Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2012

Whitmarsh: ‘I hope Hamilton realises his mistake’

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2012In the round-up: McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh hopes Lewis Hamilton decides his move to Mercedes is a mistake.


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Q&A with McLaren?s Martin Whitmarsh (F1)

“He is not going to say ??hey, they offered me more money?. He is also not going to say that he?s made an awful mistake. I hope he thinks today that he?s made an awful mistake and I hope he thinks that next year. He?s made that decision and he has to live with that decision.”

FDA – Formula 3 drivers tackle F1 at Vallelunga. Prize drive in an F60 for Juncadella, Agostini and Cheever Jnr (Ferrari)

“Today, the Vallelunga circuit provided the backdrop to a prize drive organised by the Ferrari Driver Academy, which saw Spain?s Daniel Juncadella, winner of the Formula 3 European Series and the new FIA European Formula 3 Championship get behind the wheel of an F60, Ferrari Formula 1 car. Also slipping into the cockpit were Riccardo Agostini and Eddie Cheever Jnr, who finished first and second in the Italian Formula 3 Championship.”

Austin-tatious (Marussia)

Team principal John Booth: “Last weekend?s race in Abu Dhabi had us on the edge of our pit wall seats at various points, as it reminded us that to hold on to 10th in the Constructors? Championship, we cannot control what happens further up the field, ahead of our own private duel with Caterham. We have to continue closing that gap and find the momentum to get ahead of them on track. We?ve come very close in recent races, despite their KERS advantage, and we?ll remain in dogged pursuit of this objective right up until the chequered flag in Brazil.”

Silverstone completes refund process (Autosport)

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips: “I think we have refunded slightly more than people were expecting in a lot of cases. So the majority of people are reasonably on side with it and have said so. Out of the people that we have refunded, you get the odd ones that are angry, but they are very few actually.”

Tavo Hellmund added as defendant to Circuit of the Americas lawsuit (Austin-American Statesman)

“Casey Dobson, an attorney for Hellmund, said his client ‘is not, has not and will not’ use any of the circuit?s proprietary information and would be happy to sign an agreement to that effect.”


Comment of the day

@Prisoner-Monkeys’ thoughts on which young drivers will end up in F1:

I think Robin Frijns is the only driver who really deserves a shot. Valtteri Bottas might get one, but if he really was as highly-rated as Williams make him out to be, they would have ditched Senna long ago and put Bottas in his car full-time.

The rest have either taken too long to become competitive (e.g. Davide Valsecchi), need more work (Felipe Nasr), don?t really have any options for race seats (Antonio Felix da Costa), have suffered phenomenal bad luck in the timing of their career choices (Robert Wickens), or have already risen as far as they are going to (Johnny Cecotto Jnr).

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On this day in F1

On this day last year drivers were talking up the introduction of DRS and how they expected it to produce a more entertaining race at Abu Dhabi.

Vitaly Petrov said: “I think we will keep this for many years, five or ten years”.

Which tracks do you think DRS should be used at? Have your say here:

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