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2012 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Circuit of the Americas, 2012What did you think of the United States Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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213 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 United States Grand Prix”

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  1. 9. I have no fingernails left. The close racing in the top half of the field was thrilling, even if most of the passes among the front cars were dull inevitabilities on the DRS straight.

  2. The track and venue were great, lots of overtakes and not all in one place (and not all DRS assisted). Lots of action throughout the field (with the exception of Alonso who looked like he had a lonely race). A couple of top drivers coming through the field (Massa and Button). I also thought that some of the TV pictures we had were fantastic (and I can only think of a couple of times where the director cut to the wrong action at the wrong time which is normally an annoyingly regular occurrence).

    The only downer for me was that Massa finished behind Alonso despite being better in both quali and the race, I think if they hadn’t manipulated the grid and had ended up in 3rd/4th formation with Massa letting Alonso through for the podium spot it would have left less of a bad taste in the mouth.

    But form me that was the only real negative of an otherwise excellent race weekend so I make it a solid 9.

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    19th November 2012, 1:26

    Loved it!
    – Hamilton went H.A.M and won
    – great battle for the lead
    – Alonso made a great start and kept the C’ship alive
    – good battle in the mid field between the two Williams and the Hulk
    – Lots of clean overtaking!
    – Did I mention Hamilton won? Coz he did. And it was “Massively Wicked!!!”

    – Wanted Fernando to be able to take it to Vettel a bit more, but HAM and VET were in a league of their own.
    – Schumi did terribly due to his car having a grudge against the tyres.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      19th November 2012, 1:28

      Oh and Marks KERS failed yet again. Almost predictable.

      1. ya i bet we’ll find out after brazil that seb’s chassis has a made in the UK sticker while marks has made in china webber has been struggling the whole season….

  4. Someone finally caught Vettel and passed him for the lead.
    Vettel can complain that he was balked by a back-marker and that’s how Hamilton got the lead but, in my opinion, if Vettel was in such a commanding position in the race with the best car, how can he explain Hamilton getting by and then he shows absolutely zero ability to pass back? The point is that he cannot pass back, and he’s a whiner when he loses.
    It’s too bad that he doesn’t have the maturity that Alonso does, then I’d root for Vettel.

  5. Best race of the season, on what has proven to be a remarkable race track. COTA at Austin has done Texas proud. A slight critique here: Vettel “whining” about the results, as if he gave sort of gave up the win to Hamilton, is a little petty. Just like all the corners and pit-stops and other track hindrances, back-markers are part of the field that drivers have to negotiate and overcome. That’s racing. All in all, though, this inaugural day at COTA, on this the penultimate race of the season, is one for to be remembered.

  6. A 10 for me. Awesome race!!

    The fight for the lead between Hamilton and Vettel was engrossing. I was at the edge of my seat watching that battle unfold. Though Vettel got held up by the HRT and it was easy pickings for Hamilton. I was expecting Vettel to fight harder to regain that position but that never happened.

    There were lots of NON DRS passes throughout the race which made this race quite different then the others. What stands out is that there were no mechanical failures, no safety car periods yet this track produced the best race of the season. Button was also very good with some nice clean over takes though Schumacher was hell bent on knocking Button out.There was grip off the racing line which enabled drivers to pass in areas where I thought passing would be difficult. Raikkonens pass on Hulkenberg was a joy to watch.
    All in all this race was what F1 should always be.

  7. Enjoyed it, 9/10
    Good battle for the lead all race, never more than 3 secs apart.
    Good battles down the field, aided by Schumi’s plunge down the order though, which was a pity.
    The lack of grip meant cars were on edge a bit and drivers could follow closer

    Just a pity we had the politics before the race- desperate stuff from Ferrari

  8. Vettel can’t win around here. He and Hamilton are very evenly matched in their cars, each with an advantage in different parts of the track AND Hamilton had many many laps with a higher top speed and DRS without being able to pass Vettel. Both drivers had to be massively concentrating to drive lap after lap (how far back was Alonso??) within a second of each other. Then the balance of power is tipped by a back marker on an area of the track where it couldn’t get out of the way.

    So Vettel vents his frustration and anger and he’s “whining?”. Then on top of that, folks hammer him for not passing Hamilton right back.

    Or as Vettel and Hamilton both agreed–Hamilton was faster in the Esses which leads right into the DRS zone, which allowed Lewis to get close each lap to make a run and when he was ahead, to keep Vettel out of the DRS zone. And both agreed that Karthikeyan made the difference. Since Hamilton came out on top, he was a little more philosophical about how things even themselves out. And he’s right. But in the heat of the moment Vettel vented. Like any other driver would. Vettel was asked by Sky after the race about his radio message and he said that he talks all race long, sometimes hot, mostly not, but they broadcast the “hot” ones.

    But somehow Vettel gets hammered for being “immature” then for not being “fast enough in the faster car” to pass Hamilton right back and proving true what people already want to believe about Vettel lol.

    I wonder if people truly appreciate that these guys aren’t playing a video game, that they are in an extremely hot, violent environment (up to 6g decelerations anyone? along with lateral g’s all race long), with their heart rates at 180-190 bpm for 1.5 to 2 hrs and in hyper concentration mode, with extremely fine margins of error and always on a razor’s edge of being out of control. Not to mention 50 plus gear changes a lap, constantly adjust their brakes, etc… These guys are like pilots in aerial combat with high degrees of stress that most of us never experience in our own lives. That’s the beauty of F1 isn’t it? That’s what it means when they say these guys are the best drivers in the world. Then we sit here and criticize them so effortlessly for venting or complaining in the moment?

    Maturity is about making good decisions under extreme circumstances. Vettel, Alonso, and Hamilton are all very mature drivers. They all have vented during races and more often then we hear. But they rarely make bad decisions in the heat of battle.

  9. Hated the final result as I’d have preferred a Vettel win. Nevertheless – I can’t fault the race. Absolutely stunning.

  10. Three races this season I voted 9 VALENCIA ABUDHABI & USA,can’t wait to watch all of them in the winter break

  11. Congratulations to the USA F1 !
    It was an incredible race. I was feeling nervous that the track coulld not present enough passing opportunities but it did !!!
    Really excited about this circuit on future races.

  12. The best Tilke design IMHO. A fantastic race overall. Enjoyed all the off moments drivers had. It has to be the most twitchy circuit. Never seen so many cars wobbling at some point of the race. And Brundle was saying it will be hard to overtake, I thought other wise immediately after following all the free practice and quail.

    The midfield battle was amazing with at least 9 cars within 0.5 to 1 sec splits. But the hounding of Vettel from Lewis was the best part of the race, slowly n patiently Lewis was catching Vettel and he did it with merit. Lewis will be DOTD for me.

  13. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!!!

    As a fan I am thrilled, as an American I am elated, as a Texan I am beaming!

    Utterly fantastic.

  14. Good race for USGP standard but not the best race of the season. I hate what Ferrari did to Massa. It 1/10 from me.

  15. YAWN!!! That was a borefest!!!! I gave it a 3………..
    Just joking..

  16. I found this a bit processional even though there was a fair deal of overtaking. Good win for Hamilton.

    1. If thats not a joke you should get into something else, cos that was F1 as good as its gonna get!

  17. Great great race. From the start till the wheel banging william. ANd not forgetting the brilliant pass Grosjean pulled off (a shame to cap it off by a stupid blunder but he did put in a great recovery drive).

  18. Thank goodness that Tilke did not do the complete track design, the quality of racing can therefor not be given as credit to him (even though almost all the press says he designed it).

    So i would say thanks to Tavo hellmund and Kevin Schwantz for designing an awesome track that provided a great race on a green track, with promises of more great racing in the future.

  19. That was a fascinating race. Being a fan of Hamilton I was overjoyed to see him win the race. Lap 42 was the turning point where he pulled the DRS assisted move, not good to hear Vettel whining when passed by a faster car. Starting from the dirty side did not cost Hamilton at all which he was concerned about. Neat pit stop with 2.4 seconds stationary time was another feather in the cap for the Woking team. By far Hamilton’s best drive of the season.

    Apart from Hamilton’s drive, there were many exciting on-track events. The move from Button on Schumi at Turn 1 and Grosjean at Turn 16, Raikkonen on Hulkenberg at Turn 2 (that was breathtaking!!), Massa on Raikkonen at Turn 2 and few other non DRS passes added spice to the race.

    Ferrari’s decision to move Massa behind paid off big time. As usual both the cars showed good race pace although took more laps than others to bring the hard compounds to their operating temperature. Raikkonen continued his consistency and Grosjean recovered well from the Turn 19 incident. Unfortunate for Webber with the alternator failure, would have loved to see him put a good fight with the front runners.

    I can continue giving a long summary of my opinion but don’t want to bore anyone :)

    My rating : 10/10

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