Scheckter’s top two are Vettel and Hamilton

2012 F1 season

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Circuit of the Americas, 2012Jody Scheckter named Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton as his top two drivers in F1 at the moment.

The 1979 world champion was asked to name which drivers he’d pick if he were running an F1 team.

“I always put Vettel and Lewis together as the top two,” said Scheckter. “And I probably have to put Alonso into that but I would probably pick those two drivers, yeah, put two bulls in at one time and try and make them work together in a mature way.”

Speaking to MotorSport, Scheckter said he hadn’t supported his Ferrari successor during 2012: “No, not for Fernando, no. I think what he did when he was at McLaren [in 2007] has just put me off him for life, I suppose.

“I think he drove well this year, there’s no question about that, he’s doing a good job on that, but when somebody does something like that you lose respect for them.”

Scheckter praised Hamilton’s attacking style, saying: “When he came his first year and a half, two years, it was brilliant. I mean no one comes in and has that sort of performance with so little things going wrong. It was incredible.

“And last year he was not even making mistakes by being over-aggressive. He was just making mistakes that were completely stupid.

“I rate him as the best driver in heavy traffic. I used to rate Jenson as one of the worst but he’s become quite good in traffic now. But Lewis has been for me in the first years fantastic. He did some manoeuvres in traffic that were just… and got away with it most of the time except for last year. I’m definitely a fan of his.”

Scheckter also criticised the current F1 rules which impose grid penalties of drivers for engine and gearbox failures.

“The thing that I think is most unfair about Grand Prix at the moment is when they get these penalties for a gearbox that had to be changed and had to go back. And I just think that’s dreadful.

“I know there’s an opinion that they say ‘well you can’t separate the driver and the car’ and stuff like this. But I think on the track if a driver makes a mistake and crashes that’s the car and driver.

“But when it’s a gearbox rather take it off the constructors’ points and leave the drivers. I think that, for me, because it really spoils some races completely from a viewing point of view.”

2012 F1 season

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144 comments on Scheckter’s top two are Vettel and Hamilton

  1. Klaas de Vries said on 23rd December 2012, 9:08

    Check your facts Keith, both Hamilton and Alonso were pitted earlier than planned before the race because the team feared another safety car period (during which they weren’t allowed to pit in 2007). The fact was stated at that time but I guess it wasn’t really taken into account by the media because it spoiled the ‘story’.

    See this article from the time

    Are you serious when you base your argument on a reference to YOURSELF?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 23rd December 2012, 9:33

      both Hamilton and Alonso were pitted earlier than planned before the race

      That does not make what I stated incorrect.

      And I am not “basing an argument on a reference from myself”, I am referring someone to an article where I have already outlined the argument I wish to make.

      • Klaas de Vries said on 23rd December 2012, 10:09

        That does not make what I stated incorrect.

        Yes, it does. You said that Hamilton wasn’t allowed to win on strategy – the only way to win on strategy at that time was to get in front of your teammate after the pit-stop. That would have been the case if they pitted Alonso by the original programme and only changed the plans with Hamilton. And McLaren’s actions actually made sense because they wanted to prevent – with both drivers – what happened at the next race with Alonso. But because it was the Evil Spaniard that won and the British media’s dream story about the Proud British rookie getting his first win at the glamourous Monaco GP was ruined, they decided to pour all the frustration with a lame McLaren team-order scandal (in which they totally distorted the facts).
        Both Alonso and Hamilton might have shared equal machinery but as a TP said: when Hamilton was getting a pole everyone at McLaren were jumping and screaming, when it was Alonso – there were only forced smiles – and that matters a lot. And that’s what I think @brace meant by ‘driving thair daddy’s teams advantage’.

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 23rd December 2012, 10:36

          The only way your explanation makes sense is if McLaren did not put several laps more fuel in Hamilton’s car, which is not true, or if they only realised after qualifying that it was possible that the safety car might be deployed during the race, which is ridiculous.

          You don’t need to tell me some in the media went overboard with the spin because I said as much at the time. But it doesn’t change the facts of what happened.

          All the ‘evil Spaniard/McLaren didn’t celebrate when Alonso won’ stuff is just silly. The facts amply refute the patent nonsense that McLaren hired a two-times world champion and then endeavoured to undermine him at every opportunity.

          Everything else I have to say on this is covered here:

          Alonso is not the victim of a McLaren conspiracy

  2. Guccio (@concalvez00) said on 23rd December 2012, 22:55

    Absolute agree, Alonso is mostly overhyped by the media and his fans, the fact is Alonso is simply bad for the sport, look how Ferrari had to handicap Massa just to make Alonso look good and look what he caused Renault and don’t tell me that Alonso did not knew about the plan because one lap before that crash happend Alonso came in the pits. I never bought the out perform the car nonsense, Alonso had been lucky the whole season

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