Vijay Mallya, Bernie Ecclestone, Valencia, 2012

Ecclestone admits he could be forced to step down

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Vijay Mallya, Bernie Ecclestone, Valencia, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone (pictured with Vijay Mallya) admits the Gribkowsky investigation could force him out of his role in charge of Formula One.


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Ecclestone admits bribe case could end F1 reign (The Telegraph)

“Mr Ecclestone says CVC ‘will probably be forced to get rid of me if the Germans come after me. It?s pretty obvious, if I?m locked up’.”

Grosjean: Lotus will be stronger in 2013 (Autosport)

“We learned a lot this year about the car, the tyres, the set-up of an F1 car. We were quite good at the start of the year, but even in the last two grands prix we were looking good.”

Comment of the day

@RogerCamp also has high hopes for Lotus this year:

I?m sure Raikkonen thought it would be wiser to be cautious in his first comeback season.

I?m positive that next season will be a little different. He?ll be more aggressive. He?s now more comfortable with the team, the car, tires, etc…

I?m pretty sure Lotus will deliver a faster car. They spent a lot of effort last season with the double DRS, which was a waste, they should have focused on developing the Coanda exhaust.

In the last few races it seemed they started to catch on with that. If Grosjean sort out his demons, maybe Lotus can finish second in the constructors’ championship, which will help them developing the car for 2014.

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Happy birthday to Francois Hesnault who turns 56 today.

Hesnault was part of the last three-car entry to a Grand Prix. He drove a third Renault in the 1985 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring alongside regular drivers Derek Warwick and Patrick Tambay. Hesnault’s car was equipped with an early onboard camera.