Media claim Ferrari may ‘protest’ Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2012In the round-up: Conflicting reports over whether Ferrari are trying to take action to have Sebastian Vettel stripped of his drivers’ championship title.


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Ferrari mull protest over Vettel’s title win (Reuters)

As I was putting today’s round-up together reports emerged on several websites claiming Ferrari are considering a protest against Sebastian Vettel’s sixth place in the Brazilian Grand Prix. As mentioned in yesterday’s round-up, some people had queried whether Vettel had overtaken one or more rivals under yellow flags during the race.

Although the deadline for protesting the results of the race has passed the FIA may choose to look into it themselves. The latest date at which that can be done is tomorrow.

There is no indication as yet that the FIA were unaware of any of the events during the race. As explained in the thread, there is ample reason to believe Vettel’s driving was legal.

Some of the salient details of the incident, such as Vettel passing the floppy marker which denotes the beginning of the marshal zone where he made the pass, have been widely overlooked in the coverage elsewhere. This explanation from a flag marshal supports that analysis.

I made some enquiries about the incident on Tuesday and if I receive any relevant information I will of course share it, most likely in the same forum thread.

A lot of ground has been covered in that thread so I encourage anyone who’s new to this story to read it to see everything we’ve worked out, explained and hypothesised about it so far:

Alonso presiona a Ferrari para que recurra el t??tulo mundial de Vettel (ABS, Spanish)

This Spanish newspaper claims Ferrari communications director Luca Colajanni has said they will not attempt to have the results of the Brazilian Grand Prix changed.

Razlan Razali – CEO, Sepang International Circuit (iSportConnect)

“With Malaysia and Singapore, they are in the same region and I think it is bad for Singapore and Malaysia. I think the impact upon audiences could be greater if Malaysia and Singapore alternate races, rather than both being in the same year.”

I’m only thinking about F1 (ESPN)

Max Chilton: “Another development over the weekend was the announcement that Charles [Pic] is joining Caterham next season. I had an inkling that he was going but you’re never quite sure and therefore you don’t assume until you hear it through the proper announcements. Obviously it’s a good chance for me to take his race seat but nothing’s done yet and we’re still trying to work on it.”

Horner: Vettel ignored gamesmanship (Autosport)

“I think there have been several of his opponents that have tried to [get under his skin]. It is part of sport isn’t it? Sebastian showed the true strength of his character because he has not got involved.”

Two sides to every story (Joe Saward)

“There was a meeting on Thursday in Sao Paulo during which the team decided whether or not it should take part in the race, because there were fears that some of the parts on the cars, notably the rear brakes had gone beyond their ‘lifing’. The decision, I am told, was left up to the drivers and they felt that it was the right thing to race, even if there was no future for the team.”

Sebastian Vettel deserved title (BBC)

Jaime Alguersuari: “In Melbourne, Alonso was 1.5 seconds off pole position. That same guy lost the championship by just three points in Brazil on Sunday. Six races later, that Ferrari was upgraded by half a second, and then another couple of tenths, and then some more. That’s amazing. You hardly ever see that.”

Maria De Villota has more eye surgery (The Times of India)

“Maria de Villota underwent a new surgical operation aimed at cranial and ocular reconstruction. The aim was to avoid future dysfunction due to the injuries caused by her accident.”

Niki Lauda Q&A: 2012 has been outstanding (F1)

“This season has been outstanding. It couldn?t have been better in terms of these ups and downs for the tyres and the cars. This has been the most entertaining season I have seen since I was racing, because when you are racing you have a completely different perspective.”

F1 diary: Brazilian grand prix (The Telegraph)

“During the afternoon, the media assembles in the Red Bull office ?ǣ to await Vettel ?ǣ when Webber strolls in. “Bloody hell,” he says, “I come to get a quiet bite to eat and you lot are here.” He then spots me and wanders over to ask how Mrs A’s cancer treatment is progressing. When I later relay news of his touching enquiry, it creates an instant feel-good factor back home. The Australian could be forgiven for having other things on his mind, but he’s a class act: dealing with people like him on a fortnightly basis is something I’ll miss.”

With a little help from your mate (Sky)

Mark Hughes: “There’s no denying that Massa was much more of an asset to Ferrari on Sunday than Webber was to Red Bull. But stepping back to look at the bigger picture, Webber has served his team brilliantly this year.”


Comment of the day

@Tee19810 is pleased to see Valtteri Bottas will drive for Williams next year:

I am extremely pleased by this announcement.

A lot of people knock Maldonado but he has genuine pace evidenced by his qualifying performances this year. He is the first Williams driver that has excited me in a number of years. Added to that he gained Williams first win in eight years! That surely proves he has something.

As for Bottas I’m very excited by him as well. Senna is a nice smiley guy but wasn’t that fast in all honesty. I do however hope he gets the race seat at Caterham as has been rumoured.

Lastly, Williams were knocked from every angle last year for taking on Senna due to his money backing sponsors. Well, Bottas has been taking on talent alone as he doesn’t have huge backing at all. I hope he lives up to the hype.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Alex White, Crispin, djdaveyp85, Prisoner Monkeys, Wes and villalon!

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On this day in F1

One year ago today Kimi Raikkonen’s 2012 F1 comeback with Lotus was confirmed (the team was still called Renault at the time):

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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119 comments on Media claim Ferrari may ‘protest’ Vettel

  1. Does anyone know what is happening with HRT, wasnt there a deadline sometime this week for them to payup for entry into the 2013 season. I’ve not read anything other then this scuffle in spain involving team members and others, so I’m assuming that its all but confirmed that its just the 11 teams on the grid next year and that they didnt find anyone to buy the team.

    Perhaps it all just got swamped by the green/yellow flag (you descide which) news.

  2. infy (@infy) said on 29th November 2012, 9:43

    So Ferrari say they wont dispute, but the media say Ferrari will. Why are we still even talking about this?

  3. LoreMipsumdOtmElor said on 29th November 2012, 9:51

    The FIA made it clear in 1994 that they would not alter the outcome of the championship if this would mean a different champion. They surely would not have penalised Schumacher in 1997 if Villeneuve retired.

    • Times change, the FIA has changed a lot since ’94 and has a different person in charge. Its not to say they will or wont look at anything and change the results post-race. But to say the FIA wont because of something they said 22 years ago is perhaps not the best method to go by.

  4. Unless FIA can prove without a doubt that Vettel broke the yellow flag rules, they won’t do anything. And the ‘evidence’ that we have seen so far is questionable and clearly insufficient.

    I tend to believe that it’ s Ferrari’s dirty mind games that simply ain’t over yet. The latest reports seem to increase the likelihood of Vettel staying at RBR after next year and even after 2014. If that is the case, then Ferrari spread the rumours about Vettel joining them themselves and ‘Yellowgate’ might be just another chapter from the same book.

  5. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 29th November 2012, 11:01

    Let’s just assume Vettel is guilty (which I very much doubt) of overtaking under yellows and is therefore given a 20+ second penalty and loses the championship.

    How bad would it make the FIA look? They have all this technology at their disposal and considering how quickly they gave penalties to Vettel and Massa at Spain for speeding under yellows, one would think someone overtaking under yellows would be a lot easier for them to find and penalise. Not to mention they would’ve denied Alonso the chance to celebrate on the podium with his team and have his moment of glory. This could’ve been dealt with during or even after the race, a simple statement saying Vettel was guilty and therefore is penalised or Vettel wasn’t guilty and therefore the result stands which would have sufficed and perhaps avoided this whole situation.

    It’s almost like they want to bring their own sport into dispute.

  6. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 29th November 2012, 11:05

    The FIA is satisfied that Vettel’s pass was legal:

  7. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 29th November 2012, 15:51

    So this round up was the media claiming that the media is claiming Ferrari might make a protest…? :P

    Glad it’s cleared up today though.

  8. Abdurahman said on 30th November 2012, 2:15

    “Knuckle dragging tin foil hat wearing conspiracy brigade”
    Thanks a lot for labeling people with legitimate questions this way. It is pathetic that any time anywhere in the world that something is questioned, especially when you use your eyes and can see something questionable, the whole group is simply labelled “conspiracy theory nutters”. Especially with RBR history of pushing and bending the rules. I thought it was also interesting that Vettel besides doing the normal “bullpen” q and a for reporters, there was no interview with BBC or Sky? Maybe so he could get out of town quickly to avoid being even slightly questioned. I am happy this has all been wrapped up and the season is over and done with. But please, stop labeling normal intelligent people in this simplistic and derogorty manner. Not everything in the world is black and white and sometimes there needs to be questions. Also the whole Torro Rosso thing is a sham, seriously Vettel had to really only make up so few places off of HRT, Caterham, Marussia, throw the Rosso’s in the mix and Schumi and that is quite ridiculous. In days past if you were last on the first lap, making it up to where Vettel ended up was almost unheard of.

    I love this website! Where else can true fans of F1 talk like this.
    Cant wait for next year! Come on Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!

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