Red Bull win third constructors’ title in a row

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Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2012Red Bull have won the constructors’ championship for the third year in a row.

Second place for Sebastian Vettel in the United States Grand Prix confirmed their championship victory.

“It?s incredible for the whole team to have won a third consecutive world championship,” said team principal Christian Horner. “The constructors? is what we use to measure ourselves against our competitors and, for every member of the team, it?s how we gauge our performance.

“The drivers? obviously has the prestige and public following but within the team they carry equal importance. So, to have achieved a consecutive third world championship, which only three other teams in the history of the sport have achieved, puts us into a very elite group and having done it in such a short space of time is testimony to all the members of the team.

“That?s all the hard work, the long hours and dedication from every department. It?s a very proud moment for every single member of the team and Red Bull.”

Chief technical officer Adrian Newey praised his team’s success: “It?s been an amazing year. To achieve the hat-trick is a tremendous tribute to the whole team.

“It shows we?ve managed to keep our standards up and keep consistency. The hard work, the dedication, the talent of the people back in Milton Keynes ?ǣ that?s what this is all about. I hope they are celebrating and having a drink tonight.

“We are always thinking how we can improve the car and what we can do in the coming races. It?s been a difficult year and unfortunately my pre-season concerns proved to be right. Having developed the car around side exhaust technology for the last two years, losing that was a bigger step back for us than our competitors and it?s been quite a difficult evolution to get the car back to where we wanted.

“Getting a third title shows we’re not a flash in the pan; we?ve managed to stay at the top, to understand the car and maintain consistency which is not easy at all.

“The first title was amazing because when I left McLaren for Red Bull, it was a bit of a career gamble, I was joining with a dream of perhaps trying to win races in the future with the team that I?d been involved with more or less from the start. To actually fulfil that dream and to achieve three titles has been amazing. We can all have dreams, but to do it is something special. It?s not just me personally but it?s the whole team and this is a tribute to everyone within it.”

Red Bull have become only the fifth team in F1 history to win three constructors’ titles. Never before has a team which had not previously held the constructors’ title won its first three in consecutive seasons:

Rank Team Championships
1 Ferrari 16
2 Williams 9
3 McLaren 8
4 Lotus 7
5 Red Bull 3
=6 Cooper 2
=6 Brabham 2
=6 Renault 2
=9 Vanwall 1
=9 BRM 1
=9 Matra 1
=9 Tyrrell 1
=9 Benetton 1
=9 Brawn 1

2012 United States Grand Prix

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