Jerome D'Ambrosio, Virgin, Istanbul, 2011

Turkish government says no to funding for race

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Jerome D'Ambrosio, Virgin, Istanbul, 2011In the round-up: The Turkish government says it will not subsidised a race at Istanbul Park next year.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Minister dismisses Turkey GP funding hopes (Reuters)

Sports minister Suat Kilic: “If it wants to, the private sector can bring Formula One. But there is no question of us paying the cost of the rights which have been proposed to a private company to bring Formula One.”

Pirelli: Higher degradation levels in 2013 (GP Update)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “With the changes we?re making to the compounds we?re trying to bring back some degradation levels, because quite frankly at the end of the season we were in negative degradation and maybe not where we were asked to be. We were maybe repeating some races from the past where we were down to one pit-stop and I?m not going to say it was too easy, but teams were dominating the situation.”

US GP wants to change date (Sky)

“The Austin race is scheduled for November 17, the same weekend that the University of Texas are hosting a college game against Oklahoma State.”

Newey admits to being ‘frustrated’ by RB8 (ESPN)

“We came out with a car which had flashes of pace. Sebastian [Vettel] won in Bahrain, Mark [Webber] won in Monaco. But we didn’t have the level of consistency we wanted, and as an engineer that was very frustrating because the truth is we didn’t properly understand the car and what was happening.”

Hamilton not ruling out McLaren return (Autosport)

“You can never say never and I’ve had a great time. I think it will always be my home. I’ll always look at it as where I’ve come from. Going back there would be nice one day. But I want to go and experience some things for a bit.”

Reporting from the pit lane (McLaren)

Ayrton [Senna] of course should own the final word on the topic of statistics. Ayrton won three world championships, but only after he had overtaken the records of Brabham, Stewart, Lauda and Piquet. And sure, Niki marked the going rate for an emergent F1 star, but it was Ayrton who was the first driver to breach the million bucks per race line in 1994.”


Comment of the day

@Colossal-Squid suggests two excellent additions to 50 things that made the 2012 F1 season great:

I’d have included a lot of delighted Japanese fans shouting “Kamui ?ǣ Kamui!” after Kobayashi nabbed third at Suzuka. That gave me goosebumps.

Also Alonso stopping on track and soaking up the atmosphere of a home win in Valencia was very special. I loved seeing him interact with the marshals and the crowd.

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Looks like our online racing leagues are getting busy as we head into the off-season:

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And happy birthday to Robert Kubica who is 28 today!

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