“Vettel is a worthy champion”, says Alonso

2012 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Marina Bay, Singapore, 2012Fernando Alonso praised his world championship rival Sebastian Vettel while speaking to journalists in Madrid today.

“Vettel is a worthy champion: he scored more points than anyone else and that is clear for all to see,” said Alonso. “Red Bull will again be favourites next year, ending this season with seven or eight tenths in hand over us and that will be hard for us to make up over the winter.”

“The McLaren was also quicker than us and, at the end, even Force India and Lotus were ahead of us,” he continued.

Alonso said he felt the standard he achieved this year would be hard for him to repeat: “Sometimes you think you?ve done a good job and at others you feel something is lacking or that you would like to change or improve for the following year, but this time, I think this was a perfect year and I am very happy with my season.

“I think it will be almost impossible to do the same again in my career.”

Alonso said he expects the team to “start from a better base” next season. “It would be hard to start as badly as in 2012.”

“In Jerez at the first test, we were two seconds and a half off the pace, in Australia one and a half seconds. There?s a lot of work to do but our objective is clear: to have two Ferraris ahead of the field, both on Saturday and Sunday. These past few years, some teams have managed that, but not us: we will try again in 2013.”

Referring to the problems the team has experienced with its wind tunnel, Alonso said: “I don?t think the fact the Maranello wind tunnel has been temporarily closed will be a handicap: we will use other wind tunnels, and indeed we have been doing just that for the past few months.”

2012 F1 season

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172 comments on “Vettel is a worthy champion”, says Alonso

  1. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 12th December 2012, 22:25

    All the team of Maranello need is to design another car that is, compared to the rest of the grid, as good as the Ferrari’s of 2006-2008. If Alonso can get his hands of thee of those cars, he will do the rest.

    • JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 13th December 2012, 10:05

      Assuming we don’t get the 2007 vintage Alonso driving performance, a year in which he had a car faster than the Ferrari but could beat neither it nor his rookie team-mate in the same car.

  2. Kimi4WDC said on 12th December 2012, 23:01

    This was Vettel’s best season and he managed to end up on top. He was in all kind of situations this season and fought through it, considering how close the gaps were.
    Also unlike Alonso, he did fight through to get his results on many occasions, Alonso had to wait until cars in front of him retired. Alonso did have amazing starts this season, I must say that. But did he performed better than Vettel? No, he also chocked during the last race, again. He did not win the race he needed and was able to win.

    • The last race was just one of 20. It meant no more and no less than any other race. He went from the high end of the top 10 to finish second iin Brazil n a car that (not even Brazilian Massa) could make go fastest. Those Mclarens and Hulk were miles ahead in race pace and before long had over a 20 second gap to the Ferraris.

      • Kimi4WDC said on 13th December 2012, 0:22

        Do you seriously believe your explanation worthy of a three times champion?

        As in 2007, 2010 and now 2012, he did not deliver in the last race of the season.

        • celeste (@celeste) said on 13th December 2012, 0:31

          Interesting point, it seem that Alonso crumble in the last race of the season…And in both his previous championships he already have won by this point

          • SilverArrow said on 13th December 2012, 7:47

            You say that when Vettel nearly took himself out of the race by ramming into Senna? The hatred for Ferrari and Alonso on here is unreal… What do you guys get out of feeding off of each other’s comments?

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 13th December 2012, 8:01

            Vettel nearly took himself out of the race by ramming into Senna

            That’s a massive exaggeration. At worse Vettel was a bit careless turning in in the manner he did. But given that Senna had dived from behind two cars on the way into the corner it’s by no means clear cut that it was entirely Vettel’s point.

            That Senna and Perez retired from the race in the incident, and Vettel received no penalty, shows the stewards did not feel he bore the brunt of responsibility.

            What you perceive as a “hatred” of Alonso seems more like a consequence of your eagerness to blame Vettel for something that was little more than a racing incident.

          • JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 13th December 2012, 10:12

            @celeste Alonso only secured the 2006 title at the last race. It does draw an interesting comparison to 2012 though, where Massa came on strong and was showing stronger form than his team-mate at the last two races of the year.

          • celeste (@celeste) said on 13th December 2012, 10:27

            @jerseyf1 thanks for the reference, have forgotten about that, and I went to the standings to verify and the difference looked more than a race 1st place points…now I know :)

  3. Alonso is correct in his assessment: Vettel proved (to most of us anyway) that he can still come out on top when he has to fight for it. His overtaking had vastly improved over the past couple of years and I expect him only to continue to improve – after all he is only 25!

  4. Deepak (@ideepak) said on 13th December 2012, 0:04

    I can’t help but hear that in a sarcastic way. The way he phrased it points to it too.

    He said Vettel got more points than everybody else, so he’s a worthy champion. I can only hear it as “his car was better, so he got more points, yeah sure whatever he’s a champion”.

    He doesn’t say anything at all about Vettel or his skill, it’s such an objective statement and so factual and devoid of any real expression.

    It’s so hollow and realistic, I can’t believe this is the same Alonso that openly admitted McLaren didn’t deserve to win in 2008 because he disliked them and their company.

    • IDR (@idr) said on 13th December 2012, 5:20

      Alonso has always said the same thing every season: “The driver who collect more points is a worthy champion” It´s only a statement of how see approach Formula one he think championship is everything not only driving skills. As well as he has always said luck is not a factor to win a championship good/bad luck is equally spread over all drivers during the season.

      So, in my point of view, there no any “special or sarcastic message” this year just because is Vettel the winner.

      Regarding 2008 championship what he stated (and with a smile in his face) is that he personally prefer Ferrari to win and he explained the fact giving a football example: “I´m a supporter of Real Madrid and of course I don´t want Barcelona to win”. Nothing wrong on this.

    • Enigma (@enigma) said on 13th December 2012, 7:08

      @deepak Comparing it to what Vettel said of Alonso at the FIA Gala it’s a shame those are the only words Alonso could find.

      • gilles (@gilles) said on 13th December 2012, 8:50

        Sebastian certainly has a way with words. What he said of Alonso at FIA prize giving was the most respectful and beautiful thing anyone could say about a rival driver. I mean: “if the next year we are close to Fernando, we are close to World championship title as well”. That’s respect and as @enigma said, shame that this respect is not given back. But on the other hand while Alonso and other rivals refuse to acknowledge Seb’s ability he keeps collecting title after title so it can stay that way

        • Deepak (@ideepak) said on 13th December 2012, 13:38

          Sebastian certainly has a way with words. What he said of Karthikeyan at Malaysia and did with his finger was the most respectful and beautiful thing anyone could say about a rival driver.

          • If we’re going to start weighing things said and done during and just after a race against things said weeks later, then I’m pretty sure we can find some choice words from most — if not all — drivers on the grid.

          • gilles (@gilles) said on 13th December 2012, 14:19

            @ideepak Ha, ha I’m not denying it can go both ways:) Cucumber remark was very funny and it was a real shame that he used dull “idiot” when talking to bbc

  5. Thomas (@infi24r) said on 13th December 2012, 1:46

    Has anyone ever doubted this?

    The champion isn’t always the best driver, watch the Villneuve title or Hakkinen’s against Schumacher. They wern’t the best but they were still valid champions.

  6. I’m amazed how quicky poinions change here. Midway through the season, even the ardent Alonso haters were full of praise for him, most neutrals were bashing Vettel for being beaten by Webber on Saturdays when the car was not at the top. Now at the end of the season, every breath Alonso exhales is poison, every word has a ‘double meaning’ and every moment he spends on this Earth, is a moment when he’s craftily devising various ways and means to bring others down. And when Vettel speaks about ‘dirty tricks’, his ardent fans nod furiously and justify him, whereas the neutrals are ‘surprised’ at his words.
    Truly, what a difference a few months makes. I guess that is what 2012 F1 was all about.

    • JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 13th December 2012, 10:20

      @chicanef1 I think you misinterpret peoples opinions. The so-called Alonso “haters” continue to praise Alonso for the one thing which he did well in the first half of the season which is his excellent driving ability. That continued in the second half of the season and is not in doubt.

      What has turned people against him is that he doesn’t consider it good enough to be considered as good as, or slightly better than, Vettel. He has to keep exaggerating how amazing he is and how rubbish his car was. It actually has the effect of diminishing respect for someone who should stick to doing his talking on the race track.

      • @jerseyF1 If you’ve read Alonso’s recent comments, you will understand that even the Spaniard was surprised by his level of driving this year, and the way he consistently wrung a poor-handling(it was poor-handling, nobody can deny that) up the grid for most of the season. And Alonso is bitterly disappointed because he knows he’ll never be that good after this, and will need SF to produce a car that is ‘fit-for-pole’.
        Yes it is true that he does come out as a bit arrogant. But then, what has Hamilton done? Consistently towards the end he was undermining Vettel. And that’s because there’s disappointment too. He had a car whose outright pace(atleast certainly over one lap) was mesmerising, he made few mistakes, and was yet thwarted by circumstances out of his control mainly, like reliability failures, collisions etc.
        To be truthful if there’s one top-rung driver on the current grid who does not whine, bawl, sing his own praises or say controversial remarks, it is Raikkonen. But that(and the fact that maybe at 33, and having returned after 2 years out of the sport, is a bit over-the-hill) is precisely why he is not included in the Hamlonsotel super-trio.

    • celeste (@celeste) said on 13th December 2012, 10:25

      @chicanef1 nobody is saying that Alonso is a bad driver, he is a great one and deserve respect… what he acts is a as a bad loser and thats what everybody is pointing out… a guy bitter who can´t give a price word to the man that had beating him for three years in a row and that give excuses or do you really believe that Force India was faster than Ferrari?

  7. haha yeah let’s believe in ALonso’s sincerity on this one, the same samurai…. sorry, same guy who always says “me, me , me a gladiator in a terrible car”

    Of course Vettel is a worthy champion, Alonso is a worthy double champion and even Keke Rosberg is a worthy champion as everybody with that title is.

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