Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Korea International Circuit, 2012

Hamilton says he doesn’t regret Mercedes move

2012 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Korea International Circuit, 2012Lewis Hamilton denies he regrets deciding to move to Mercedes for 2013 despite the team not having scored in the four races since the announcement was made.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said last month he thinks Hamilton has regretted the decision.

Asked about that in the United States Grand Prix press conference Hamilton said: “I was a little bit surprised to hear that.

“It, clearly, is absolutely not the case. But I’ve got a great team, I’ve been with them such a long time, so I’m sure everyone has emotions within the team.

“But I’m still here giving 100% to them for the last two races. And of course it’s quite emotional for me but I’m very, very happy with the decision I’ve made.”

2012 United States Grand Prix

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  1. I can’t say who is regretting more – Mclaren or Lewis. Because Neither Perez nor Mercedes have scored a point since that announcement.

  2. I don’t think he has cause for regret, sure Mercedes have been dire recently but you can always rely on them to be massively underwhelming and disappointing (China this year excluded). That’s nothing new!

  3. Just had to quickly scan the responses here and I don’t know if anyone has pointed out that even though the Merc has appeared to only go backwards from where it starts on the grid lately, NR has had MS like bad luck lately, and I’m sure in the last 4 races had he not had two technical knockouts in a row, and then found himself climbing up the back of whoever it was, he would have in fact scored some points for Merc and that soundbyte would not be being used.

    I think LH HAD to move from Mac due to things that go way beyond just what car would be better for him for 2013.

  4. Reading between the lines, there seems to be more bitterness from Whitmarsh as opposed to Hamilton. Hamilton was very diplomatic in his choice of words, very mature. Whitmarsh was more like a 16 year old society girl who had just been dumped by the hired help! I really, really hope the Mercedes deal works out for Lewis and that comes from somebody who is far from a fan.
    I used to have alot of respect for McLaren as a team, but I am beginning to find that they do alot of talking and precious little else. Very political and very boring!

    1. Yet Hamilton was not mature last year when he admitted that off-track distractions cost him on Sundays, so maybe Whitmarsh is still ticked about that kind of squandering of resources.

      I personally think LH’s decision was one he had to make, and I think it will be a good challenge for him and good for we the viewing audience. It was time to move on, so to me there’s no point in either LH or MW dwelling on what is already done. If Whitmarsh is now saying things like he hopes LH realizes his mistake, then I think that just proves that LH needed to leave that atmosphere. Not at all any more about who will have the better car in 2013. It’s about much bigger stuff than that. Like enjoying going to work so you can thrive.

      1. I don’t think McLaren can legitimately complain about “squandering resources” in 2011. Even with Hamilton’s goofs, both drivers were bringing in the points. At the end of the day, drivers standings don’t count as far as the Concorde agreement is concerned, constructor’s standings count, and there was no way McLaren was gonna catch RB. Coming 2’nd in the constructors standings was the best that they could do as a team, and Hamilton did a good job when it came to getting them there. Yes, his bonuses did get affected because of his goofs,but the damage to the team was not that great.

    2. Spot on mate ! I have lost interest in Mclaren after their periodic goof ups .. I find it a little too strange that it happens only to LH everytime .. and yep they talk talk and talk . MW should be sacked. Hopefully Lewis can bring some improvement to Merc even next year if not win races

  5. Meanwhile in 2015…


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