will be out in force now telling us that this proves he’s a great racer… I’m still not convinced. It was a good effort no doubt, but RBR spent hours tailoring his car for the conditions & even then he only managed to get as high as he did thanks to the misfortune of others, & a great strategy by his team (as usual). Again, good performance from Vettel & team RBR making the most of the situation, but it did little to change my opinion of him to be honest. Now… where did I put that flak jacket………..

        1. Erm, because at least 4 or 5 drivers retired when he was behind them, and then he moved up to second when 3 or 4 cars in front of him pitted. So he got past them, but didn’t overtake. Not difficult to understand.

          Vettel drove well, but Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton before he retired were more impressive to me. Vettel was incredibly fortunate at how the two safety car periods fell.

          1. @debaser91 Four or five cars? Which ones? If you’re refering to the Grosjean / Perez / di Resta / Webber incident, Vettel was already in front of them all. The only incident he benefited from (on track mean, I know he had ridiculous luck with the safety car timing) was the Massa / Webber tangle.

          2. @Guilherme actually, he benefitted from hulkenburg/senna on the first lap, then rosberg and di resta pitted for a puncture. As well as de la Rosa starting behind him. That’s P19 after the first lap by doing nothing.

          3. Not to mention the fat that Hamilton dropping away in front of him gained another spot and Maldonado’s KERS issues meant he wasn’t as hard to get past either @guilherme, @minnis.

            But I certainly wouldn’t say he had it easy or did not deserve it, its how sometimes things just somehow fall into place. Feels a bit like how Alonso suddenly drifted to the lead and took the win in Malaysia, somehow it was meant to be (could say the same for Kimi winning here.

          4. @bascb Ah, yes indeed, I knew he benefited from Hamilton, somehow I just forgot to write it down there. About Maldonado, the fact that he lost his KERS also helped Alonso, let’s not forget that :P

            @minnis Hm, you’re right, but we have to remember that Vettel dropped back to 21st after his first stop, so he had to overtake Senna and di Resta again.

    1. To be honest, I agree to a point – things couldn’t have fallen much better for VET on Sunday (given the circumstances from the previous day). It was certainly a very good drive, but a lot of good luck was involved.

    2. Like I said… and it is just my opinion, after all… when your team has had hours to tailor your car specifically for overtaking (while everyone else is stuck in parc fermere), and most of the people capable of putting up a fight get crashed out or retire, and you benefit from two safety car periods AS WELL AS SACRIFICING MARK WEBBER, it doesn’t prove much of anything. Vettel admitted in the interview that it was easy passing the slower cars. He only mentioned his pass on Button to be difficult. This race did absolutely nothing to change my opinion of him relative to the three drivers I consider better (Alonso, Hamilton & Kimi). It took more than one stroll in the park to rate them as highly as I do, so naturally it’s going to take quite a bit more than this to change my mind. I never said he’s a bad driver… I admitted that it was a good drive, but you must’ve missed that part. In the grand scheme of things though, nope… I’m still not convinced he’s a good as the other three.

          1. It was time for Mark to pit anyway. Perhaps they brought it forward by 1 lap – if so, it’s a common-sense decision and I’d have done it too.

            The only difference is, instead of telling Mark “if he overtakes, don’t fight him” – I’d have told them both “just focus on going quickly; Mark’s in at the end of the lap anyway.”

          2. They were in different strategies, Vettel was closing in and it was about time Webber pitted anyway. I find it funny that you accuse Red Bull of sacrificing his race, when Webber himself screwed it over within the first 9 corners.

          3. It wasn’t a criticism, it was an observation. You all are expecting me to give credit to Sebastian for overtaking half the field… I’m contending that he had a rather easy time of it in the end, not criticizing Red Bull for making an obvious call.

          4. No it wasn’t time for Webber to pit anyway (that was in another 2 – 3 laps when clear of the cars he ended up behind), he was pitted to get out the way Absolutely no doubt, I’ve agree with Aldoid on this one. I also noticed Webber went quicker when told not to fight Vettel if he got a run, it was only then the ‘box box box’ message came. Don’t blame them, but lets not pretend that is wasn’t the case.
            Still an extremely good drive by Vettel, made the most of it.
            Again the likes of Kimi, Vettel, Button, Alonso, Hamilton showed they are streets ahead of the rest. So many silly incidents among the rest, and Webber did the same mistake twice, so much for leaving a car width, how that wasn’t penalised is beyond me.

        1. Looks like mark was true to his words when he said in india that he wont be giving the position to vettel.But this time vettel was faster then webber ,the last thing for webber is to take some championship contender out,let alone his team mate.I guess the RBR team panicked and called webber in just bit early so that vettel will not have to pass him.Webber has to negotiate the traffic as soon as comes outta pits but he already had a rough race…I dont mind him being scarified for vettel ,Webber is just lucky to get away without penalties to nite

      1. every car on the track is tailored to their respective drivers,and that so called tailoring is done according to the inputs given by the driver,you have to agree vettels doing an awesome job.

    3. Totally agree! Seb’s first stint certainly wasn’t good. The needless incident with Senna (& Daniel too later on) and the safety car periods. He was super lucky but he obviously drove well, no arguments there. But no I’m not convinced that he’s a “great” racer. He’s one of the best defensive drivers out there but not the best attacking.

      Anyway, very happy for Kimi & Lotus. The iceman has finally cometh…

      1. My opinion is it was a good drive from Seb…but i dont change my opinion that he isn’t great when he’s not at the front! Clumsy pass on Grosjean or senna damaged his wing. Then the incident with Ricciardo which was 100% sebs Fault and he loses the plot on the radio (similar to the Karthikeyan incident start of the season) he didnt have to overtake a lot of the midfield cars because of retirements etc and that would have been the real test for him! So yeah great drive but VERY lucky to get 3rd! Doesn’t change my opinion of him as an out and out racer

    4. I suppose the Vettel fans will be out in force now telling us that this proves he’s a great racer…

      And the Vettel haters will keep telling us that this proved nothing.
      Its always the same isn’t it?

    5. It’s a shame Seb is about to be three-time WDC, when there’s at least three better drivers than him in the grid.
      Guess it goes to show that F1 (unlike many other sports) is really multi-faceted.

    6. People are still trying to dismiss Vettel’s talent after he’s just gained 21 positions from his grid slot! If I’m right in saying, that is tied with the most positions gained from one’s grid slot in the history of F1! Even Alonso hasn’t done that.

      1. alonso tends not to start near the back often.

        and when he did. suzuka and hungary i think you will find he did quite all right thank you, and did it on the track.

        check out hungary 2006 first 5 laps onboard before making judgements on alonso overtaking.

        1. Same with Vettel. In fact, he gets criticised for start on the front row so often.

          But when he started near the back today, and in Belgium (2 out of just 3 times since Brazil 09 when he’s not been top 10 in quali), he did quite alright as well, performing overtakes along the way and setting FLAP today.

      2. He even admitted himself he had a relatively easy time of it in the podium interview, that is until he got to Button. He was so incredibly fortunate today with the timing of the safety cars today, without the 2 safety car periods he would have done incredibly well to get in the top 6. There are other examples of this happening, like with Button in Canada and Alonso in Valencia but it was not some outstanding skill from Vettel that got him to third.

        I’m not having a go, I think Vettel is a great driver and he drove well today, but he has had much better drives this season in my opinion. Bahrain where he was defending from Kimi and Grosjean in a slower car, Valencia until his alternator failed, Spa and take your pick from the last 4 races before today.

        I’m sorry but there were 8 cars on that track he did not have to work to get past, the normal backmarkers and the two Toro Rossos. Hamilton, Hulkenberg and Rosberg retired, Massa spun out of his way, Red Bull pulled Webber into the pits early, Schumacher and Senna had no pace so were basically sitting ducks, so that leaves Button, Grosjean and Di Resta as decent overtakes once you factor in the positions he gained when everyone pitted around lap 25. Also factor in he was on the quicker tyre for the vast majority of the race, and the circumstances certainly came together for him perfectly today.

        1. And the fact that his team spent hours setting his car up for overtaking when everyone else’s car was stuck in parc fermere… he definitely was lucky today. There’s no shame in being lucky, but I just don’t agree that it was as masterful a drive as the more ardent Vettel supporters do… not a criticism, just a difference of opinion.

        2. I completely agree with this. I think this race was actually one of Vettels’ weakest performances this season despite the end result but for some reason a lot of people seem desperate to lavish him with praise for it.

          It’s as if people are only observing the difference between starting position and finishing position and immediately jumping to the conclusion that such a surge through the field constitutes some gargantuan feat of sheer brilliance without actually paying attention to how the race unfolded.

          Frankly, Vettel was very fortunate in this race. Following his early incidents with Senna and Ricciardo I was antipating a flurry of derisive comments about how he is a one trick pony that can only race from the front with a dominant car but in the end it seems his podium finish convinced a lot of people that the opposite is true.

          I don’t think Vettels performance this weekend should be categorised in such polarising extremes, nor does a single race prove or disprove any doubts pertaining to his ability when racing amongst the pack.

          Overall, it was a decent race for Vettel and an exceptional result. His pace was extremely competitive as we have come to expect and his overtake on Button was also commendable but he blundered twice in the early stages of the race and had a great deal of fortune as debaser91 mentioned.

    7. If the car really was that good, why wasn’t Webber as fast as Vettel then? Surely if the car really was that good, the Aussie would have taken this one with ease. But instead, he was never on course for even a podium position. How do you explain that then?

      1. Well, as soon as someone explains to me why it’s difficult for team Red Bull to get to grips with Mark’s clutch issues, I might try to have a go at explaining why Mark doesn’t do as well as Seb.

    8. every car on the track is tailored to their respective drivers,and that so called tailoring is done according to the inputs given by the driver,you have to agree vettels doing an awesome job. …..

    9. A lot of luck and a team mate hell bent on driving for the black and white yellow flag(s)! Some might sat a real team player….like he said, “Gambling, in my house, my father didn’t tolerate it.”

  3. Absolutely brilliant race, constant excitement and tense finish. In terms of the title, it could have been better, but I’m not complaining about this race. One of the best this season, at the very least.

    1. Actually, Vettel was really, really freaking lucky. He started last, finished 3rd and yet the only impressive overtake throughout the entire race was the one on Button, and even then he was on fresher tires. Don’t get me wrong, he impressed me and certainly drove very well, but you can not deny the fact that almost everything seemed to fall into place perfectly for Vettel.

        1. Grosjean said he had fuel pressure problem during the race. Too bad, because I just wanted to compare the results of Grosjean and Vettel.(of course until Grosjean crash). At the battle moment they had same tyres(fresh) and they had same strategy. This would have been a good picture of Vettel result.

        1. The safety cars did help him a lot by closing up the field and putting on the tail of the guys in front…. twice.

          Not saying he didn’t drive brilliantly but the safety cars did help him to get in contention

    2. It was sheer luck and brilliant RBR strategy. Absolutely nothing special from Vettel. Fastest car (after all night tweaks), two perfectly timed safety cars and at least 5 drivers ahead of him out, even Nakajima could’ve landed a podium or at least 4th.

      1. The only drivers that Vettel benefitted from that he may have had trouble with were Hamilton (leading the race, he wouldn’t have caught him), and Massa (fighting with Webber). He was ahead of the Grosjean/Di Resta/Perez/Webber group, since he passed Grosjean, and was faster than the rest. I know luck played a part, but don’t insult Vettel by saying “Nakajima” could have got 3rd from 24th.

        1. He was ahead of the Grosjean/Di Resta/Perez/Webber group, since he passed Grosjean, and was faster than the rest.

          You’re forgetting that he got there after the 1st SC that fell into his lap.

          1. @lebesset – Get real. Luck played a part, but Red Bull were not the fastest car this weekend, and Hamiton/Alonso wouldn’t have won in the Red Bull this weekend, from 24th.

            We could even twist it and say Alonso couldn’t even pass Petrov here in 2010, and Hamilton was “only” 8th in Spain with a decent drive this year (in what was the fastest car in quali). Different circumstances, perhaps, but still nothing to support your insulting view.

          1. @david-a, I agree with that. It was lady luck shining lending her fickle hand to Vettel, but he did make it work with a gutsy pass on Senna and a hard job done passing Button some of the highlights of that drive.
            Maybe just about everything going wrong for Webber this race was the price Red Bull had to pay!

      2. @rits I understand you must be angry about Vettel’s luck, but get real. As I said up there, Vettel was already in front of the mess that caused the second safety car. Yeah, he got the position from Massa (which he would have had anyway) and Hamilton, but that was about it. He was fourth after his second stop and no one behind was going to catch him.

        And for the goodness’ sake, he didn’t have the fastest car. Second fastest maybe, but not the outright fastest. Why on earth when Vettel does well, it’s the car, but when Hamilton dominates on the clear fastest car, it’s his sheer skill? No one ever credits Hamilton’s performance to his car, a fact that is just baffling when you consider that when Vettel does well people say it’s always the car.

          1. F-Duct? Do me a favour. DRS prevents the car in front from stalling the wing, no? In 2010 if Petrov and Alonso both had the F-Duct they cancel each other out. Counseled.

  4. Action off the line. Hard and (usually) fair battles on track for position. Fast cars coming through from the back the field. Key contenders in a tight championship battle in the thick of it. Overtaking that didn’t depend too much on KERS or DRS. Contrasting tyre strategies. Incidents. Unpredictable. Surprise winner. Sensible stewarding. Little teams getting a chance to shine.
    This was everything a Formula 1 race should be. 10

  5. Think this one is going to be one of the highest rated since this poll started. I think I could agree with it, as it was probably the tensest race I’ve witnessed. There were exciting incidents and on track racing, which were brilliant, and a fantastic drive from the entire podium. Plus, Kimi’s messages, and now on the podium, were also brilliant.

    Gets a 9 from me as it was a great race, but -1 as my driver got robbed of a possible victory by a ridiculously unreliable car. Every race makes me more glad he’s leaving McLaren, as he seems to be becoming a better man for it, looking more relaxed, and I think this challenge will be so good for him. He may not be winning next year, but that’s not the biggest issue.

    Anyway, great race, and weirdly enough much like Valencia, on a track which doesn’t normally produce great racing.

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