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2012 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Circuit of the Americas, 2012What did you think of the United States Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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213 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 United States Grand Prix”

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  1. If you think about each drivers race individually, they were all eventful. I’ve never seen so many great drives in one race.

    Gotta be top marks.

  2. Fantastic! Bring on the lottery that is São Paulo. yeehaa


  3. Watching this USGP close racing I’m starting to think that a second 20 lap race with a reversed starting order would be great thing for F1. Anyone?

    1. It would be fun, the problem being that it’s dangerous. the start would be chaos….

  4. Wow wow wow! i don think i’ve ever seen a race with the battles this one had. Don’t know if it was the track, the very hard tires/new asphalt (doubt it, as it hasn’t happened before) or what, but the hairs in the back of my neck were stood up for a long time. And to make it better Vettel’s cruise control didn’t seem to do its job as it usually does, at least as far as LH was concerned

  5. This race was great, brave overtakes, exciting battles and a proper toe to toe rivalry fight for the lead with two of the best drivers in the sport battling lap after lap.

    Fair racing, old school intimidation from Vettel and especially Schumi. Brilliant.

    The track is good but don’t get too excited it was helped by:
    a) the slippery surface this year
    b) Schumi being out of position at the beginning backing the pack up into each other

    Still a lovely 9

  6. 10/10 no way!??
    7/10 more like it, at some parts of the race i was falling asleep.
    Abu Dhabi was better than this def.
    And i’m sick of Tilke’s obsession with acute apexes.

  7. Awesome circuit, and an incredible race throughout, with action from P1 to the midfield.

    Surely Hamilton is proving he is the best driver this year, without the bucket loads of bad luck he would be on for his second title.

    The way he stayed with, passed, and then held off Vettel in his much slower McLaren was incredible, driver of the season without a doubt.

  8. And i’m sick of Tilke’s obsession with acute apexes.

    @howard , you mean hairpins? he didn’t invent those you know, come to think of it he didn’t design the Austin track!

    Were you honestly falling asleep during that race? I’d get checked for narcolepsy if I was you :P

    Can you explain why this wasn’t as good as Abu Dhabi? Maybe you like silly crashes…

  9. Definitely a fantastic race. This track is indeed design for racers.Something very important just come from this and that is the have deep into proof now that the race can be exciting without collisions or risk or other things unnecessary.
    No one is mentioned this, but one important fact I noticed: There was not a single bit of car broken off during the whole race that evening and plate on the front wing! I don’t recall ever seen that before. It was only some wheel bumping. Every retirement was from mechanical failure. I think that we were able to see that these Formula One drivers are much better at avoiding accidents when they have a track designed differently. But, the race was so exciting that the announcers actually notice that point.

    From now on, instead of adding a signature chicane to new race tracks the audit add an S series of curves.

    Every sport is defined by its rules and that’s what makes it interesting. Redbull was complaining because of the hold up to the series of S curves. I for one miss the days when a back marker was supposed to block people trying to pass. So, why don’t they make a compromise and have blue flag areas just on the parts of the track where back-markers can get to the side easily and have special areas non/blue-flag where back-markers can defend their positions.

    I definitely felt like this race track is really giving a new formula for how to build a great Formula One race track. It feels like the dawn of a new era in Formula One.

    1. I apologize for the bit of errors in the first paragraph. I was using voice recognition and missed the mistakes.I meant to say “we have solid proof now…”

  10. I was trying to find something to complain about, but I can’t. Lemme see: 1) The track is just awesome. The long zigzag section is just shockingly good, you miss the best line of a couple or meters and your lap time is gone out of the window. The turn 1 is epic, three corners before the 19 are fantastic. It would benefit from a quicker corner BEFORE the long straight to let more battles at the end of it, but is OK. Those guys did an amazing job. 2) The tires: I think the tires choices were great. 3) Fights everywhere 4) The leader being overtaken!!!!!!!!. 5) With ONE race to go, Kimi is third in the championship, how cool is that?, 6) cowboy hats!!!!
    7) Super Mario Andretti. I feel I need to give this race a 10.
    For the TV: several cameras where “shooting into the light” (with the Sun in front of them) and so several cars “looked” the same, all dark. For next year, put the cameras in a different angle to let viewers know which cars are they following.
    All in all 10/10

  11. One other fantastic coincidence:
    Did anybody notice that Alonso, Hamilton, and Vettel together on the podium were arranged as red, white, and blue. A perfect picture for a perfect return to F1 in the USA.

    1. Oh, so Hamilton was destined to overtake Vettel – interesting.

  12. 10.
    This race had the exciting battles we saw in Abu Dhabi, great recovery drives like Alonso in Valencia, but it also had a battle for the lead which was thrilling and there were no penalties handed for silly driving like two weeks ago. Probably in the end there could have been a little more excitement, but this race was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for more.

  13. 9’s and 10’s?

    Good, but not that good. I might have to bother watching the last half of the race now… or not.

    In the last few races, I’ve watched two on fast forward, skipped one entirely, watched half of this one, and only watched abu dhabi in full. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve missed out on much.

  14. Said by @david-a: “Instead of twisting clear facts, just accept it- Vettel is one of the top drivers in F1. Like your Hamilton. Doesn’t mean you can’t root for him. Just reciprocate the respect Vettel fans give your driver, instead of trying to drag his achievements down.” to @freelittlebirds.
    Very well put, even if the discussion behind it was more or less based on the false thesis that drivers performance are almost static over their career – just watch Massa or Schumacher.

  15. I gave it a 9.

    Reasons why I may have overrated the race:
    1. I was there, it was my first in-person race and it was awesome. So I’m inclined to overrate.
    2. I’m a Button fan and a McLaren fan and I’ll admit that I enjoyed the HAM win and Button’s nice move up the track.
    3. I haven’t yet watched the telecast, so I haven’t actually “seen” the race

    Reasons why I think I may have NOT overrated it:

    1. Lots of clean, fair and exciting wheel-to-wheel racing.
    2. An actual pass for the lead and numerous passes in the middle of the points for position.
    3. I was there and it was my first race in person and it was awesome :)

  16. I gave this one an 8. I felt that for a new track this provided a great race and especially after everyone was saying it won’t be a classic after practice and qualifying with the tyres not suiting the track.

    We saw some good battles and some good wheel to wheel racing, comparing that to Abu Dhabi the drivers looked World Class again. Interesting to see drivers work their way through the field like Button and also Alonso and Massa.

  17. Good, solid race. The only thing I can mark it down on is Alonso’s inability to catch Webber on merit, that didn’t really make for much in the way of entertainment but other than that it was good to watch. Vettel clinging on to Hamilton like he did was very impressive, watching them two behave like an elastic band around the circuit; closing an opening gaps at their various strong and weak points.

  18. I gave it a 9.

    A great race,I only saw the BBC highlights but there seemed to action all the way through the race, and we had a good battle for the lead.

    The circuit defiantly seems like a good one.

  19. The rate was a solid 10. Anything better would have had Kobayashi in 2nd. and Rosberg in 3rd.

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