Ferrari defend qualifying tactics

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit of the Americas, 2012In the round-up: Ferrari say using scrubbed tyres in Q3 did not compromise their qualifying.


Thanks to @WillWood who wrote and published the final practice and qualifying reports for the site yesterday as I was unavailable. Will, who more often posts on here as Magnificent Geoffrey, was doing so for the second time and did a first-rate job.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ferrari defends scrubbed tyres tactic (Autosport)

Fernando Alonso: “We decided to start with the scrubbed [tyres] thinking it was not better or not worse. I don’t think there was any problem with that. We were positions seventh and ninth in Abu Dhabi [qualifying]. The car is more or less the same. We are positions seventh and ninth in Austin. It’s not surprising for us, to be honest.”

Ferrari’s Alonso staggered but will fight on (Reuters)

“We knew it would be a complicated weekend but clearly today we were too slow and we will start from too far back tomorrow. Having said that, the accounts are always done at the end of the race.”

Hamilton backs down in helmet row after being left red-faced by offensive message (Daily Mail)

Lewis Hamilton has been forced into his fifth embarrassing climbdown of the season after ditching a specially designed helmet for the USA Grand Prix which bore a highly offensive message.”

Ecclestone adamant on German GP future (Crash)

“We do not want to – and will not – lose the race in Germany.”

Exclusive: Perez Q&A (Sky)

“I think when you go to McLaren the target is to win the title – not to win races or to learn. I have a lot to learn but at the same time I have to be champion for the team as it is the best team and if we have a strong car that has to be the target for us.”

Red Bull RB8 – new rear wing (F1)

“Red Bull have brought a new rear wing with them to Austin. It features a new flap and new end plates with a revised gill section.”

Jim Williams: Formula One back in U.S. after a five-year hiatus (Washington Examiner)

Bob Varsha: “The builders have taken quite a few things from some of the great tracks in Europe and crafted them into this course. Also, it is set up so it can be configured for any type of racing as well as concerts and even soccer, so this is quite a sports complex.”

Throwback Kimi Raikkonen inhales atmosphere of F1’s bygone era (The Guardian)

“After the race, when the 33-year-old [Kimi] Raikkonen had won a grand prix for the 19th time, [Jenson] Button reflected on his old rival. ‘I don’t speak to him very often because I don’t normally get an answer. He’s a man of few words. But I flew back from Korea to Japan with him recently and I had a couple of beers with him and he opened up. He’s a good guy.'”


Comment of the day

@DaveF1 on the fortunes of the championship contenders:

As an Alonso fan, watching him struggle doing those laps was really frustrating. I?m my opinion only two world championships doesn?t seem to do him justice. OK, he?s a controversial driver but watching him do his thing behind the wheel is just magic.

However that being said Vettel and Red Bull deserve a lot more credit than they are been given if the do take both championships. They?ve entered a sport that was seemingly only owned by two teams and along with the correct knowledge, drivers and equipment have managed to force they?re way into the very top of the pinnacle of motorsport.

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On this day in F1

Three years ago today McLaren announced Britain’s two world championships Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton would partner each other from 2010 onwards.

But after today’s race there will be just one more left before the partnership ends as Hamilton heads to Mercedes.

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