Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Marina Bay, Singapore, 2012

“Vettel is a worthy champion”, says Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Marina Bay, Singapore, 2012Fernando Alonso praised his world championship rival Sebastian Vettel while speaking to journalists in Madrid today.

“Vettel is a worthy champion: he scored more points than anyone else and that is clear for all to see,” said Alonso. “Red Bull will again be favourites next year, ending this season with seven or eight tenths in hand over us and that will be hard for us to make up over the winter.”

“The McLaren was also quicker than us and, at the end, even Force India and Lotus were ahead of us,” he continued.

Alonso said he felt the standard he achieved this year would be hard for him to repeat: “Sometimes you think you?ve done a good job and at others you feel something is lacking or that you would like to change or improve for the following year, but this time, I think this was a perfect year and I am very happy with my season.

“I think it will be almost impossible to do the same again in my career.”

Alonso said he expects the team to “start from a better base” next season. “It would be hard to start as badly as in 2012.”

“In Jerez at the first test, we were two seconds and a half off the pace, in Australia one and a half seconds. There?s a lot of work to do but our objective is clear: to have two Ferraris ahead of the field, both on Saturday and Sunday. These past few years, some teams have managed that, but not us: we will try again in 2013.”

Referring to the problems the team has experienced with its wind tunnel, Alonso said: “I don?t think the fact the Maranello wind tunnel has been temporarily closed will be a handicap: we will use other wind tunnels, and indeed we have been doing just that for the past few months.”

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