Alonso feels he has “whole new level of respect”

2012 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2012Fernando Alonso believes he has gained “a whole new level of respect” in Formula One this year after narrowly missing out on the drivers’ championship.

“Ever since I?ve been at Ferrari, I think I have grown a lot, especially this last year,” said Alonso at the Ferrari World Final event in Valencia.

“Before, the people had a more or less good opinion of me, but now I notice a whole different level of respect. And then, to be one of the greats of Formula 1, it?s not enough to win titles, you must also tackle seasons like the one just ended.”

He added: “I think in terms of strategy, pit stops, starts, reliability, this has been a perfect year. We all agree the one thing lacking was the car, which meant we could not match the best teams for most of the year.

“It?s the only thing we need to improve, but it?s also true that it?s the hardest thing to do. With all the difficulties we had, I?m thinking for example of how far behind we were in winter testing, to be able to fight right to the very end for the title means we are a great team.”

Alonso said he supported Ferrari’s decision to query Sebastian Vettel’s overtake on Jean-Eric Vergne during the final race in Brazil with the FIA:

“There were a lot of video clips on the Internet and we knew our fans were asking for an explanation and so it was right for Ferrari to turn to the Federation for a clarification,” he said.

“We got a reply and I think everything has now calmed down. I did not pay much attention to all the uproar this incident caused, but I felt we owed our fans an answer.

“Frankly, I?m not that interested in what the opinion is of me in Germany or elsewhere. What I know is that people who see me in the streets hug me and call me gladiator or samurai. What matters to me are the 1200 people in the Ferrari family, who gave me a standing ovation at a dinner.”

Asked about his target for next year, Alonso said: “I hope to score three or four points more.”

2012 F1 season

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148 comments on Alonso feels he has “whole new level of respect”

  1. @lhfan said on 3rd December 2012, 13:59

    Come on guys … The picture is so clear …. The ferrari jus benefitted heavily from the unrealiability of mclaren (largely) &redbull … In such a scenario having had the best reliable car on the grid &still sayin the car was bad is jus ridiculous. Jus look at kimi . Had a reliable &fast car … Finished 3rd above both mclarens . Alonso had a more reliable & faster car .. Finished 2nd … Reliability especially when other top teams are so unreliable is a major factor for success. This & a foolishly teamplayin & nervously underperforming teammate is what many call the greatness of alonso this season imho.

  2. dicksanchez said on 3rd December 2012, 15:43

    Respect you in the mornng, heck, I don’t respect you now. points gained by taking from Massa and the gearbox scandal made it way closer than it really was.

  3. Mads (@mads) said on 3rd December 2012, 16:12

    I think in terms of strategy, pit stops, starts, reliability, this has been a perfect year.

    While I understand where he is coming from, I still find it hard to believe that he actually believes that him self. He doesn’t seem like a “that’ll do” kind of chap. None of the champions seems like that.
    I don’t know if I am just reading too much into the exact wording, but calling a season perfect seems like a stretch. It has indeed been very, very good, but if they aren’t looking into the situations where they could have done something differently then they aren’t going to learn anything from this year, and then they will go home with nothing but bitterness.
    They did make mistakes. Both strategical, and in terms of driving. There were points left on the table. Although probably the least of any team, it wasn’t perfect.
    Had this come from someone in an amateur league, then I wouldn’t be surprised, but they are F1 drivers. They earn their massive salaries for hunting hundreds of a second here and there.
    Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and not admitting that feels wrong. I have grown to really respect him over the past couple of years because he seems honest and cool headed. But recently.. it has just gone the wrong way I think. He seems bitter. Hurt. Angry. Frustrated. Feelings that he previously seemed very capable of kicking out the window and got on with the job. That was what really made me admire him. And while I certainly understand those feelings, he is after all, still a human being. It just feels like a very different Alonso then the one we saw in 2011, or most of 2012. Until things started to go wrong for him.
    I loved Massa on the podium in Brazil at the end of 2008. He took the defeat with honesty. And despite the tears, in a very gracious, and beautiful manner.
    Alonso feels exactly the opposite (and Luca certainly doesn’t help that picture). He tries to play down the defeat, and wash his hands of any blame. But he does it in a way that makes me believe that it is eating him up inside.

    • after booting Kimi out (who won the driver’s title for ferrari on his first year) in favour of Alonso, with everyone there expecting that he would be winning it for Ferrari — this must have taken its toll after a fruitless few years with them.

  4. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 5th December 2012, 13:56

    I think this is a fair assessment from him to be honest. Nice final words as well ;)

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