Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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240 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. Despite being a huge Hamilton fan and wanting Alonso to win the DWC… 11/10 for the race.

  2. Epic race, my heart was rushing from start to finish!

  3. It was good, but I’m not sure all the hyperbole is justified.

  4. I gave it a 9 only because of the safety car finish. Other than that, the race was absolutely amazing for so many reasons. I haven’t been as stressed as I was watching this race for months. Words can’t even do this race justice, so I’ll stop trying now.

  5. 9, spoilt by safety car anti-climax at the end.

    I was also disappointed by the WDC result, which also contributed to the lack of a 10…. blah, blah, blah, I already gave a valid reason for knocking a point off, so clear off with your “rate the race on the race, not on the result” comments! ;-)

  6. I’d love to see an analysis of how many points rain adds to the ‘rate-the-race’ score.

    For me, the outstanding races of the last few years have been Canada 2011, and Brazil 2012. Other highlights have included Perez vs Alonso (in the rain) earlier this season. Rain adds so much intrigue – and introduces a much higher penalty for faliures.

  7. I gave it a 9 because I felt the steam had gone out of the championship battle before the end. Even if Vettel still won, I would have been happier if he had taken longer coming up through the field or if he hadn’t looked so secure towards the end of the race. But obviously there was plenty of drama and mayhem going on the whole race so a definite classic.

  8. 10/10 At last, an exciting race with a lot of genuine, non-DRS wheel-to-wheel fights!

    Also, when I saw Vettel spinning and Senna jumping his car on the first lap, I though it was all over, Alonso will win after all. But miraculously Vettel was able to continue, with a heavily damaged car (don’t underestimate the functions of the parts that were thrown off!). The race was remarkably similar to 2008, when Hamilton hit trouble on lap 1 and somehow was able to continue and clinch the title.

    It was really unfortunate that the safety car messed things up in the mid-part: else Hulkenberg would undoubtebly have finished on the podium. Real shame for Force India: they really deserved a podium this year. Then again, I was happy for my favorite team Caterham, that somehow finished 11th today!

    Also happy for Schumacher, but I was very disappointed that he handed his position to Vettel: I discussed it pre-race and said that no driver would even think about messing with the championship at this level, but of course I hadn’t thought about a man that has messed with so many championships over time (1994, 1997). That was not sportsman-like at all, though in the end it didn’t matter. Also, too bad the race finished under the safety car – it was the anti-climatic finish that I had dreaded all week long, though I was happy the anti-climax didn’t occur on lap 1.

    All credit to Seb – in my mind the true champion of 2012. Alonso gave it his best shot, but simply couldn’t match Vettel (story of the season).

    1. Good comment, except about Schumacher – everyone could see that it was only a matter of time before Vettel would pass him – he gained about 2 seconds pr lap comming up behind. No one can hold up a driver with so much delta speed for very long. So don’t try to disgrace Schumacher just because Alonso, despite a very fine drive, didn’t make it.

      1. If he didn’t simply let Vettel through, he would at least put up a fight. But that wasn’t the case: coming out of descido do lago, Schumacher didn’t take the normal racing line as he didn’t move to the outside of the corner. Therefore Vettel passed him with relative ease. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion @palle, but for me it ws clear that Schumacher let Vettel through and I thought that was disgraceful: what if all drivers would have done that? Then the entire race would have been mockery.

        1. I just rewatched the incident on youtube. German television says something like this:

          “Surely Schumacher will not let him pass” … “Oh, and Schumacher lets Vettel pass”.

        2. On the BBC Forum interview, Michael actually admitted that he let Seb past, something about handing over to the next generation !!

  9. at the moment the rating of the race is 9.48 I did expect more…

  10. It was breathtaking. Drama from the first lap, till the very end. Continuous battles and amazing drives by many drivers. Also the rain sequences were amazing. This race is a reason to begin to watch F1. A fantastic showdown. A phenomenal race. F1 at its best

  11. I gave it a nine.
    I found it disappointing that the champion wasn’t on the podium. And i don’t like safety cars.

    Apart from that, brilliant of course.
    I feel sorry for HAM and HUL. I thought JB did well and his reserve on the podium with a saddened ALO at his side was appropriate.

    KOB did well too, i wish he could get a seat next year, at FI or Lotus.

  12. Lotus has released an image of the new steering wheel for Kimi for next season:

  13. If this race didn’t have absolutely anything, then I don’t know what did.
    Not only was there the massive tension for the WDC win between Vettel and Alonso, we also saw Caterham regain 10th in the WCC, in the last race! wow. And Ferrari sealing the deal on McLaren for 2nd in the WCC.
    Then of cause there was Kimi’s detour, Scumacher scoring points in the last race. Massa on the podium in Brazil, accidents, wet weather to a point where alternate strategies was possible, without flooding the track completely. Vettel driving a damaged car, under huge pressure, deep into the points, after a colossal blow in the first lap, and then of cause Red Bull nearly throwing it all on the floor with the stupid strategy and the malfunctioning radio. Alonso doing everything he possibly could to win. Massa giving him a helping hand. Hulkenberg doing the drive of his life until he made a slight slip and messed up things completely.
    A great scrap between the McLaren drivers, in their very last race as team mates.
    And of cause the confusion whether Vettel overtook under yellows or not only added even more tension.
    The number of highlights in this race is just incredible. 10 really doesn’t give this race justice.
    We need to expand the scale to 1/15, to give it a rating which is even remotely fair.
    Just wow. If this wasn’t the best end to this fantastic season one could have imagined (not taking into account which of the two you support), then I don’t know what would have been. I was literally shaking the whole way through. This is F1 at its best.

  14. Simply one of the best races in the past 5 years, the really amazing stat is the only 3 back to back title winners fangio, schumacher, vettel….. something that even prost and senna could not achieve because of the competition in that era, what record can this kid not smash 10/10

    on a side note did anybody see alosnos face

  15. It wasn’t perfect (too much safetycar action), but seriously cracking race nonetheless.

    Most of the thrill was provided by the title battle though. This race mid season would have been more likely named a lottery rather than a (almost) perfect race.

  16. What a great end to the season.

  17. I’m going to create another account to rate the race higher than 10. EPIC!!! My heart was jumping all over my chest during the first laps.

  18. 10/10
    We will be remembering this for years and Im sure that this race has made a lot of new F1 fans.

  19. I’m not sure why it isn’t an option, but…

    This one goes to 11.

  20. 9/10. Brilliantly exciting, entertaining and most memorable … but I can’t bring myself to give a 10 for a race that ended behind the safety car.

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