BBC confirm ten live free-to-air races for 2013

2013 F1 season

Start, Monaco, 2012The BBC have confirmed which of the ten races on the 2013 F1 calendar will be shown live.

The yet-to-be confirmed race on July 21st is among those the BBC plans to show live. It is not clear whether a different race will be chosen if that Grand Prix does not go ahead.

The Monaco Grand Prix, which was shown live this year, is among those which will not get live coverage in 2013. The Canadian Grand Prix, which was not shown live in 2012, will be next year.

As this year there will be delayed highlights of the races not shown live.

The BBC also announced Suzi Perry will take over from Jake Humphrey as the presenter of its F1 coverage. Perry, who has presented Moto GP for the last ten years, said: “Motorsport is my life and I?ve really missed being away from the grid. I am so excited to be joining the BBC. Working alongside such an eminent team and the F1 world is a huge honour and I can?t wait to get started.”

Update: As the ‘TBC’ race will not go ahead, BBC will only broadcast nine races live this year.

Round Race Circuit Date Channel
1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park March 15 – 17 Sky
2 Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit March 22 – 24 Sky
3 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit April 12 – 14 BBC/Sky
4 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit April 19 – 21 Sky
5 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya May 10 – 12 BBC/Sky
6 Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo May 23 – 26 Sky
7 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 7 – 9 BBC/Sky
8 British Grand Prix Silverstone June 28 – 30 BBC/Sky
9 German Grand Prix TBC July 5 – 7 Sky
10 TBC TBC July 19 – 21 BBC/Sky
11 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring July 26 – 28 Sky
12 Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps August 23 – 25 BBC/Sky
13 Italian Grand Prix Monza September 6 – 8 BBC/Sky
14 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore September 20 – 22 Sky
15 Korean Grand Prix Korean International Circuit October 4 – 6 Sky
16 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka October 11 – 13 BBC/Sky
17 Indian Grand Prix Buddh International Circuit October 25 – 27 BBC/Sky
18 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina November 1 – 3 Sky
19 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas November 15 – 17 Sky
20 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos November 22 – 24 BBC/Sky

2013 F1 season

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90 comments on BBC confirm ten live free-to-air races for 2013

  1. James_1983 said on 22nd December 2012, 0:32

    Something else regarding BBC not showing Monaco live, This means there will be no In-car channel available for qualifying or the race.

    Thats a big thing for me as I always watch the in-car feed on my laptop via the bbc website & that is something i always thoroughly love watching for Monaco, especially during qualifying.

  2. GT_Racer said on 22nd December 2012, 0:44

    Was just told that the BBC were forced to remove a blog post from there website as a result of 95% of the comments responding to it been very negative.

    Did some digging & have been unable to find out if BBC were unable to select Monaco as a live race or if they simply didn’t select it. The guy I was speaking to who is part of the BBC F1 team said that there not happy about Monaco not been live as its always one of the biggest draw’s & that without been able to promote Monaco as live there expecting a big ratings hit.

    I also hear there is concern at FOM about Monaco not been live on terrestrial TV for similar reasons to what I described above. I was also told that there is a possibility that the BBC broke the terms of an agreement which stipulated Monaco always be live on the terrestrial platform.

    Im not going to get into the whole ‘Monaco is boring so who cares its not live debate’ but all I will say is that Monaco has always done well above average in terms of ratings, Is always the race which tends to attract more of the casual viewers & that the prestige & history of the event do matter when it comes to promoting not just the Monaco Gp but also F1 as a whole.

    Monaco not been on Free Terrestrial TV in the UK may not seem like a big thing (Especially to those who dislike Monaco anyway) but trust me, This will be bad not just for the BBC but also for F1 as a whole.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 22nd December 2012, 0:51

      Monaco has always done well above average in terms of ratings, Is always the race which tends to attract more of the casual viewers & that the prestige & history of the event do matter when it comes to promoting not just the Monaco Gp but also F1 as a whole.

      Ordinarily, yes, but last year the BBC’s audience for Monaco was a little more than 60% of what it had been the year before.

      • Ilanin (@ilanin) said on 22nd December 2012, 1:34

        And that despite the race being live, rather than highlights. In fact the Monaco audience figure was almost identical to the Silverstone one – and since the British Grand Prix was up against the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final (which, since it featured Andy Murray, almost certainly swept up the vast majority of the casual sports fan audience in Britain), there’s no particular reason to believe that Monaco attracted more casual fans than any other race.

        That said, last year’s viewing figures were just weird. I can only assume the reason Valencia attracted so many viewers was because given how much rain Britain had in early summer, everybody stayed inside and watched television.

  3. William (@william) said on 22nd December 2012, 4:06

    Here in Australia we get Qualifying and Race live on ONE all expect 2 Races which are Australia which is simulcast on TEN and ONE; Canadian GP which is shown live on TEN

  4. Nick Harper said on 22nd December 2012, 9:44

    I think the Beeb should drop coverage all together. If they can’t be bothered to do the job properly then why waste our license money trying to do a half ***** job? I am bitterly disappointed that Sky have been allowed to muscle in. Their coverage may be very good but it is not worth the £60 odd per month I’d have to pay. I guess it will be all irrelevant in a couple of years time. When Bernie is no longer with us to keep them in line, they will all descend into a downward spiral of destruction and F1 will fall apart.

    • Optimaximal (@optimaximal) said on 23rd December 2012, 21:47

      When Bernie is ‘no longer with us’, we can all live in hope that his replacement will be more accepting of the available technology and ditch the antiquated TV contracts all together.

  5. Phil Strang said on 23rd December 2012, 1:31

    Hopefully BBC Scotland get their priorities right next year. The Australian and Monaco GPs fall on the same days as both domestic football finals which BBC Scotland have the rights for, I just hope they do not cut the highlights out or shift them to an unreasonable time.

    • Optimaximal (@optimaximal) said on 23rd December 2012, 21:49

      Seeing as they have an exclusive on the football, my guess is BBC Scotland’s priority is showing that.

      • Phil Strang said on 25th December 2012, 18:30

        Was meaning that surely BBC Scotland will have to have a different BBC 2 programming list to England to show the football and f1 highlights, surely BBC Scotland won’t drop f1 highlights, .

  6. RickeeBoy (@rickeeboy) said on 7th March 2013, 2:28

    Oh Wake Up all of you – As Deep Throat said ” Follow the Money” then it all becomes obvious. BBC gets the hand offs from Sky because Sky has the clout. This way it just comes across as BBC are getting 50% but that’s just BS.

  7. RickeeBoy (@rickeeboy) said on 7th March 2013, 2:33

    Oh PS … I’m in UK Nat. in NZ and have to watch the Iplayer (which you aren’t allowed to do) or D/L an uploaded prog (which you aren’t allowed to do) just so I can watch 2 hr of mobile and stationary advertising.(which I’m meant to pay for ) …….. Something is wrong here Guys !.

  8. Stephen Maiden said on 15th March 2013, 16:07

    Tbh, i don’t care what races are shown live or not, at least we get to see cars go round on a track a few hours later on the BBC.

  9. anaconda said on 22nd March 2013, 23:59

    sky are pathetic and greedy, I hate all sport apart from f1 but will they let me subscribe to this channel only no you have to have sports package well they can shove it, sky presenters drivel on unlike bbc.

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