Alonso: We can win the title with a slightly slower car

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2012Fernando Alonso says this year proves he can win the championship with a slower car.

Speaking after missing out on the drivers’ title by three points Sebastian Vettel, Alonso said “We proved that with a car a little bit slower than the others we can win the championship.

“With a car that is the same of the others I think we can win a few races before the end. And with a car that is a lot slower than the others we can fight until the last race. So it was a very good season for us and we proved many things this year.”

Alonso felt he made the most of the opportunity offered by the “tricky” conditions: “It was a lot of action today, a lot of mixed conditions.

“Sometimes it was not any more important to be one tenth slower or one second slower it was just survive that lap until you change the tyres and you arrive a little bit more comfortable.

“So very tricky conditions, what we wanted, and again we showed we took benefit from these mixed conditions. We were in the podium and our rivals struggling until the end.”

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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61 comments on Alonso: We can win the title with a slightly slower car

  1. Metal Mr. L (@metalluigi) said on 26th November 2012, 6:56

    Honestly, the amount of insanely deluded Alonso hate here, why don’t we just call this site Vettel/Hamilton Fanatic and be done with it?

  2. chemakal said on 26th November 2012, 10:52

    Oh, man. So out of the world some of the anti-alonso comments here.

    So many of you think that Ferrari had an equal to the 2 top teams. Have you seen any qualifying seasson this year? The car performance in Qs resulted in starting most of the races between P5 and P8 (normal grid P) thus Alo making it 13 times to the podium. By the time he got passed the top qualifyers were out of range balanced by outstaning starts and sometimes fails (boxes, alternators, all of it part of the races. Wehre’s the luck?)
    Q2 Brazil: Alo 9th, Massa 10th in his favourite track. That says alot.

    We have continously seen ex/-drivers and expert on the press praising Alo’s performance throught out the seasson yet many here are of course a lot wiser.

    Another great argument that made me laugh, Alo would’t be second without Massa’s help. Memory is short as we just had 2 races: how many points have Massa taken from Vettel to help Alo win the WDC? How many has Webber taken from Alo to serve Vet his 3rd?

    AT last but not least, huge praisals to RB team for the car design but don’t forget that reliability is part of the same. It’s no luck in others failing to finish the race. Altough Ive to admit that that car is indestructible when crashing, canĀ“t believe no performance difference after Senna’s incident (of course, Senna to blame but Vet is THE sportsman of the F1).

    Fernando was sad when press conference having finished so close to his 3rd tittle sitting on an inferior machine with a team colleague that took only a few points from his rival. But 100% if his words are just true!

    I’m aware it must hurt to Vettel and his fans not to be recognised by the F1 world as the best driver and just the lucky boy who got the right sit in the right moment. Adrian Newey is the genius in that team as Alonso is in Ferrari, we all know.

    • Cronies (@cronies) said on 26th November 2012, 12:14

      Vettels car was compromised after the crash – we saw evidence of this as the track dried out, it has been reported on etc. His car was clearly was not as fast as Alonso’s Ferrari yet when the conditions where slippery and the drivers come to the fore, Vettel was simply sensational cutting his way through the field and catching back up to Alsonso in an inferior car just before the first SC.
      Glad you point the fact out that reliability is part of the game – so is speed. Ferrari had the most reliable car this season, that was there strength – just because they did not have outright speed on a Saturday does not mean there car was inferior when all is taken into account over the entire race weekend – in fact Alonso would have won the championship if he managed to finish every race like Kimi – and Ferrari would have won the Constructors if Massa had a half decent start to the season. Ferrari had their strengths and they almost paid off, F1 these days rewards consistency over speed. The fastest car is not necessarily the best – ask McLaren where it got them…
      At the end of the day though, Fernanado is right, his words are true… And strangely it is Vettel who proved his proved his point by being crowned Champion in a car slower (than the McLarens) – looks like the boy thought you and Fernanado a lesson ;-)

  3. Cronies (@cronies) said on 26th November 2012, 11:02

    Massa was in second after the first corner – I never saw how he dropped back behind the McLaren of Button on my feed – did he do it on purpose to help Alonso? I have always wondered why team tactics are not used more, such as when Massa was clearly trying to hold back the pack and Webber shortly after the start etc. You would think with teams spending millions to find a tenth they could “sacrifice” one driver to manipulate the race (not like Piquet Jnr) – but perhaps short fuelling him so he can get track position and manipulate the pace etc. Webber this year in Monaco could easily have helped out Vettel but Redbull chose not too, why not when team order are now allowed?

  4. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th November 2012, 21:21

    The cynic inside me says that Ferrari and Alonso proved nothing…as they didn’t actually win the championship! I get what he’s saying, he’s saying that he would need severe misfortune for his competitors in order to have a good chance but he can’t say that his performance this year proves anything.

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