Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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321 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

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  1. Was going to vote a 9, but then thought ‘what else would you ever want in a grand prix’?! Lots of action, big crashes and some top-class driving by world champion drivers! Perfect 10!!!

  2. It’s awfully subjective isn’t it? If this had been the first Grand Prix ever at Yas Marina, we would all be raving about the track; the overtaking possibilities, the brilliance of the design.
    As it is, it’s taken tweaking of the DRS zones and a Red Bull cock-up to give us probably the best race all season.

    From Hamilton’s point of view, today’s outcome probably explains exactly why he is leaving MacLaren.

  3. 9/10 – great race, not so great result. I would’ve given it a 10 if it wasn’t for some appalling driving from the likes of Webber, Perez and Grosjean. Expected better from Webber especially.

    1. What the **** did Grosjean do wrong?

      1. @infinitygc Didn’t give Rosberg enough space on the first lap. And then forgot to check his mirrors and turned back into Webber after the contact with Perez (which was Sergio’s fault).

    2. Yeah sadly I thought he was a bit disappointing as well… He just needs to get more reliable starts! Once he does that, he’ll be fine, but choosing the right time to pass people isn’t his strong suit…

      1. It’s funny when Webber is starting right in front of Vettel (Korea) or right behind (India) and has a Webber start and ends up or stays behind Vettel, it’s because of some conspiracy by the team against him. Today he had no excuse and I’m sure Webber, the Team and Vettel all wanted Webber to get a blazing fast start and be in the lead (doing that thing Vettel does – run away from the race from the front). In stead he ends up in the clutches of Alonso for an easy DRS overtake and also ruined Button’s start as well, causing Button to go wide into T1 and lose a spot to Alonso.

        It’s also funny that he doesn’t want to relinquish his spot to Vettel in the race when both of them are on entirely different strategies (it’s never a problem for other teams to have on driver let the other one go if they are on different strategies in the race).

        I guess another conspiracy theory could be that Webber doesn’t want Vettel to win, but is secretly helping his good friend Fernando. :)

        1. Interesting thoughts, but Webber seems to f… up almost half his starts for whatever reasons – clutch not warm enough or too cold or not enough revs when the lights goes out or whatever. I’m sure Keith will tell us again that it is highly unlikely that anyone would make a slow start on purpose.

  4. 8/10
    Exciting race, seriously annoyed with Mclaren for letting Lewis down AGAIN, it would have been his race, and he behaved impeccably,but still edge of the seat stuff.
    Brilliant drives from Kimi and Fernando, couldn’t quite decide who I wanted to win, Kimi because he deserves a win or Fernando because he would have gained more points toward the championship.
    Webber was awful and should have received a penalty for the Maldonado incident (great drive from Maldonado too), and would definitely get my vote for worst driver of the race. Perez? …. well all I can say is good luck next year Mclaren, well done Senna and Grosjean involved in incidents but not of their making, and as for Sebastian Vettel – not bothered about any comeback on this, my opinion and I’m entitled to it – what a spoilt, attention seeking little brat, clips Senna in his impatience not to be at the back with the underdogs, ignores the rules, to pass Grosjean off the track, spits his dummy out over Ricciardo stopping and starting in front of him behind the safety car, when he did exactly the same thing to Button in a previous race ( I wonder if Ricciardo received a similar telling off from Helmut as an earlier TR driver did, for upsetting his little Golden Boy).
    He didn’t deserve third, it was pure luck, Hamilton’s retirement, a fortunate pitstop to change a front wing, damaged by his mistakes and two safety cars, without those he may well have managed some points but not as many as he got, and as for the performance on the podium. 1. Kimi won, should he have not gone out first?
    2. Verbal diarrhoea …. in 3rd??
    3. Family viewing, yes maybe Kimi shouldn’t have sworn, but it’s Kimi and it wasn’t a really bad one, however, when have we ever heard Vettel swear on the podium, or in an interview …..hmmmmm smacks of trying to be cool (comes naturally to Kimi …sorry Vettel), and trying to impress/grab all the attention, as did the tipping the bottle over poor DC’s head (Fernando the professional as always on the podium), sad, sad, sad.
    Glad Rosberg and Karthekayan were Ok after that nasty crash!

    1. Drop Valencia!
      4th November 2012, 23:33

      Agree with 3, made a 10 a 9 for me, too try hard.

  5. Voted 8/10. After Hamilton’s retirement, there was a gap in the action, but fun race, even if I couldn’t fully enjoy Kimi’s win due to Seb in 3rd. Vettel is good, has a good car, but man, the prospect of him being a triple world champion was a dark shadow over the race.

    1. I Love the Pope
      4th November 2012, 18:35

      Coming from a guy with an icon of a 7-time world champion.

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    4th November 2012, 17:01

    We’re not rating it based on Vettel’s performance. The whole race was better than Valencia was.

  7. 10/10 for me. Strange that two of the worst circuits on the calender have produced arguably the best races of the season! Great to see Kimi on top of the podium again (great radio messages from him too!). Fantastic performance from Vettel, he was very lucky I’ll admit but it’s not easy to come from 23rd to 3rd, especially with that mishap during the first safety car period with Ricciardo. Plenty of drama with Grosjean, Perez etc. and Hamilton’s retirement. Those last few laps were absolutely nail-biting with Alonso going faster than Raikkonen and me praying that he’d get past (Yes I’m an Alonso supporter). It was really edge-of-the-seat stuff. The championship isn’t as close as I hoped it would be before the lights went out but Alonso is still hanging on and let’s hope for an exciting climax in Brazil if the title isn’t wrapped up in Austin.

  8. For all those people who are saying Vettel was lucky..

    -Qualifies P3, has a fuel cell problem due which he has to stop the car, which also did not allow FIA to pump the required fuel out of it. Hence sent back to the back of the grid
    -Car heavily modified for raceday implies he has not driven in that configuration at all before, plus cold tires in the beginning due to the wait in pitlane.
    -Loses bit of front wing but still climbs to 12th
    -More damage to the front wing during safety car period , to the back of the field again.
    -Moves upto 2nd due a combination of overtaking moves and people pitting around him
    -Pits again and comes out 4th after which SC bunches up the field
    -Overtakes Button and finishes 3rd.

    I think that sums up his weekend pretty much. Of this the only lucky gains in position are
    1)Hamilton due to retirement
    2)Massa due to his collision with Webber

    Looks like more bad than good luck to me.And also, all this was done at track which is not known for its overtaking possibilities with the car in a configuration that he has not driven at all before the race.

    1. I’d definitely agree. Sadly, Vettel could save humanity and drive the best race ever all in one race weekend and people would still complain.

      He did a good job today. Came through the field not once, but twice. Yes, he was a bit scrappy. He ended up on the podium. Not sure what else he could have done to be honest…

    2. Vettel could save humanity and drive the best race ever all in one race weekend and people would still complain

      Not complain but be unconvinced, because:
      He’s an illegitimate heir to the throne :D
      The only thing will ever save him is teaming up with either Kimi, Alonso or Lewis and beating those as teammates.

      1. Kimi was teammates with Alonso or Hamilton when?

      2. I Love the Pope
        4th November 2012, 18:37

        Kimi – one world title. Seb, two (soon to be three) world titles. Hammy – one world title. Alonso – two world titles.

        Seb is better than all three.

        1. Because world championships define how good a driver is.

          I guess Gilles Villeneuve is massively overrated and Hill and Button are massively underrated.

          1. I Love the Pope
            4th November 2012, 22:24

            Its a big part of it. As far as these guys go, I think Seb is clearly better.

          2. @davef1 – Indeed they don’t tell the whole story. But Vettel over his career has been an often dominant force, and has shown that he can drag midfield machinery to fight for positions it has no right being in.

  9. Awesome race. Gary Player said “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. Vettel kept on pushing and because he was pushing made some mistakes\ had some bad luck.

    This is the reason I watch F1.

  10. Fantastic race 9 outta 10!!!
    Yes Vettel had more luck than the proverbial irishman but still a great drive none the less…
    Well done to the Iceman and the Lotus team, about time too, one of the highlights of the season for me
    I’m a Mclaren fan and seriously worried for next season’s constructors challenge…Perez is a liability, i’m fed up with the man ruining races for other drivers…yet again he’s slap bang in the middle of it all…shocking

    1. I Love the Pope
      4th November 2012, 18:38

      Rarely do drivers win without some luck. Seriously, get over it. The kid can drive and he will soon have more titles than Alonso.

  11. A sidenote on Vettel’s performance.

    I thought about it a lot to be as clean and unbiased as possible.

    …a blend of great driving, superb strategic work and pure luck with safety-car interventions saw Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel retain his championship lead with a strong third place after starting on medium tyres from the pit lane. wrote. All three was important, as I’ll outline, so I see no point in debates like ‘he was just lucky’ – ‘no, he drove the best recovery drive ever’. Because all of this is only partially true.

    Great driving. Yep. Without doubt and sarcasm. He drove from 21th on lap 20-something to 3rd by lap 55 executing a number of good passes.

    Superb strategic work. I doubt it was intended to be as superb as it eventually became, but by doing an enormous undercut for fresh softs on lap 20-something made way for passing half of the remaining field indeed and secured 4th. I doubt it was intended, because I think it was scheduled later, only brought forward because of Vettel messing up one of his several good passes – the one on Senna – and damaging his front wing in the process. Had he stay out longer, he would not have benefitted from the second SC, see below.

    Pure luck. He had de la Rosa, Rosberg and Hulkenberg, the latter two strong midfield runners, voluntarily out of his way by the end of lap 1. (He had di Resta and Grosjean too, but his own messed up overtake on Senna and a subsequent early stop meant he had to tackle them anyway.) Hamilton by lap 20-something. The first SC had the field bunched up, making recovery easier. The Maldonado/Webber and Massa/Webber scraps ensured they would be behind Vettel after his second pit stop. The second SC secured 3rd by removing the need to recover the 25 secs, he was behind Button after his second pit stop. He was a bit unlucky with Ricciardo slamming the brakes in front of him, possibly damaging his wing even more.

    That’s what I think. All in all, I think he drove superbly, but almost everything played onto his hands. Putting it another way: almost everything played onto his hands, but he drove superbly. Depends on what one wants to emphasise.

    1. @atticus-2

      All in all, I think he drove superbly, but almost everything played onto his hands. Putting it another way: almost everything played onto his hands, but he drove superbly. Depends on what one wants to emphasise.


  12. I’ve been waiting 3yrs for this day! As a Kimi fan, the last 15 laps were nerve wrecking and lots of lots of on track action. Best race of the season.

    1. Kimmi deserved this one!

  13. I’ve seen fewer crashes in a 500 mile NASCAR race

  14. First time I have voted 10, it was really exciting and great that Kimi won.

    Such a shame for Lewis, he most likely would have won.

    For those that missed Kimi’s radio comments:

    1. I Love the Pope
      4th November 2012, 18:40

      Ham winning lights to flag would have made this a less-than-10 race.

    2. “Okay Kimi, next car behind you is Alonso. Alonso five seconds behind you. I’ll keep you updated on the gap. I’ll keep you updated on the pace.”
      “Just leave me alone. I know what I’m doing.”

      “Okay Kimi. We need to keep working all four tyres, please. Keep working all four–”
      “Yes, yes, yes, yes. I’m doing all of that. So you don’t have to remind every second minute.”

  15. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    4th November 2012, 17:43

    Absolutely fantastic race to watch – so much stuff happening! Unfortunately the driver who deserved to win the race is Hamilton but McLaren worked their magic again. Congratulations to Renault and Kimi! A fantastic drive from Alonso taking the fight to Kimi in the last 2 laps and an absolute shocker P3 from Vettel who gained 21 positions through an equal measure of car pace and sheer luck. The crash between Rosberg and Karthikeyan with neither sustaining any serious injury – that was a lucky one!

    Questionable Moments:
    1. The umpteenth technical issue with Hamilton’s McLaren since announcing his departure.
    2. Webber’s tackle on Massa was very much out of form and it did end up netting 2 points for Vettel along with 2 points from him.
    3. Toro Rossos making way for Vettel while fighting for position.
    4. Perez making another big mistake.

    1. @freelittlebirds

      2. Webber’s tackle on Massa was very much out of form and it did end up netting 2 points for Vettel along with 2 points from him.

      I disagree. With Maldonado Webber was totally at fault cutting across as if Maldonado wasn’t there.
      With Massa however Webber left plenty of room and Massa clearly understeered into Webber.
      Button and Vettel showed how it should be done. Fair and square.

    2. @freelittlebirds

      Webber’s tackle on Massa was very much out of form

      I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Massa had said to Ferrari he wanted to pit, presumably his rear tyres were going off, but on more than one occasion he was told to stay out. If they hadn’t perhaps he wouldn’t have spun the car so easily.

      Clearly the stewards saw nothing wrong with Webber’s driving either.

  16. 9/10 for me.

    Best race in a long time. Had a bit of everything. It was nice that the tyre or DRS were not mentioned every lap but still important…. nice balance.

  17. The race proved Alonso and Vettel, any of them, deserve the championship. And as a bonus Kimi WON!!! a 10 in Abu Dhabi Wow unbelievable!!!!

  18. Unfortunately, the safety car played a big role in the outcome of the race. Without the safety car, Vettel might have broken into the points but definitely would not have podiumed. As he showed after the race, he’s a boorish lout and not fit to represent F1 as champion.

    1. That is a bit harsh. But I agree that VET podium was a result of multiple other driver flukes that came in his hand at the end (or should I say RBR tactics in the end).
      It is a impresive result from back to 3rd but was it a impresive drive by Vettel? I say no. I saw a frustrated boy for half of the race who behavied as he should get in front- where he belongs. It was like 2012 for Alonso when he couldn’t overtake Petrov. The difference is Vettel has a great (not to say domminant) RB8 set up for the race and this year we had two DRS zones. He almost took Senna out (high chance of puncture), almost crashed into Toro Roso behind SC, overtook GRO outrack (he seems to never giveup). That makes me feel like: great result for him but not quite sure he deserved with his driving today.
      I’m far from VET fan but I do consider him as in the same ligue as RAI, HAM, ALO, MSC.
      Am I the only one that thinks WEB was driving like a nutcase today? (I am a WEB fan though)

    2. God forbid we get another James Hunt winning the championship then

  19. watching Formula 1 since 1995 and I am giving this 10 out of 10. It is definetely in my top 5 races since then. It had everything. A surprise winner,safety cars, crashes, overtaking, drama,Vettel had an incident under the safety car and even Raikkonen and Button made people laugh with the team radio. pure quality and superb drives from the top 5 drivers. Senna did well after the 1st corner incident too. Delighted for the Iceman. Superb driving this from him after missing out the last 2 years

  20. The best Abu Dhabi GP so far. It was both exciting and eventful, and frankly, I can’t imagine how it could’ve been much better. So 10/10.

    Strange how Valencia and Yas Marina, two of the worst circuits in the calendar, made the two best races this year.

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