Start, Nurburgring, 2011

Nurburgring owners hopeful of keeping 2013 race

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Start, Nurburgring, 2011In the round-up: The Nurburgring owners believe they can hold next year’s German Grand Prix.


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Neue Chancen f???r Formel 1 am Nurburgring (Pfalzischer Merkur, German)

German press reports the Nurburgring’s owners are hopeful of holding the German Grand Prix next year despite its recent financial problems.

Ferrari never wanted to diminish title (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: “I believe it was the duty of our team to make sure that the championship finishes in the best way possible, for the interest of the championship and for the interest of the team and our drivers.”

New footage proves Vettel overtake legal (BBC)

“The previously unavailable in-car feed has revealed a marshal waving a green flag – showing overtaking was allowed – that had been obscured until now by television graphics.”

Deadline passes for higher 2013 entry fees (James Allen on F1)

“The balance of the total entry fee was due by today (November 30) and with [Red Bull] having ended last weekend?s Brazil race with a total of 460 points from the season, it therefore had to pay an additional $2,760,000 [??1.7m] thus bringing its total entry cost for 2013 to $3,260,000 [??2m].”

Finishing with a flourish (Toro Rosso)

Jean-Eric Vergne: “Just before the restart, I tried to be a bit clever and leave some room to the guys ahead and accelerate really early to get a good exit. But nobody accelerated where I expected them to! In fact, people were braking when I was already going at high speed so I hit Timo [Glock], which wasn?t good. Obviously, I had to make another stop after that to take on a new front wing, so I lost a lot of time there as well.”

January date for Watkins memorial (ESPN)

“A memorial service for the late Professor Sid Watkins will be held in London on January 18, 2013.”

Former F1 driver JJ Lehto freed over boat crash (Reuters)

“Former Finnish Formula One driver and Le Mans winner Jyrki Jarvilehto, who raced as JJ Lehto, has been released from all charges relating to a drunken boat accident in 2010 which killed his friend.”

The Art of War: Five Years in Formula One (Adam Parr)

Former Williams CEO and chairman Adam Parr has produced a book on his time in the sport, unusually written as a graphic novel.

‘I hope it marks a new era for the press’: Mother of missing Madeleine McCann urges Cameron to ‘act swiftly’ on Leveson report (Daily Mail)

“During the eight-month-long inquiry into press ethics, Mr Mosley told of his outrage over the impact of an article falsely saying an orgy he went to had a Nazi-theme. Mr Mosley, who successfully sued the News Of The World for ??60,000 damages for breach of privacy, said: ‘It certainly is a very thorough document and it?s in many respects better than one could have hoped’.”

Well done to McLaren (MotorSport)

“The McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 team may not have won either drivers’ or constructors’ world championships this year, and no doubt that hurts. But they have won more Grands Prix than any other team since 1966. And they have now ‘locked out’ the front row of the grid on 62 occasions which is a world record. So at least they have something to smile about in Woking.”

Not your typical 2012 F1 season review (F1 Kate Walker)

“The Austin press room was something else entirely – big enough to hold an impressive kart track if you removed all the tables, a canteen that served delicious junk food all day long, free internet, massive screens for watching the action, a lovely chill-out area outside… The only thing missing was a view of the track and the rumble of feeling the cars firing up underneath your feet, but a modern circuit never gives over valuable Paddock Club space to the press room.”
Ferrari wasting time pursuing Vettel flag issue? (AutoWeek)

“Unfortunately, Ferrari is likely to emerge from this affair looking like a sore loser, which is a shame given that the team initially seemed to accept defeat with some dignity on Sunday afternoon.”


Comment of the day

A balanced view from Broom (@brum55) on Ferrari’s attempt to change the outcome of the drivers’ championship:

It’s easy to become sanctimonious but this was the last throw of the dice from a desperate team, under pressure from many over emotional and critical fans as well as the over-emotional and critical Spanish and Italian press. In a way I’m glad they did it as opposed to allowing a minority to develop that would question the validity of the championship and F1 as a sport.

As an Alonso fan I tried to avoid any news regarding this because (a) I knew no retrospective change would be made as it would be humiliating for the sport and (b) couldn?t bear to get my hopes dashed once again (lame, I know).

Could Ferrari have been handled this better? Of course, but as ever hindsight is a wonderful thing. It would be asking a lot of any team to post video proof of why they don?t deserve to win the championship.
Broom (@brum55)

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The 1st of December has been a good day for Pastor Maldonado of late. It’s the date his F1 debut was confirmed by Williams in 2010, and exactly one year later they confirmed his contract extension for 2012.

The team nearly made it three-in-a-row – they announced his 2013 contract three days ago.