Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2012What did you think of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. It seems the worst tracks now produce the best racing… too bad COTA seems like a decent circuit!

  2. Great race and great finish. 9/10. Would have been nice if Alonso could have challenged Kimi a bit more strongly.

  3. 10. It really did have everything! Drama, talkning points, incidents, some good overtakes and a fantastic conclusion. Kimi winning, those radio messages and that podium interview was simply the icing on the cake. Race of the year.

    Who would have thought the two best races of 2012 would be at Valencia and Abu Dhabi? I think Bernie divided by zero somewhere along the line.

  4. 9,interesting that I voted Abu Dhabi & Valencia 9,who would have thought that at the start of the season?????????

  5. One of the best races I’ve ever seen.

  6. An epic race that reminded me – after the last couple of dull races – why I love F1. An easy 10

  7. Safety cars gave Vettel is position… after many mistakes and a team FAIL… he is lucky he has a fast car underneath him…

    He looks a bit unwashed, and rumors about his excessive partying aside, rough around the edges. If he wins the championship, the trophy belongs to Adrian Newey…

    And these Europeans have fowl mouths!!!

  8. Driver of the day was Kimi for me, brilliant start and managed to keep position even with 3 faster cars behind him after the second safety car restart. Also good job by Vettel who did some brilliant overtaking to get a podium finish
    never thought i would say this but Abu Dhabi is the best race this season

  9. After the race, as I’ve become used to doing, I was thinking of the vote I was going to give here. I’ll keep my planned rating for later.
    I was very let down by the many crashes during the race, whether the drivers were actually at fault or not (only Perez was penalised, and I didn’t agree entirely with the decision). Hamilton was leading the race comfortably with Raikkonen easily 2nd and Alonso who could do nothing to pass Maldonado. Nothing happened, while Vettel passed the backmarkes with his DRS.
    Then Rosberg crashed with Karthikeyan: very scary, luckily there were no consequences for the drivers, but the safety car helped Vettel quite a lot.
    Then Hamilton retired: I felt incredibly sorry for him despite him not being one of my favourite drivers. His luck while leading races has been missing in a while. On the other hand, I was lucky Raikkonen was finally leading a race.
    Then Maldonado caused Webber to spin, but the stewards decided not to hand the Venezuelan any penalty. I can see the reasoning, but I felt he was at fault.
    Then Massa spun after hitting Webber: a moment of confusion, spiced things up a bit.
    Then there was that bizarre crash between Perez and Grosjean, with Webber unlucky to be hit. And again, the safety car came at a perfect moment for Vettel to take advantage of the situation. He deserved every single position he had earned, but things went too easily for him.
    Alonso completed one nice overtake, on Maldonado; Vettel did so on Button who also did so on Maldonado. The rest of the finishers had some good and some bad races, but nothing particularly entertaining.
    I was very excited all race long: however, I believed it was more due to the championship situation than the race’s thrill, and I planned to write: “my heart says 7, my head says 5”. Perhaps 5 is too harsh, after all there were plenty of good overtakes and a some crashes, who caused the result to be curious, although today I was particularly unhappy with the incidents. Vettel had the opportunity to make for a great show in recovering 21 positions but it didn’t happen. There were a few turnarounds, but only Hamilton’s was shocking enough to cause the ratings to increase; and even then, the race result looked fake.
    I’m happy for Raikkonen’s result and for Alonso’s; not happy for Alonso’s result in comparison to Vettel’s; happy for Vettel’s result. I don’t think I’ve been deceived by my personal preferences, but I’ll give this race a rating of 7 out of 10, which is more than I though initially, because perhaps I’ve been blind. Perhaps I should’ve been convinced to give it more by the percentage of people who did so, but I decided to follow my own ideas to a certain extent.

  10. As for the race, too many dumb mistakes by too many drivers (or even by Wrecking-Crew Webber alone) and no scrap for first (plus the retirement of the guy who should have won) make it impossible to give this a 10. That said, it was an edge-of-your seat contest, so I give it 9.
    As for Vettel, it was a great drive. But we can’t know how good he is until we see him in a car that is NOT faster than all of the others. Period.

    1. @troutcor: But we saw that already in his first F1 race, in the US, as a stand in for Kubica in the BMW Williams: Vettel ended 7th, and took the car at least 3-4 places higher than was expected. I clearly remember that I was very impressed with him, and I hoped BMW Williams could keep him. As it turned out Red Bull saw the same as I did, and he went the right way, BMW did not.

  11. Normally I spend this race oohing and aahing at the beautiful facilities, the marina, the boats, the lights, the hotel, the pretty colours on the track lol . . . . this afternoon I don’t remember seeing any of these things, it was such an exciting race, great drive from Seb with luck on his side, I gave the race a 9.

  12. 8/10. Very exciting, but
    -1 No dice for the lead by WDC contenders
    -1 Alonso let Kimi get away at the restart
    -1 Webber goes off track then makes Massa spin, no penalty
    +1 Kimi’s radio messages

  13. Great race. 9/10 Glad to see Kimi win a race & loved his radio messages. He’s a real character, the sport could be doing with more like him. I remember him yellling at his race engineer at Ferrari over the radio ‘don’t talk to me when i’m in the corners!’ Classic

  14. WOW. an 8 for me. great race. really shows what makes an F1 race exciting these days (without various tyre strategies)- LOTS of crashes. Retirements. Overtaking. Memorable Radio transmissions. Battles near the front. Close finish. Championship TENSION.

  15. 9 for the race… it was TOO BAD that Hamilton has to have AGAIN a fistfull of bad luck, for the race to be rated good… Maybe if he DNF and won.. it won by a boring race… Some guys have all the luck… other none… Happy for Kimmi and Lotus – it was time for the first one!

  16. DelendaEstAmbulando
    5th November 2012, 0:31

    Just 5.Exciting race full of incidents, but precious little real, solid racing: Sebastián vs. Jenson near the end, Fernando’s first lap, and that’s about it. A gallimaufry of poor, amateurish driving (including Seb’s two collisions) . And we were denied of a furious scrap for the lead: Kimi needed the win, and Fernando the points. But the race finished a couple of laps too early.
    I don’t quite understand how could Kimi pull away from Fernando so easily after the last SC, when a few laps later Fernando was steadily gaining on him. Possibilities:
    -Kimi’s tyres were going off by then (unlikely, everybody else’s seemed all right) or maybe Kimi felt he already had enough of an advantage and relaxed a bit.
    -Fernando’s tyres were too cold after the SC (but it took several laps until they recovered- seems way too long)
    -maybe Fernando was deliberately holding back so that Jenson could use DRS to defend from Sebastian? I know it sounds quite contrived but an intriguing radio message did point in that direction (we heard Stella’s answer but not Fernando’s question). If it was so, Fernando must be regretting it now: Sebastian finally overtook Button anyway, and Fernando squandered his chance to overtake Kimi and win the race.
    Maybe Fernando was too clever for his own good, but I guess we’ll never know. But if anybody has a better explanation about the sudden reverse of the relative speeds of Fernando and Kimi in the last few laps, I’d love to hear it.

  17. Lots of action. But too much of the action was a result of poor driving or poor reliability. 8

  18. Wow. I rated a 9.

    There’s a lot of vitriol coming from a lot of other sites regarding Fernando Alonso, but I’m glad this F1 site has much cooler customers.

    In a lot of ways, this race in my opinion didn’t prove anything about Vettel’s ability to race. If anything, it showed me just how dominant his car really is. He made more than a couple of mistakes from his charge from the back of the field, but still wound up on the podium due to a little luck and the massive speed of his RBR (and his fantastic engineers’ ability to tweak the car once out of out of parc ferme).

    No disrespect to him, but to those who said this race proved he really can race, I submit that Vettel has already done that in past races. This race, for me, really showed what a great car he has, and the team’s and his ability to fight back. I have massive respect for Vettel, and he did a great job today. But in my opinion, and to borrow a quote from another poster on this site, Alonso is this year’s “People’s Champion”. I honestly believe Red Bull and McLaren still have the faster machines. This race showed me that the Ferrari is just a cut above the Lotus, in the right hands.

    Great race for Kimi. I’m not as much as fan as I was before he shoved that track marshal way back in his McLaren days, but seeing him win was good for the sport and his supporters.

    1. @f1americana

      I’m glad this F1 site has much cooler customers.

      Hear, hear.

  19. I know I’m going to be in the extreme minority here, but the lack of respect between drivers ruined the race for me. I want to see hard driving, but I want to see fair driving. This looked more like amateur hour than the best in the world. I gave it a 3.

    1. I agree. Even some I hold in high regard as racers seemed to make contact; generally when they seemingly didn’t have much respect for the guy they were overtaking (or being overtaken by).

    2. Well pointed out. Half the guys were driving like absolute cowboys. I mean just look at Vettel’s overtake on Button – you couldn’t place a finger between their tyres (it took me a while to realize that I was in fact holding my breath), yet they both came out clean, positions exchanged. Champion stuff. Massa and Webber at the same corner – noobs. Perez, Grosjean and Webber at the next corner – well the less said the better. Rosberg and Karthikeyan – well I don’t really understand what on earth either driver was thinking, so I’ll leave it alone.
      Drivers nowadays seriously lack respect for one another. And I think the astronomical safety of these vehicles has given them a sense of immortality, freedom to toss their car into a gap smaller than their talent. I’m not saying that these guys should face physical injury – but a few black flags could certainly do the trick. This is the highest class of motorsport, and these guys seriously need to tidy up.

      1. Rosberg and Karthikeyan – well I don’t really understand what on earth either driver was thinking, so I’ll leave it alone.

        Karthikeyan had hydraulic failure and his steering seized, as explained in the race review:

        Raikkonen wins as Vettel races from pits to podium

        1. Appreciate the immediate clarification Keith.

          But that still doesn’t explain why Rosberg bundled up into and over him – did Karthikeyan suddenly slow down?

          1. It says in the article…

  20. So the question is, do I recant my COTD rant from Friday?


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