Montezemolo wants answers over lack of progress

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2012Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says he wants to know why the upgrades Ferrari brought to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix did not meet their expectations.

“The weekend was hard to read,” Montezemolo told Ferrari’s website. “That began with Saturday evening when I watched a situation that was not entirely clear.”

“As far as Ferrari is concerned I want to understand why the new parts that we brought to the track only partially improved the performance of the F2012, which wasn?t enough to allow Alonso to fight for the very front positions on the grid ?ǣ despite the contrasting expectations of our engineers.”

Montezemolo says he has urged team principal Stefano Domenicali to ensure their car is closer to its rivals in the final races.

“It?s clear that we have to do more for the coming races,” he said. “That is what I requested today of Domenicali and his team: we have ten crucial days ahead, during which we must do everything to arrive in Texas with a car that can fight for the victory. Words count for nothing: this must be our target.”

The Ferrari president praised Fernando Alonso’s efforts in scoring his 11th podium finish of the year: “To start sixth and finish second, despite only benefiting from one retirement from another car, clearly shows the pedigree of Fernando?s race yet again.

“Of course, yesterday morning we were all hoping to gain back a few more points in the championship given Vettel?s starting position. Instead he produced a fine race too, even if the two safety car periods certainly didn?t help us.”

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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83 comments on Montezemolo wants answers over lack of progress

  1. Tyler (@tdog) said on 6th November 2012, 0:36

    Gary Anderson has an interesting theory on the source of Ferrari’s woes:-

  2. wolf2012 said on 6th November 2012, 1:46

    “two safety car periods certainly didn’t help us.” … yes, they did … in the first one, Vettel damaged his nose, which he had to replace which brought him back to the end of the field after being already 13th. And concerning the second one, it benefitted every driver in the front, except for Kimi! Everyone else got a shot at the car driving in front of them …

    Let me summarize for you why you were extremely lucky …
    1. Vettel only having 5 minutes of a 1 hour quali session because they had major problems
    2. Vettel making only 3rd in quali, even though everyone (including the pole setter LH) expected him 1st. If he had had more time than just 5 minutes, it probably would have happened.
    3. Vettel’s mistake in the first safety car session (stupid enough one must say) when he damaged his wing, having to pit and start over at the end of the field
    4. MW messing up his start.
    4. Maldonados KERS failing, otherwise who knows … Williams had some competitive car this race ..
    5. LH’s McLaren to fail
    6. safety car phase 2, which gave Alonso a shot at Kimi …
    7. Nobody expecting Vettel to make it to the podium having to start from 24. Position 6-8 were already high expectations …

    I am sure Ferarri felt extremely happy about every single misfortune of Vettel starting with having only 5 minutes to qualify – and I am sure you felt lucky with every other misfortune and celebrated it as long as it lasted. Besides, Alonso himself said that he is happy with any result as long as he finishes in front of Vettel. Well he did. Consider yourself happy and lucky then. Why the long faces? Under normal conditions, it was expected that Alonso would have lost at least another 10 points to Vettel. A probable outcome on Friday for the race was 1. Vettel (25) 2. LH (18) 3. KR (15) or FA or MW – on Saturday (before the demotion of Vettel) a likely outcome would have been 1.LH or Vettel (25 or 18 respectively) 3.KR, FA or MW (15) ….

    so again … consider yourself lucky … you gained three points instead of losing 10 or more … and stop whining …. it’s pathetic …

    • Postreader said on 6th November 2012, 18:50

      Pray tell, how did Hamilton failing benefited Ferrari over RBR in any way or form? The difference in number of points would still be the same… not to mention without the second safety car Vettel wouldn’t catch Button, so you are arguing out of nowhere right there – about something that could have gone right for Ferrari and no mention about how it actually went right for RBR.

      So you are trying way too much right there son… what’s the word you used again? Ah, yes… pathetic…

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds) said on 6th November 2012, 3:29

    I think one of the Ferrari engineers should come out and say in a Spanish accent:

    – We changed the rear wing, no improvement
    – We removed the rear wing, no improvement
    – We changed the front wing, no improvement
    – We removed the front wing, no improvement

    We can repeat 100 times, the result is always the same! The car is at maximum – no possible improvement can be gained. We have made the perfect car!

  4. harry harris said on 6th November 2012, 3:32

    Sorry to say….I think Stefano is not capable of his job. Someone must take charge his post with immediate effect. Maybe Stefano is more suitable in gathering human resource and in bussiness development or something like funding resources for the team. The Scuderia needs a leader whose well experiences in technical and has very strong leadership. A leader who knows how to make his team work according to their expectations and maybe up to 200%. The Scuderia cannot rely on one Nation only but must open the door wide to welcome more geniuses to come into their world.

    • Kimi4WDC said on 6th November 2012, 5:26

      As said previously, exactly for that reason, LdM should be fired or take a distant step away from F1 team. I think he is having a hard time accepting that Ferrari mechanics are more intelligent than he is in current days of F1. His non-sense talk now and then only upsets and puts the team on the spot.

  5. I think the F2012 has reached it’s potential to be honest which is a shame. It has been a solid car in race trim but has really lacked that one lap pace. If we can find 2 tenths for our qualifying pace for the last two races that would be very good just ensure Alonso is minimum 2nd row of the grid rather than 5th or 6th.

    • That is strange..since Lotus team still have 2 more upgrades with half of the resources/money Ferrari team have. Corruption at Ferrari?

      • No I don’t think so, Lotus have done really well this year. They have built a consistent car and they are closing the gap on McLaren in the constructors. I think Ferrari designed a car with initial flaws and trying to improve it is proving more difficult then they would have hoped for. They made a big leap with the upgrades for the Spanish GP but since then seems to have stalled a bit.

  6. mainsa (@mainsa) said on 6th November 2012, 15:43

    maybe what Ferrari needs is a more flexible nose like the RB one that seems to bend with high speeds.

  7. harry harris said on 8th November 2012, 2:12

    Maybe the F2012’s downforce is too high… that’s why it cannot match RB8’s pace. Am i right???????

  8. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 8th November 2012, 18:51

    Problem is, Ferrari started out quite badly and really benefited from consistent drives while McLaren and RBR were busy botching it up. Their early-mid season performance has flattered them, they’ve never had the best car so for him to expect it now is a good expectation to have, but nowhere near realistic. They were always going to suffer when one of the other teams stopped messing about.

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