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FIA drops plan to reduce downforce in 2014 5th December 2012, 14:49

The FIA has dropped a plan to cut F1 car downforce in 2014 as well as a proposal to make them run on electric power only in the pits.

New front wing tests and DRS rules tweak for 2013

The FIA has confirmed a series of changes to the F1 rules for the 2013 season.

German GP moved earlier for extra race in 2013

The FIA has moved the date of the German Grand Prix forward by a week to create space on the calendar for a new European event.

No fairytale ending to tough season for Marussia

Marussia had a tough season in 2012. And just when it looked like coming good it turned sour in the final moments.

Raikkonen happy at ‘unpolitical’ Lotus

In the round-up: Raikkonen likes Lotus’s lack of politics ?? Ecclestone has “a thousand more ideas” ?? FIA to boost income by ??24.8m

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