Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Marina Bay, 2012

McLaren admits it “squandered” chance for titles

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Marina Bay, 2012In the round-up: McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh admits the team’s operation mistakes and reliability problems cost them a chance at the championships.


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McLaren ‘squandered title chance’ (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “We have underperformed. We haven’t done a good enough job in a number of different ways, but we’ve had a quick car and that is an achievement.”

Button – Perez could struggle (Sky)

“We will see what happens. I have a feeling he will be competitive but of course he doesn’t have the experience. I don’t think he will be fighting at the front at the start of next season but we might be surprised at the first race.”

Still been a good season – Rosberg (ESPN)

“Unfortunately we got in to some difficulties and now at the end of the season we’re struggling a little bit. But still, all in all it’s been a good season because we’re moving forward and that’s nice to see, and that’s very encouraging also for the future.”

A Mexican standoff (Joe Saward)

“The initial suggestion was that the race could take place at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City in June, to replace the postponed New Jersey race, but the various consortia bidding for the work all apparently agree that it is impossible to do all that is needed in the six months available, even if there is endless money.”

Hamilton: I’m still one of the best (The Telegraph)

“I think I stamped my mark on the sport and showed I have the status that the others do. Even though I am not competing for first or second in the championship I still hold that drive. I just beat the supposed best.”

Alonso tweeting safely in New York (Ferrari)

“I chose to sign up to Twitter because I can manage my relationship with my supporters on my own. I really like loading up photos and usually, I manage to express myself better with a photo than with the 140 characters.”

Nov. 20: On Austin and Leigh Diffey (IndyStar)

Curt Cavin: “I?d say the future [of F1 in America] is the same as it was in Indianapolis, meaning that COTA will continue as a host site so long as it can sell the tickets and the sponsorship to make it pay the sanctioning fee. Indianapolis might still be going if Bernie Ecclestone hadn?t requested more money and fans not soured on the event following the tyre debacle.”

CFF1 18 Nov 12: The US Grand Prix (Chequered Flag Formula 1)

Anthony Hamilton: “It hasn?t been so much [me] not being part of the set-up, it?s been Lewis having his own space, us having our own space, and Lewis is now going to have his own space next year. It?s what kids do isn?t it?”

The Inside Line – on Lotus?s Kimi Raikkonen (F1)

“Q: What do you admire?
KR: Those boys from 1960s and early ??70s in F1. Drivers made from steel in cars made of wood.”

Holy cow, the Formula 1 races have a ton of tech inside (Giga Om)

“The video feeds from the track to the rest of the viewing world is handled by satellite, but [Tata Communications vice president of strategic alliances and sponsorships] Mehul Kapadia is hoping that soon that will change. Tata is one of the largest IP backbone companies in the world and is hoping that after this year it can help transition the F1 world from satellite to fibre.”


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Jono (@me262) has a thought on who should buy HRT:

Adrian Newey should show everyone how it’s done and purchase HRT and be elbowing it out with McLaren and Ferrari in two years!
Jono (@me262)

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On this day in F1

Italian F1 driver Felice Bonetto died on this day in 1953. He was competing in the Carrera Panamericana when he crashed in the Mexican village of Silao.

Bonetto raced for Alfa Romeo and Maserati, scoring two podium finishes with third place at Monza in 1951 (shared with Giuseppe Farina) and Zandvoort in 1953.

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