Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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321 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. That race was absolutely exhilarating!
    Quite simply the race of the season.


  2. What a race! Nail biting, my feet were sweating from the start. Finally, the so expected win from Kimi happens. I just can’t wait to see the race in COTA. Should be awesome.

  3. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
    4th November 2012, 15:17

    What a stunning race.

    I can honestly say there was never a boring moment. We had chaos at the start, and following that, loads of nice battles near the top of the order. The horrific shunt between Rosberg and Karthikeyan paved the way for a bunched-up field, while Hamilton’s retirement and the many collisions made for a massive dose of unpredictability. There were innumerable tangles about the midfield – Vettel’s run-in with Ricciardo, and the chain accident of Perez and Webber. Not the best racing per se, but undoubtedly exciting.

    The closing stages of the race sealed the deal. You had four world champions duking it out – Alonso pushing to catch Raikkonen, Button and Vettel dueling professionally. The tension was unbearable before and after Vettel’s pass on the McLaren, while Alonso chasing down Raikkonen had me on the edge of my seat.

    And to cap it all, a feel-good victory – Raikkonen finally clinching that elusive comeback win with a very measured drive, and some hilarious team radio moments along the way. Never thought I would give a perfect 10 to an Abu Dhabi race, but the last 2 hours just proved me wrong.

    1. Sums it up very nicely, I think ^_^

  4. 9. Was going to be 8, but the podium made it better! :P

    World-class drives from all the top three!

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      4th November 2012, 16:38

      In the wrong order!

  5. this race will stir a lot of juicy controversy.


  6. one less safety car and it would be 10!

  7. Is there a poll for the best post race interview? Because, this was surely it!

    1. Drop Valencia!
      4th November 2012, 23:20

      Schumachers last interview where he waffled on in english instead of german actually made kimi smile, unbeliveable, but it was cut from most english speaking broadcasts, that was my favourite, i think Seb was just trying to out-Kimi Kimi here.

      1. HAHAHAHA….. Seb out-Kimi’ed Kimi for sure! Classic! Thanks man, best comment ever on here!

      2. Yeah, you could feel it wasn’t necessary and felt awkward. Just stick to being yourself next time, Seb.

  8. this race proved nothing about vet. he made one overtake against competetive car – button and also with fresher softer tyres. he made 3 quite big mistakes and only thanks to competarors crashing out and 2 sc he finished 3rd.

    1. Proved nothing because he’s already shown time and again that he can overtake and beat others.

  9. I think everyone is going to be baffled that Abu Dhabi of all places produced such an exciting race. But what would F1 be without Kimi and his epic replies. On another note, Seb just used the f – word in UAE which is an offense, enough to get you deported. Also I don’t think your’e allowed to swear on tv right? Reprimand for Seb?

    1. Oh but mainly, the race was fantastic. I think if a formula for a perfect F1 race were to be devised then , lead changing hands, battles for 1st 2nd and 3rd, few good overtakes, some silly mistakes thrown in with a safety car and some hilarious radio chatter should be it. That said all of the champions drove like champions. Lewis must be thinking that he can not get out of McLaren fast enough and McLaren must be looking at Perez and wondering what the signed up for. Looks like Maldonado dropped his bad driving skills and Sergio picked them up. And most important, The title fight is Still Alive.

    2. Raikkonen swore as well on the podium, think he said something like ‘you lot give me’ **** for not smiling enough’ haha. Raikkonen winning has just made my weekend, those radio comments just reinforced why I am such a fan of his.

      His race engineer is nervous and petrified, I imagine he’s not won too many races in the past; and then Kimi on is just so relaxed, like there’s nothing to worry about.

      1. as he was kimi’s race engineer at McLaren I imagine mark slade has seen a few victories in his time

      2. I caught that as well, Kimi saying that you give me a lot of ****. Funnily enough when Kimi says it, it feels appropriately placed :) ! But I just loved the radio exchanges between Kimi and his engineer. They should make it mandatory to transmit at least 2 exchanges per race.

    3. and the man should also keep it simple and short during interviews

  10. Suspicions confirmed by Abu Dhabi: Kimi does care about winning; Fernando’s car isn’t fast enough to win; Vettel and RBR deserve this championship; Button is a true racer; Lewis is right to try a new team… And these guys (+ few others) are in a league apart from the crash test dummies behind them!

    1. Mercedes still didn’t score any points, and the McLaren was (as usual) faster. So I don’t think you can say Lewis is right to move just because his car failed.

      …on the other hand, the way he skipped across the track and then shook Whitmarsh’s hand makes it look like he’s a whole lot happier than he has been lately. So from that point of view, it might be a good move. I wish him luck.

    2. COTD contender? IMO it is..

  11. A race that didn’t have it all and that panned out to be not so great for the championship fight (contrary to any expectation) but, it’s been a complete thrill from start to finish, a strategic challenge from lap 1 to lap 55, and a race that got the best and the worst out of almost all the drivers on the grid. It also delivered a surprise winner, a couple of runner-ups who fought till the very last lap and almost a straightforward fight between the two championship contenders. I can’t rate such an event lower than 9.

    Who would have thought Valencia and Abu Dhabi will host the most chaotic and intense races this season?

  12. Kimi’s got a bit of talent..gets the job done minus the ********…awesome

  13. Never thought to say this, but Abu Dhabi was EVEN BETTER than Valencia! I love Formula One when it’s upside down!

  14. 8 out of 8, as good as it gets around this rubbish track. Action packed race but I’m glad it finished when it did – the field was spreading out to the usual train 1 second apart round here.

  15. I Love the Pope
    4th November 2012, 15:45

    Great race – 10. DRive of the year by Vettel.

  16. safety car or not, if this race doesn’t prove (or close to prove for the fanboys) that Seb can drive, folks who doubt should rather watch something where all cars are matched. .YES the safety car helped, but that was just superb. No doubt that Alo / Kimi drove great as well.

    Also, i think JB and Alo should create “an idiots guide to overtaking” for those drivers who were involved in those accidents. .this race really separated the dumb ones from the upper class, in my opinion.

    1. I agree mixwell, but I think it should be Raikonnen creating the guide.. he is the perfect example of a driver who knows when to back off and when to engage!

      1. In terms of close wheel-to-wheel action involving overtakes and defensive driving I think Button, Raikonnen, Hamilton and Alonso are noticably better than the rest of the field in no particular order. I can’t objectively identify any single driver amongst these four as superior in this discipline.

        Button and Raikonnen are very comparable in terms of risk taking and consistency during close wheel-to-wheel action, always hard but fair with exceptional awareness of proximity to their rivals in situations that could easily end badly.

        Hamilton and Alonso are also comparable with each other in my opinion. They both tend to take slightly bigger calculated risks than Button or Raikonnen, meaning more frequent truly amazing overtakes but also a few more costly collisions in the long run.

        This is why we can experience epic racing without incident between these drivers such as the start of the Indian GP.

  17. This is a super drama. I have never expected such an interesting race. It feels like a nicely scripted race movie. Top three drivers of the 2012 get the podium at the end.

    Kimi’s radio talk was amazing!! He is a bully on the track and this gives him energy.
    I am so happy the no driver got hurt, I was so scared for Kartikayen. These stunts are only good in movies.

    At the end, it has been a nice end entertaining day.

  18. Yas Marina has treated us to an epic race (if not an epic battle for the championship). The track is actually quite good but the problem lies with the fact that the race is held towards the end of the season which means, teams have cracked the tires and also we still get some good battles.

    Remember, not all tracks in Europe considered, “historic” have had elevation changes! Even Silverstone doesn’t provide too many exciting races (barring tire wear and rain), yet it is liked due to it’s history.

    I think Abu Dhabi gives good races and certainly far better than Valencia.

  19. It seems as if they put all of India and Korea’s action, plus the leftovers from Japan and added it to the tension that Abu Dhabi brought! 10/10

  20. It’s been an exciting race, but not an enjoyable one as a Lewis supporter. This, just like Singapore, was an almost certain win for him, and he’s denied the spoils through no fault of his own. It’s been a painful season to be honest, and this is just one of many disasters that have seen his title hopes perish. I still believe he’d have been the victor come the end, had he not suffered so much at the hands of his team and machine. I suppose that’s just racing. I think he also hit the nail on the head in regards to Vettel’s drive in his interview with Sky Sports. He said Vettel has to be the luckiest guy in F1. His driving at the start was appalling, much like Webber’s later on, and he gained about 30s over the rest of the field thanks to the Safety Car and his own embarrassing stunts behind Daniel (has he forgotten his braking behind the SC in Singapore so soon?) which prompted him to pit and set in motion his gains towards a podium. Not a great drive if you look at the facts. He lucked out. That is all. Anyone who says otherwise is just a fanatical fool. I wouldn’t be proud of that drive from Lewis or Fernando. I also think it’s worth pointing out that Martin, Damon, Stefano and Lewis all referred to it as good fortune, as opposed to some display of extreme talent from Vettel. That says all you need to know. I also didn’t much care for his imitation of Kimi on the podium. Was there any reason either had to swear? Let alone Vettel, who doesn’t normally use that type of language and his use of which just came across as copying Kimi at that time.

    So, not happy in terms of the drivers I support (Alonso’s brilliant efforts masked by his failiure to reduce the gap to Vettel by the necessary amount, thanks to Vettel’s copious fortunes during the race), but it was one of the best events this year. I think it’s a nine out of ten from me. Happy for Kimi to finally get that win, I suppose.

    1. So as an Hamilton fan you only have 3 lines to talk about Lewis, but need about 20 lines to talk down Vettel’s performance in order to feel confident in your belief of Lewis’ superiority ?

    2. @goodyear92

      I wouldn’t be proud of that drive from Lewis or Fernando.

      I seriously doubt that. In fact I’m fairly confident commenters like you would be extatic if Hamilton (or Alonso) had done what Vettel did today. Just look at the reactions on Alonso’s drive in Valencia. Lucked his way to third, passed Grosjean with was the only impressive pass of Alonso that race and then got gifted the victory when Vettel retired.

      Nothing wrong with the comments on Alonso for Valencia. Something wrong with using a different yardstick to measure Vettel’s performances though.

      1. +1 the grapes are sour for James. However I also think it was a pity for Lewis, especially because I foresee that it was his third last chance of a victory for quite some time.

        1. +1.. but the grapes for many here it seems (not just James).

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