Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Valencia, 2012

Caption Competition 23: Vettel and Horner

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Valencia, 2012

What is world championship leader Sebastian Vettel discussing with team principal Christian Horner in this picture?

That’s for you to decide in our latest Caption Competition. Post the best caption you can come up with for the picture in the comments below.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

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Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

130 comments on “Caption Competition 23: Vettel and Horner”

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  1. So this button disables Mark’s KERS?

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      10th November 2012, 13:54


    2. hahaha, wonderfull.

    3. hahaha, wonderful.

    4. ladies and gentleman we have a winner

    5. +1 love it !

    6. lol. The team player button

  2. Look at what Hamilton is doing / lol

    1. maybe
      “See Mr Horner, all the gangsters use this word, lets check Lewis’s twitter.”

  3. “Look at how small Fernando’s chances are…”

  4. thatscienceguy
    10th November 2012, 10:12

    “Hey check this out, this is my twitter account, and this button unfollows Lewis. Let’s see what happens”

  5. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
    10th November 2012, 10:13

    Vettel knows, to earn the boss’ favour, he has to push all the right buttons.

  6. “I’ve downloaded McLaren’s new MP4-27 app… oh, it’s stopped working.”

    1. @tommyb89
      Hahaha! Oh my! Brilliant! : D

    2. ….Took the words right out of my mouth :D

    3. This has to be the winner!

    4. THE WINNER!

  7. Oh so thats how much a litre is.

    1. Hehehe, nice one!

  8. SV: “Christian, did you hear the one about a robot in a petrol station…?”

  9. So that’s what the next rule breaking part will look like…

    1. rule bending, at high speed *

  10. Check this video out – all Fernando seems to talk about is chicken…

  11. You see Christian, this is what Crazy Frog looks like…

      1. A ring di di ding ding ding… Hello Fernando! Just to say Felipe is faster than you. Goodbye.

  12. Fernando thinks he’s a samurai, hihi

  13. so thats how ALO wins DOTW poll eh?

    1. Hahhaaaa ouch!!!

  14. Horner and Vettel laugh of Alonso championship when they check out the paddypower championship odds.

  15. Vettel: Do you like my new phone?
    Horner: Yes Sebastian, it’s very nice!

    1. This made me laugh so much I woke the baby.

  16. Seb: “Look, Christian, this is my new ‘Fingerphone’.”

  17. Alexander Jansson (@)
    10th November 2012, 10:53

    Christian look! Hamilton tweets about McLarens secret team data again!

  18. Oh Christian ,a remote to Webber’s car? You shouldn’t have…

  19. says pink shirts are soooo 1980’s.

  20. 302 people on Twitter have said how bad your pink shirt looks!

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