Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2012

Caption Competition 24: Hamilton and Red Bull

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2012

Lewis Hamilton is leaving McLaren for Mercedes next year – but is there another car he covets?

On more than one occasion during 2012 Hamilton said Sebastian Vettel was “lucky” to have a car as competitive as the Red Bull.

So what was Hamilton thinking as he watched Vettel in action during this year’s Indian Grand Prix? It’s up for you to come up with the best caption for this picture and post it in the comments below.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

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Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

139 comments on “Caption Competition 24: Hamilton and Red Bull”

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  1. Lewis Hamilton tries to get in as much red Bull action as possible since he might not see the RB cars again for another few years.

    1. Sviatoslav Andrushko (@)
      9th December 2012, 18:02

      and comments (in addition): “Bless you!”

  2. Why do I have black spaghetti hanging down from my ear?

  3. HAM- there goes my pole position

  4. Now if that car blows up……pole position is mine.

    1. Hamilton has more pole position in 2012 than Vettel.

      1. @sorin Thank you so much for that fact. Sozavele is just saying that because it was between those two for most of the year, not because of Vettel’s superiority.

  5. Hamilton is waiting for the right moment to press the ‘destroy alternator’ Button.

  6. “I’ll miss you, Seb”

  7. I’ve made the wrong choice

  8. “Marry me”

  9. maybe he wont be quick today

  10. Dear Santa Claus, this year for christmas I’d like to have…

  11. All I want for Christmas is you!

    1. hahahaha, awesome

  12. “Dear Santa..” nuff said!

  13. “If I squint really hard and tilt my head like this, I can almost make out the word ‘Mercedes’ …”

  14. “I’ve never understood why this car has the most downforce, I thought Red Bull gives you wings.”

    1. Front and rear wings provide downforce.

  15. Hamilton: “This is what I have to do when MP4-27 doesn’t reach finish line – watch the man who stole my luck.”

  16. Oh, Abbey. The things I would do to you if we were alone…

  17. “I don’t want a lot for Christmas
    There’s just one thing I need
    I don’t care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is…
    ~ words by Mariah Carey

    admit it you started reading the words to the tune after you realised what the words were :P

  18. “This show used to be good, four or five seasons ago, but it’s getting so predictable. Where’s the remote?”

  19. “Is it really very wrong if I call CIA and tell them Sebastian blowin’ up F1 every other weekend?”

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