Ecclestone wants two more races in America

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Charlie Whiting, Bernie Ecclestone, Circuit of the Americas, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says he wants two more American rounds of the world championship.

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U.S. goes from F1 wasteland to land of promise (Reuters)

Bernie Ecclestone: “The Americas are probably big enough to have five or six grands prix. We’re trying to get something sorted out in New Jersey/New York, we’ve had a lot of requests. Maybe we can do something in LA (Los Angeles) in the future.”

P2 ‘will be a joke’ – Webber (ESPN)

“I think first of all the left hand side of the grid will be a joke; you want to be on the right hand side if you can. So on pole, third or fifth, something like that. That’ll be the first thing and then I think the first corner is a bit like La Source at Spa.”

Alonso defiant over Red Bull pace (BBC)

“The important thing is to score 11 more points than [Sebastian Vettel] in these [final] two races. We are still convinced we can do it. But we are not surprised when they are first and second in practice and qualifying.”

United States GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

“Q: I was talking to Mr Ecclestone yesterday asking about the Mexican Grand Prix and he said that it’s hard because Texas has set a new standard. He said that no other country can run a Grand Prix if it has a facility that is less than this one that we see here in Texas. According to the world economic climate I would disagree but I would like to have your opinion on that.
Martin Whitmarsh: Well, I think you’ve just got to ask the same question this time next week!”

Tavo Hellmund has F1 dreams stretching beyond Austin (Austin-American Statesman)

“He envisions a race day crowd as big as 250,000, and he thinks arrangements can be made to get a Mexico location on the 2014 Formula One calendar. Getting on the Formula One racing circuit isn?t easy because there are always cities competing to be chosen and there are big financial hurdles to clear.”

On track: Sochi F1 circuit to be completed in time (RT)

“The construction of the Sochi Formula 1 track is developing according to plan and will be ready to host Russia?s maiden Grand Prix in 2014, says German architect, Hermann Tilke.”

F1 doesn?t stand a chance against NASCAR (The Globe and Mail)

Jeff Pappone: “Most US fans will probably switch off the U.S. Grand Prix an hour into the proceedings on Sunday when the Cup finale gets underway at 3pm ?ǣ and that?s only if they bother to tune into the F1 race at all.”

New US race can live up to the hype (The Telegraph)

David Coulthard: “Everyone out here is getting pretty excited as the weekend approaches; downtown Austin is buzzing, the team?s hospitality units are groaning and the marketing men are salivating almost as much as the drivers. I can see why: the Circuit of the Americas looks mouth-watering.”

Raikkonen convinced Lotus will be quick (Autosport)

“We know our car and we can keep changing it but 95 per cent of the time we end up in the same place. We know that it’s more the circuit and the tyres that are not working well for us.”

Jenson Button: I was misquoted over ‘worst’ McLaren remarks (Daily Mail)

“What I said was this car probably doesn?t suit my style as much as the previous two years. I?ve found it more difficult to be consistently quick throughout the year.”

Red Bull’s F1 dominance is talking point of US Grand Prix paddock (The Guardian)

Damon Hill: “Adrian Newey [designer] will say it’s not just him; it’s his team. But it is hugely him. And you have to say that Christian Horner [team principal] has put this whole thing together and motivated the team and chosen Adrian and the other people, including the drivers. So Christian, too, must go down as a very key player in this and the whole Red Bull success.”

American dream: Lewis Hamilton ponders move to the United States (Mirror)

“Beckham moved here for his career, I?d just be moving for the weather and the lifestyle. It?s so nice. The cars are all big, the roads are big. It?s just a nice, relaxed lifestyle.”


Comment of the day

@RBAlonso was one of several readers unhappy with the change in the DRS rules.

DRS should remain as it is or ban it.

In qualifying the driver should be on maximum attack and given full use of his equipment. In the race it should be limited for obvious reasons. But to limit it partially on grounds of safety is a nonsense. It is an optional tool to save lap time. If you feel you can not use it then don?t.

To say it is dangerous on an empty track means it is unsafe. But to limit it to a point where opening it is no challenge means that it is purely a push-to-pass system. This concerns me. Far better would be to use it only in races which have problems overtaking.

But in reality, every fan sneers at a DRS pass. I had hoped that we had learned from the start of the season, that tyres are the way to go to improve racing, and ditch this concept completely.

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On this day in F1

Contrary to his enthusiasm for racing in America today, one year ago Ecclestone was certain the Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas was not going to happen:

Image ?? COTA/Rizzo