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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Circuit of the Americas, 2012What did you think of the United States Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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213 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 United States Grand Prix”

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  1. “Generally” new circuits can have good races for a first race than the years to follow the track wears in proper and teams get on top if it.

    Let’s see next year. I’m not sold on DRS packed overtaking …. just boring, i don’t care how many overtakes there was.

  2. 8/10. Only thing missing was something mega-surprising happening and some more strategic play, but otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting race. Thankfully it had a few dull moments as well, so I could make a quick trip to the fridge as well :P

  3. LoreMipsumdOtmElor
    18th November 2012, 22:01

    I’d give it a 5, but only thanks to the result which delayed the championship decision. Other than that, it was pretty dull.

    1. Agreed, I think we have strolled into Hamilton’s base camp here. He did a great job, but hardly a 9 or 10 race.

      1. @rodrrico I think you’ve confused Rate the Race with Driver of the Weekend.

        You’re not the first person in this comment thread to make the knee-jerk claim that people are rating it highly because Hamilton won. Yet having read through the comments on the previous two pages I see no reason for you to jump to this conclusion.

  4. Another 10 from me — this was as good as Abu Dhabi, but for different reasons. While Abu Dhabi had drama, incident and talking points, the US GP had fantastic racing throughout the field, a genuine battle for the lead which was going on until a couple of laps to go and all on a great circuit with a fantastic American crowd.

  5. Best race of the year IMO. This race proved a few things –

    (1) Shows that Vettel is definitely a petulat tantrum prone child when things don’t go his way
    (2) RBR molly cuddle Vettel way to much and pander to his petulance. Christains disparaging remaks regarding Lewis’s overtake is simply disrespectul and arrogant.
    (3) Hamilton is definitely better than Vettel – if given the same car; though there might not be much in it.
    (4) The tyres definitely ruined the racing in the earlier part of the year. This so called “ultra conservative” choice allowed drivers to fight and trade lap times; all the way to the end. Something we havent see in a long time.
    (5) Making sure Herman Tilke didn’t have too much input into this track design was definitely the right decision.
    (6) Martin Whitmarsh most certainly regrets he didn’t make a btter effort to keep Lewis in the team, and even probably supported him a bit more during his tenure.
    (7) Red Bull Racing are ceertainly an ultra formidable and competitive team, and deserve an amazing level of respect.
    (8) That as good as Alonso is, the persitent emasculation of Massa to help him has flattered him many many times.
    (9) Button is very happy Lewis is leaving the team; analysing his post race comments.
    (10) This is the best race of the year, by far; and it’s all thanks to the tyres allowing peple to race properly for the first time this season.

    10 out of 10 for me!

      1. (need a facebook thumbs) Agree

      2. @kbdavies
        +3 i agree with….well with all points you make, quite honestly. I really hated how Sky’s commentators, all of them, praised Tilke for the circuit, even though most of the design doesn’t belong to him at all – he even wanted to have less elevation changes.. I also indeed noticed regret on MW’s face when talking about Lewis, he knows he has had 2 great drivers but i think he also realizes now he shouldnt have neglected one of them or put more emphasis on the less quicker one…

    1. Definitely with you on points 4 & 5.

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    18th November 2012, 22:20

    I’ve been very skeptical of this track because of the esses in sector 1 being more or less copied from Silverstone and Suzuka and the slow corners near the end being ridiculous, but it provided plenty of places to close in and perhaps attempt a move, aside from turn 1 and turn 12. The tire choice was fantastic, even though they were conservative there wasn’t an abundance of marbles taking away grip from those who went off line. I can accept boring 1 stop tires if they allow the drivers to race aggressively without the worries of marbles or excessive wear and overheating.

  7. This was the race we’ve all been waiting for, surely? Fantastic, clean battles throughout the pack, an exciting battle for the lead, not too much strategy-at-the-expense-of-real-racing, only 2 DNFs, hardly any “luck” based on someone else’s mechanical retirement (OK, so most of them moved up a spot thanks to Webber’s alternator failure, but it wasn’t a huge deciding factor), no safety car, no dangerous driving – and to top it all off, we got the ultimate podium of F1’s best drivers and the WDC goes down to the wire. Regardless of who you support, you had to love this one. Thank you Austin!

  8. Lewis Hamilton wins (what might be his last win for a while) in my home race, at a great circuit with fantastic battles all race, and Vettel fails to secure the championship, and the title will go all the way to Brazil.

  9. The Pirelli stetsons on the podium were a small but inspired touch and will certainly have helped make the race (and F1) memorable to US fans.

    Can’t remember if this has been done before (I mean swapping the traditional baseball caps for some other headgear with a “local” flavour).

    1. Can’t remember if this has been done before (I mean swapping the traditional baseball caps for some other headgear with a “local” flavour).

      What next? Turbans in India? In the USA of all places, i would have thought the baseball cap was the most apporpriate!

      1. But this was also in Texas – and what a damned fine show they put on!

      2. don’t think there’s any difference between a baseball cap and a regular cap. it was texas, cowboy hats were really the most appropiate! even in the first red bull demo run, the car was chased by cowboys.

  10. Dear Santa

    Alll I want for Christmas is a Pirelli cowboy hat


  11. It was great, but not a 10 or a 9. It was not as good as Abu Dhabi or the Canadian Grand Prix, races I rated with the aforementioned scores, but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. About as much as you could ask for from a dry race with no safety cars.


  12. It took him 13 years, but Herman Tilke finally seems to have gotten it right. Great cricuit, producing a great race! Before the rce there were worries overtaking would be hard. So me and my friends decided to keep a count, we quit after lap 3 …

    A solid 9 for me, so glad Hamilton won the race and that the gap between Alonso and Vettel is managable. I’m a Vettel fan and an Alonso hater, but I seriously hope Alonso take sthe title in Brazil, imo he just earns it more this year

    1. Where have you been hiding, Herman Tilke came in AFTER the track was designed, he may or may not have made some subtle changes to improve run off areas etc but he definitely did NOT design the track.

  13. An amazing race and an amazing Hamilton made my day!

  14. And for the first time since Hamiltons WDC year he’s beaten Webber in the points. Well done!
    Who was saying that this was a rubbish season and that it was all over weeks/months ago? There were a lot of you, you know who you are. But this has been a corker in my opinion; some excellent performances, lots of winners, new tracks, old enemies, plenty of tactics, just as many foul-ups, and a fight to the last race for one of two potential triple crowns.
    That’ll do me jimmy!

  15. 6 and +1 for H.A.M. win = 7. I think it’s well deserved, this race will no doubt recieve the highest rating for this season – or maybe not, fingers crossed for Brazil !

  16. The slippery track, especially in the early stages made for some tense, exciting moments. Every time cars came close there was that real feeling that the drivers were holding them right on the edge – and yet there was barely any contact and lots of wheel to wheel racing. Add to that a truly interesting and colourful track layout, battles & strong races through the whole field, sunshine and the championship going down to the wire – had to be a 10!

  17. Gave a 10, first because it was a great race with plenty of excitment, second because it was packed and third because of the efort the americans put in to have F1 back again in the US.

  18. Wavering between a 9 and a 10. Thinking a 9, as I don’t think you could ever rate a race a 10, but this is up there with my favorite GP’s ever, having started watching in the 80’s.

    Great show throughout, wonderful track, fair clean racing, overtakes galore and drivers driving flat out till the end, not worrying about the tires falling off a cliff. This is what F1 should be.

  19. Was a solid race, gave it a 7, but 10/10? Where are those folks who save their 10/10’s for when something really amazing happens? And being a motorcycle racing fan, this race provided me with around 70% of what any given WSBK race gives me in terms of excitement, so I’m saving my 10/10 for something special.

  20. Great race. Pure entertainment throughout. I think the US did a brilliant job of putting on a fantastic show, and the drivers went all out from start to finish. Probably race of the year, for me. And we finally got that vettel/hamilton/alonso podium!!

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