Jean-Eric Vergne, Abu Dhabi, 2011

Six teams to begin Abu Dhabi Young Drivers’ Test

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Abu Dhabi, 2011In the round-up: Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus, Sauber, Toro Rosso and Caterham begin a three-day test at Yas Marina today.

Abu Dhabi Young Drivers’ Test: Day 1

The three-day young drivers’ test begins at Yas Marina today with the following drivers participating:

Red Bull: Antonio Felix da Costa
McLaren: Kevin Magnussen/Gary Paffett
Lotus: Nicolas Prost
Sauber: Robin Frijns
Toro Rosso: Luiz Razia
Caterham: Giedo van der Garde

The remaining teams have already conducted their Young Drivers’ Test at Silverstone (Williams, Marussia and HRT) and Magny-Cours (Ferrari, Mercedes and Force India).


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Jenson Button says 2012 McLaren car is worst since he joined F1 team (The Guardian)

“This car hasn’t suited me as well as McLaren’s last two. Since I’ve been here this has been the worst year. It’s been tricky, even on good weekends. We’ve had a problem pretty much every weekend, lately. We need to stop it. I don’t get it.”

McLaren record offers cold comfort to Hamilton (The Telegraph)

??The [56 races] statistic is nice to have. But more world championships would be better. I?m sure McLaren would say the same.”

Force India wants no driver animosity (Autosport)

Bob Fernley: “The thing to do is to find out what happened, who squeezed what where, shake hands and make sure it doesn’t happen again. From a team point of view it’s obviously the ultimate sin to have contact with your own team mate.”

Sauber set for talks with Sergio Perez (The Independent)

“While [Sauber team principal Monisha] Kaltenborn is adamant the poor form since signing for McLaren is “a coincidence”, she will nevertheless sit down with the 22-year-old to discuss the matter.”

Newey: One-stop was very close (Sky)

“It was tantalisingly close that’s for sure but as we’ve so often seen, if you overcook it then suddenly you’ve thrown away crunch loads of time and instead of finishing, as it turned out, third he could have ended up back in eighth again or something.”

Organiser defends proposed Greek F1 track (Reuters)

Racetrack Patras head Evangelos Floratos: “This project belongs to the private sector, it does not expect state funding for its operational costs. It is also wrongly assumed that we are aiming at organising a Formula 1 race, which is an event often subsidised by the national government. This is not our primary goal.”

HRT: Beginnen sich die Finanzsorgen zu r??chen? (Speedweek, German)

Speedweek claim HRT cannot afford to pay the ??400,469 (??500,000) entry fee for 2013.

Kubica lines up two rallies in WRC-winning Citroen (ESPN)

“Rallying is one of my favourite forms of motorsport. After completing a test session so that I can get used to the car, competing in the Rally di Como will above all be an opportunity to get to a feel for the car and learn more about driving it in racing conditions.”

Kimi Raikkonen deals a sportsman’s blow against march of the robots (The Guardian)

“Although the teams have no control over the selection of these [team radio] snippets, they do have one weapon at their disposal: when passing information they are keen to conceal from others, they ensure that an obscenity forms a prominent part of the conversation.”


Comment of the day

@Svianna on Ferrari’s two biggest weaknesses:

Ferrari is a great team, there is no denying that. But someone has to be the best.

For the last three years, Red Bull has been the most efficient team in developing cars that could not be proven to break the FIA rules, and, as importantly, Red Bull has been the team which consistently brings upgrades at the fastest pace. The beginning of 2012 was not very encouraging for Red Bull, including some tough calls by the FIA about the legality of some components. Nevertheless, they have an incredible engineering group, under Newey’s leadership, bringing car enhancements all the time. Ferrari, for some reason, can not keep pace with Red Bull’s development speed.

Further, Felipe Massa?s first three-quarters of the season meant that Alonso’s did not have any support to steal points from Vettel, while Webber ‘stole’ many points from Alonso. If Ferrari had had a faster second driver this season, the standings in the championship board could be different.

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Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Nico Hulkenberg claimed a shock pole position for the Brazilian Grand Prix two years ago today.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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