Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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321 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. I think it would have been an 8/10 race, but because it’s so close to the end of the season, it felt more exciting than that. I always think it’s a shame when a runaway leader retires, but I’m delighted with Kimi’s win, and what happened on the podium will live long in the memory. So I’ll give it a 9. Just about the best race of the season; Canada had been my favourite up to now because of the battle for the lead there.

  2. 10. It was awesome, everything worked perfectly.
    Retirements, accidents, great overtakings, underdog (more or less) victory. The DRS worked pretty well, I’m surprised. Sensible choices by the stewards.
    And all this on one stop.
    Who would’ve thought!

  3. 10/10 Great race and a great victory for master Kimmi! Everybody happy with him! Vettel also shows why he is the best driver to be world champion this year!

  4. HOLY MOTHER! What is it with 2012? The two absolute worst tracks on the calender has produced some of the greatest races of the year? How is that possible?
    The DRS here does go to show that this track is fundamentally flawed. Even with very long DRS zones it was still barely possible to overtake, but at least it was that. Barely possible. Every DRS pass felt real, the drivers had to fight, they had to take the duel right into the corner and try to gain control over the position. So maybe the tracks with the worst overtaking spots is the track that work the best with DRS?
    Anyway, the DRS worked, plenty of action, drama, Kimi winning, but he had to put up a fight to get there, Vettel carving him self through the grid after starting 24th. Am I right in saying that this has equalled Emmo’s record of 24th to 3rd? And then of cause a great qualifying session with lots of surprises and a great pole lap by Hamilton.
    Some pretty nasty accidents though. Luckily all drivers were fine.
    Just plenty of action all around.
    I am sorry, I hate to vote Abu Dhabi so well, because as a race track it stinks, but this race just has to be a 10. It was just had everything really. And all that, despite a VERY conservative tyre choice.

    1. Am I right in saying that this has equalled Emmo’s record of 24th to 3rd?

      Yes, Fittipaldi did the same thing at the 1980 USA West GP. Excluding Indy 500 results, this was the 7th biggest gain in position. The last time someone gained 21 places or more were Lauda and Watson at the 1983 USA West GP. The record is held by Roberto Mieres, who gained 26 places at the 1954 British GP to finish sixth.

  5. AJ (@ascar2000us)
    4th November 2012, 15:59

    Well this will not shut the Vettel Haters, will it? just for the few who attribute the drive to safety car, here are the facts:
    After Safety Car 1: Vettel changed front Wing and was back to P21
    Before Safety Car 2: Vettel moves up to 4th even after pitting.
    If anything The Safety car only let him close up to Button.

    Happy to burst your Bubble :)

    1. A bit like Button in Canada 2010 really, with all sorts of things going wrong, then a streak of luck and pulling something out of the bag in the end.

      I don’t think Vettel proved he was one of the bet of the current crop today. He’s already done so in the past few years.

  6. 10/10 My grading is based on two things: the entire weekend was littered with excitement, which started right after Q3. And it simply never went away: every single lap of the race I was sitting at the edge of my seat, dying to know what was going to happen next! The second reason was the battle for the lead, that -in all fairness- should not have been there would Hamilton not have had that fuel/engine problem.

    But looking at the real racing: there was none. At one moment, I genuinely thought I was watching the local fancy fair bumber car competition, or worse nascar. It began at the start: I think that was Di Resta’s error, because he was on the middle of the track with three cars to his right – give some space, would you? Rosberg’s shunt was frightening to watch. Webber was making a mess of it, and I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut about the Perez/Grosjean mess.

    On the other side, Vettel was very, very determined to prove to all the Vettel critics (Hamilton for one) that he can race and is a worthy champion. And I think it’s fitting that with all the carnage around him, Raikkonen was the one that kept his head cool.

    So, no real racing, but a lot of excitement. And though I’m a bit disappointed as a racing fan, I couldn’t resist giving this one a 10.

  7. 10 for me and I rarely vote. 2 safety cars, super drive for Vettel, Kimi finally back on top of the podium, lots of wheel to wheel racing, contacts and crashes, change from day to night, etc. Quite pleasant change from a track that was expected to produce a boring race. Can’t wait until Austin!

  8. gave it a 3, epicly busy race but horrendous for the championship… and so glad lewis is going to be away from the garbage team that mclaren has been all year

    1. You’re basing the 3 on the fact it’s bad for the Championship…

      Except, it’s “Rate the Race”, not “Rate how good this Race is for the Championship.”

      Any excuse to give it a poor rating, aye?

  9. 9/10. It had it all! Mega race!

  10. Race = 10/10
    Result = 11/10

  11. Vettel has never performed so many overtakes in one race! He has definitely proven that he can race with not being at the front. Driver of the race.

    1. he gained 3 places before he even left the pit exit, he then crashed, and ran into a marker during SC, then when the race got under way he passed far slower cars (in a redbull that had been altered pre-race for straightline speed), then was gifted both places and time from everyone getting tangled up in each others wheels.

      Not sure what was great today, other than his move on Button, who was fair with his space.

      1. I Love the Pope
        4th November 2012, 18:30

        Face it, Vettel silenced his critics. He can drive and is deserving of his two (and soon to be three) world titles.

  12. 10/10 .. absolutly amazing race!

  13. A solid 8 to todays race, I was glued on TV all race long. So happy for Kimi, he trully deserves this one.
    Alonso also did a good race, he couldn´t have reached much more.
    I think that Vettel´s performance is being over rated, during the race we saw him only passing the slower cars with the exception of the move on Button, but with much fresher tyres. He got very lucky with all the crashes and safety cars being deployed. I would have given much more credit to his race if he had to pass the Saubers, Force India, Mercedes, etc.
    I was impressed with Perez race, he was having great pace but that reckless return to the track…

    1. I guess the vettel detractors will never be happy. When button, Hamilton or alonso come from the back of the field it’s a brilliant drive, but Vettel is lucky.

    2. 2 avoidable incidents and two free pit stops to help him? His overtake on Button was superb, I’ll give him that and he did have to work for it but without timely safety cars and other drivers taking each other out he’d be nowhere near the podium. But you have to give credit to vettel from pit lane to podium finish thats one great drive …well as they say ” fortune favours the brave” it was balls to the wall kinda driving

      1. The second of those “avoidable incidents” was actually a case of good reactions from Vettel. So often, it a driver slows down unexpectedly then the one behind will plow right into them (e.g. Rosberg today, Schumacher a few races ago). However Vettel managed to avoid a collision. It’s unfortunate that there was a flag there by the side of the road, but hitting a flag is much better than taking two drivers out of the race.

        The first was a little reckless, and I thought “what a fool” when I heard he’d lost a wing to a back-marker, but watching the replays it was a pretty tricky situation. With hindsight, perhaps he should have backed off and let the other two race, but I don’t think there are many drivers who would have made that decision in that particular circumstance.

        1. He lost it against Senna, who isn’t exactly a back maker (Maldonado was P3 and may have had much better finish w/o a Kers issue).

    3. @pnunocosta

      Maybe you should watch the race more closely next time. Vettel overtook Di Resta without DRS and Schumacher sometime later in the race. And I’m fairly certain he overtook a Sauber somewhere as well seeing as he passed about 2 dozen cars. Yes, most were DRS passes but with the track as it is, there’s really not much area for passing outside those zones.

      Your comment is not surprising though. Most people will never find Vettel impressive. Even if he starts from the back, in reverse, with 3 wheels and a blindfold and still takes good points.

      1. Depending on which wheel was missing, starting in reverse might actually make things easier. So you’d still hear people saying he was lucky.

        Today, he was lucky. He also had a really quick car – it’s hard to know just how good the qualifying laps were, but as Vettel’s was specifically set up for the race, it was quite possible in a better set-up then the McLaren.

        And despite all that? It was still a really good drive. Vettel went like a rocket, just like he’s been doing for the last two years now. That’s why he scores so many points… for pure speed, he’s the best racer on the track.

  14. I rated a 9. Would’ve been 10 if I wasn’t angry about Vettel’s annoyingly good luck.

    1. @rits

      I agree. If only he hadn’t been disqualified from qualifying. He would have won the race in normal boring fashion.

    2. I Love the Pope
      4th November 2012, 18:32

      Vettel didn’t need luck. He needed skill, and that he has in spades. Best drive of the day from the best driver on the grid.

  15. 10 on paper… But
    -0.5 for Hamilton retirement. ( HAM-RAI-ALO is a better podium in any order )
    -0.25 for championship disappointment , knowing Vettel is going to walk away with WDC for third time in a row
    -0.25 because race was two laps shorter ( Alonso – Raikonnen battle would have been nice)
    Therefore 9 .. Best race of the year, no doubt

  16. what went wrong with mclaren when they stop making pit stop blunders ,now the car had reliability issues…they just cant get it right.They need to produce a very fast car for next year to have any chance otherwise no grip button and brother chico will be nursing the Tyre and getting accolades from the commentators for smooth driving style but wont be getting any podium

  17. A race that does its name justice, a Grand Prix.


  18. 9, as a Hamilton fan, yet another squandered result. Mclaren obviously need a sponsor to replace tooned on their rear wing, maybe they should approach The RAC to see if they are interested. Great race though.

  19. I gave it a 10. Very rarely has a race had so much going on all the time. While Vettel stormed through the field twice, Alonso, Maldonado, Button and Webber were dicing with each other. Then there was the crashes, fighting throughout the field, drama, controversy, and final amazing last laps with Button and Alonso, Vettel and Button, and finally Alonso and Raikkonen. Breathtaking!

  20. From the Foreign & Commonwealth office on Abu Dhabi: “Swearing or making rude gestures is considered an obscene act and offenders can be prosecuted. Offenders have, in the past, received six-month jail sentences for such acts, and some have been deported.” So Seb & Kimi – 6 months in the Middle East for you then?

    1. and some have been deported

      Uh-oh. The worst case scenario. :)

    2. Alonso was technically swearing as well; it wasn’t meant as an explicit gesture, but he still technically did it.

    3. now that would be a twist – Seb thrown in jail waiting to be deported and Alonso wraps up his 3rd WDC … lol

      1. A REAL twist would be if BOTH of them went to jail and Raikonnen gets it haha..

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