Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2012

Webber says Red Bull updates didn’t favour Vettel

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2012In the round-up: Mark Webber says the development of the RB8 in the late stages of the season did not favour Sebastian Vettel over him.


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Updates didn’t favour Seb – Webber (ESPN)

“Singapore’s been a track – there and Hockenheim – that were the two venues that were probably my weakest performances of the year, although we had a howler with strategy in Singapore to rub salt in the wounds. So not really; I was strong in Suzuka, I was very strong there and Seb and I were on the front row. I was strong in Korea, I was strong in India.”

Bad results are why I left – Haug (BBC)

“There is always somebody who has to accept overall responsibility. Of course we have had our successes in the past three years, but not consistently enough so a direction had to be set and a marker laid down.”

McLaren wants aggressive Pirellis (Autosport)

Sam Michael: “The race was better when it was like that [more unpredictable]. It wasn’t unfair, it was down to who could understand and manage. That’s what we do with everything.”

Todt: Schumacher won?t be inactive for long (Crash)

“Maybe he will decide to come back to race in a couple of years. His decision [to retire] relates only to F1, so he could decide to race in another category.”

Exclusive interview with Caterham’s Cyril Abiteboul (F1)

“I think maybe we overstated what was achievable in 2012. For 2013 I?d like to look back and say we continued to develop as a team, seized whatever opportunities came our way and surprised a few people, without compromising the preparation for 2014. For small teams like us 2014 is just as much a major risk -due to our size in particular ?ǣ as it is an interesting opportunity, due to the quality of the technical relationship with Renault.”

Comment of the day

Fernando Alonso was named the top driver of 2012 by F1 Fanatic yesterday. Here’s why @Hotbottoms voted for him in the Driver of the Year poll:

I voted Alonso, but I disagree with some of the comments above that say ??Alonso was miles ahead everyone else?? or that ??if someone didn?t vote Alonso he was watching the season with a binbag on their head??. Apparently Alonso?s I-always-take-the-maximum-out-of-my-car-even-though-it?s-a-lawnmower-and-I-never-make-mistakes-don?t-you-dare-to-claim-Suzuka-was-my-fault PR strategy is working.

I think the top four was very, very close this year and any of them could be regarded as the driver of the year. In my books Alonso was a little better than Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel, but I can fully understand if someone feels differently.

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark scored another win for the Lotus 25 in the non-championship Rand Grand Prix in 1962.

There were four Lotuses in the top five in the 50-lap race at Kyalami, Clark scoring a narrow win over team mate Trevor Taylor in another 25.

John Surtees was third in a Lola followed by Gary Hocking (Lotus 24) and Neville Lederle (Lotus 21).

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