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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Circuit of the Americas, 2012What did you think of the United States Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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213 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 United States Grand Prix”

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  1. Once again, Alonso maximized his potential, good strategic move by Ferrari. In spite of his outburst due to admittedly very clumsy traffic, a very dignified second place by Vettel, giving props right after crossing the finishing line. Fantastic race by Hamilton, best race he’s driven all year by far. Such a shame he has to leave McLaren.

    One of the best if not the best race of the season. Happy to see the US come into the sport with such a magestic racetrack and such a good crowd.

  2. Awesome race worthy of 10. much better than abhu dhabi – lots of racing not crashing. H.A.M. deserved this win, really brilliant. Alonso with Massa’s help kept drivers championship still quite interesting.

  3. Come on people, it was really good. But best of the season? Just because HAM won?

    1. I really don’t think it had anything to do with HAM winning. Much more to the point is that we actually had an on-track pass for the lead (albeit DRS created), plus great contests for virtually every position in the pack. PLUS contrasting tyre strategies which really worked for BUT and really sucked for ROS.
      Oh, and it’s a great circuit to look at, and the in-car stuff was remarkable.
      That’s why it was a great race.

  4. 9/10. Reminded me of a MotoGP race where the top 2 ran away with everyone else battling it out.

  5. Really loved it, couldn’t believe the start! jumped up several times of excitement! Very happy it will go down to the last race!

  6. The racing was quality all throuought.

    + for looking like an IndyCar race in the midfield for 10,15 laps after the start. There’s certainly an american feel about this track and I think, for the first time since Malaysia was introduced, Tilke got it right.
    + and two thumbs up for Hamilton driving an impeccable race, providing a solid fight at the top and keeping the WDC very much alive.
    + for the good driving standards all over. We’ve had a fair share of overtakes and yet, not even a single incident. Something very much in contrast to what we’ve seen in Abu Dhabi just a couple of weeks ago.
    + for the strong drives of Massa (once again faster than Alonso), Button (can’t remember the last time I saw him so agressive on track), Hulkenberg and the Williams boys.

    – for the midfield being incredibly dull after the first pitstop. Basically nothing happened from Hulkenberg downwards except for a brief scramble with Maldonado and Senna in lap 50 something. But behind them, nothing.

    A well deserved 8 from me.

    However, its all a bit sweet and sour when you start looking at where Alonso finished and how. No matter what’s in store for Interlagos and no matter how much the tires had a say in this race, 40 sec. to the leaders is not a gap to close in less than one week. It will take some VERY exceptional circumstances for Alonso to win the title next week…otherwise, this was it.

  7. that was all F1 is about. Cant ask for more.

  8. 10. I’ve never given a 10 before. Maybe it was helped by the time of day and enhanced TV coverage in the US, but the battle for the lead was race-long, there were battles throughout the field meaning there was too much action for the TV to show. The slippery surface, the lack of tyre worries, the stadium section right after the DRS zone, the T1 hill. So much fun. The intrigue of the Ferrari gear box shenanigans actually added to the entertainment.

  9. lovely racing …. lovely

  10. lovely racing …. awesome

  11. Really wish we didn’t have drs ruining this race.

    it was a good race for the most part but there were way too many boringly easy drs drive-by push of a button passes once again & that pass for the lead was a complete joke, has to be one of the least interesting passes for the lead i have ever seen.

    we had a nice scrap for the lead going on & then it gets ended with a boringly easy pass which really took away a lot of the excitement & just made the end very anti-climactic.

    1. I think the DRS was unecessary given how long the straight is. Perhaps it may have been of use on the pit straight but there was a fair amount of overtaking into turn 1 anyway. I feel DRS made it much to easy for cars such as the Williams to overtake.

  12. I loved watching that. Cat and mouse for the lead for 52 laps!
    Hamilton got a long overdue, very well deserved win. Vettel showed that he’s a great racer, hanging onto Hamilton’s tail right until the end. Alonso seemed to be nowhere on pace and was lucky for Webber’s retirement but still full credit for a massive first lap and for hanging on yet again!

    Plenty of overtakes, especially seeing Vettel, Button, Hulkenberg and Senna battle throughout the race. Some great skill and incredibly brave moves on show. I gave it a 9.

    São Paulo here we come!

  13. It was an astonishing race! A wonderful and ecstatic battle between Vettel and Hamilton who drove brilliantly, without making a single mistake. Also lots of overtaking manoeuvers (i.e. Raikkonen on Hulkenberg and Schumacher) and plenty of battles played their role for the great action we saw on that race. The circuit is amazing and it could be one of F1 greatest circuits. Hats off to Hamilton for a great performance as well

  14. It was an astonishing race! A wonderful and ecstatic battle between Vettel and Hamilton who drove brilliantly, without making a single mistake. Also lots of overtaking manoeuvers (i.e. Raikkonen on Hulkenberg and Schumacher) and plenty of battles played their role for the great action we saw on that race. The circuit is amazing and it could be one of F1 greatest circuits. Hats off to Hamilton for a great performance as well. The set for the final race is set. And it could be a nail-biter

  15. Fantastic, about time, packed stands filled with joyous fans, awesome venue, perfect weather and the hunter passes the hunted late in the race, plenty of great battles throughout the field, what more could one want ? Gave it a 10… and the championship goes down to the last race…perfect!

  16. I gave it a 7. I honestly don’t know why people rate this so high… It was okay, but seriously, tens? Someone please explain!

    1. LoreMipsumdOtmElor
      18th November 2012, 22:06

      I don’t see the point of that either. Spa 98, Brazil 08, Canada 11, Suzuka 94 – those were 10/10. In comparison, the 2012 US GP war merely a 5.

    2. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
      18th November 2012, 22:13

      Well, I voted it a 10 because:
      – Good, clean racing, with lots of excellent overtakes from the likes of Button and Raikkonen, not just in the DRS zone, but across the circuit. A stark contrast to the demolition derby we had in Abu Dhabi.
      – A good battle for the lead which we haven’t had in quite a while. Hamilton and Vettel giving it their all throughout the race, hunting for those vital few milliseconds to get within DRS range, and even then, fighting to secure the eventual pass. Rather than one guy streaming off into the distance, we had two of the top drivers dueling head-to-head in close proximity.
      – Superb drives from many different drivers. Vettel and Hamilton battled to the limits of their ability. Alonso did his best damage containment job. Button showed his aggressive side, and Massa showed good pace. Hulkenberg did a good job, as did Raikkonen. Grosjean and Maldonado racing relatively cleanly for once, the former doing very well indeed.
      – Lots of tension during the battles, which was highly enjoyable.
      – The general excitement of seeing a new race at a new circuit, complete with enthusiastic fans, and a better-than-expected race/race result.

  17. It wasn’t a hugely exciting race except from at the front and the battle between the William’s and Hulkenberg in the closing stages and of course the start. I’m left feeling we were robbed of any battle for the lower podium positions after Webber’s retirement and Räikkönen’s slow pit-stop but otherwise a good race, a solid 7.

    Congratulations to Red Bull winning the constructors’ championship!

    1. Given that Alonso also had a slow pit stop, Räikkönen’s merely cancelled that out and gave us pretty much the race we would have had if neither had a problem stop.

      I also wonder if you had your eyes closed for much of the race with great battles in the first half of the race for a very long spell in the midfield (more-or-less everyone behind Alonso). Grosjean was on the move until his spin, Button executed some great moves, as did Räikkönen and Massa also worked his way forwards – very little of the permanent place changes were as a result of pit stops.

  18. My favourite race this season definitely. Tough but fair racing throughout the field, and a brilliantly tense battle for the lead. Couldn’t have asked for more from an inaugral race.

  19. 9/10. Would have preferred more of a struggle for the lead. Vettel took the safe option of yielding to the inevitable and not contesting Hamilton’s pass.

    But behind them were so many wheel-banging overtaking moves I nearly cramped up my sphincter muscle. Exciting stuff. Kept me glued to the screen the whole race because I didn’t want to miss anything.

    1. How does one contest with a DRS enabled Macca that has an xtra 6-8kph on you without DRS? Vettel pulled a 0.5 sec on HAM in the last sector every time and was OK until he caught up Karthikeyan.

      1. brnydevil, that 6-8 kph on the straight came at the cost of downforce, hence time through the twisties, just a different way to skin a cat. But I don’t like DRS either.

  20. Good tyres = Good races!
    It seems silly now that potentially great races at the beginning of the season, were wasted toying with the idea of poor tyres.

    1. @jason12, Righton and even more so as for the 1st half of the season the Red Bulls were less dominant than they have been for the second half.

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