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F1 fans’ guide to the 2012 United States Grand Prix 13th November 2012, 17:16

Several F1 Fanatic readers are making the trip to the Circuit of the Americas to watch the first race at the track. Here’s what they have to say about it.

“F1 Race Stars” by Codemasters reviewed

F1 Race Stars is Codemasters’ latest addition to their official Formula One game roster. But is the Mario Kart clone as much fun as it looks?

Single DRS zone for United States Grand Prix

The Circuit of the Americas will feature a single DRS zone on its longest straight, the FIA has confirmed.

Circuit of the Americas: F1’s tenth home in the USA

The Circuit of the Americas will hold the United States Grand Prix for the first time this weekend. Will it be more successful than the nine venues which have gone before?

Vettel: Whoever wins title will deserve it

In the round-up: Vettel says whoever wins the title will deserve it ?? Force India expect to confirm drivers after end of season

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