Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2012

Hamilton starts work at Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton makes his first visit to the Mercedes factory.


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Lew gets down to work with Merc (The Sun)

Norbert Haug: “Lewis has already been in the factory to see the team and fulfil some duties after we found an agreement about that with McLaren.”

Cutting costs ‘F1’s biggest challenge’ (Autosport)

“I think the biggest challenge today is the commercial part. That’s not only for Sauber, that’s also for some of the big teams. Formula 1 is too expensive today, that’s the important fact.”

Jackie Stewart says Circuit of the Americas must improve roads for US Grand Prix (AutoWeek)

“There has been nothing but good come out of Austin Texas. But getting in and out of the track wasn’t fun. It’s not finished, you see, so they haven’t got their access roads. In fact, I am going to write to them about that because I don’t want them running away thinking they got away with it. They didn’t.”

Christmas with the Ferrari family (Ferrari)

Luca di Montezemolo: “I wish to congratulate you for what you have done, starting with our reliability record. To win in Formula 1, one needs to do everything perfectly: we can be pleased with the improvements we have made on the strategy front, at the pit stops and in our race preparation and we must maintain these strong points next year too. We lacked a car that was quicker than the others and we must reflect carefully on how that happened and come up with a response, because in 2013, the aim, not just for me, but for all of you, is to immediately have a car that?s capable of winning.”

Team Germany win sixth ROC Nations Cup (Race of Champions)

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel stormed to their sixth consecutive ROC Nations Cup title for Team Germany in Bangkok.”


Comment of the day

More thoughts on the best moments of the year from @Ral:

Kobayashi?s podium is very high on my list, particularly for the reception by the fans. Their chanting was absolutely awesome.

Also high on my list is Valencia?s pre-podium chat where all three drivers met up with Andrea Stella and all three were happy to see him and from the looks, each other as well. Genuine respect between all four of them and a sense of being pleased for one another?s results on that day.

As a Raikkonen fan, I’m happy he had a good comeback. But to me, the best part of his year was his second stint in Hungary where he decided when and how much of his tyres to save to the point where the team came on the radio to ask him if something was wrong because they were worried about how slowly he was going. And then he timed pretty much to perfection when to really put the hammer down to overtake everyone bar Hamilton. Those, what, 20-odd laps were magical.

Hamilton nailing qualifying in Spain was awesome as well. He really put everyone in their place in Q3 and it was absolutely horrible to have to see him lose it through no fault of his own. But the way he then managed to salvage a very respectable 8th place from last on the grid, ahead of Button, ironically by managing his tyres really made him a stand-out performer in that weekend to me.

I have to say also, I loved all of the United States Grand Prix. Simply a disgrace that they weren?t awarded the best F1 promoters this year.

From the forum

  • The Red Bull Racing Story is worth watching, in particular for the quotes from Adrian Newey, who remarks on the protests made against the team in recent seasons: “Since 2010 in particular the level of sniping at us just got silly, to be honest. It seemed like every race we were accused of doing something illegal. The car of course was using the regulations to the edge, that?s to me is what you should do in F1.”

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Thirty years ago today the Formula One world was stunned by the death of Lotus founder Colin Chapman from a heart attack at the age of 54.

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