Ecclestone: F1 must remember it’s in “show business”

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Charlie Whiting, Bernie Ecclestone, Circuit of the Americas, 2012Bernie Ecclestone says Formula One must remain entertaining to be successful.

The F1 group boss said there is “nothing” he would change about the sport at present: “We have to understand that we are in the entertainment business and this year we have entertained.

“All sports today are show business and it gets dangerous for a sport if people start to forget that.”

Speaking to the official Formula One website Ecclestone said he expects to keep adding new events to the calendar in the near future: “I suppose the next big thing will be Russia. Then we have to get this New York thing picking up again.

“There?s lots of unfinished business – no time to waste one thought on retirement! Look at the Austin race: it was phenomenal. Everybody agreed that it is great that Formula One is back in the States. Maybe we?ll get the Europeans to wake up instead of thinking that [a race] is a God-given thing. When Europeans perform and do their job we are happy to stay.”

Ecclestone, 82, played down speculation he might step aside from his role as CEO of the Formula One Group despite recent criticism from Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo:

“I am – still – a fan of Formula One,” he said. “Probably the bad thing with me is that I put in lots of effort to build Formula One the way it is now, so this is my baby and I want to look after it.

“Sooner or later we?re going to have to get a babysitter. When that will be, who knows? I am in very good shape.”

2012 F1 season

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