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F1 Fanatic’s new year thanks and credits 2013

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F1 Fanatic logoAs we begin a new year and look forward to a new season, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped out with the site last year.

@WillWood stepped in to help out on several occasions during 2012, writing articles and keeping the site running smoothly. I am extremely pleased to see he has gone on to find work with GPI Magazine.

@JameyPrice photographed testing at the Circuit de Catalunya for F1 Fanatic last year and later had the chance to shoot pictures at the United States Grand Prix. Thanks to him and best of luck for the future.

Dan Selby (@EcwDanSelby) was on hand to edit videos for the site and helped out several times during the season.

And particular thanks goes to Ed Marshal who has provided invaluable technical expertise at many times during the year – even at the most antisocial hours.


Dan Cross covered the Force India launch at Silverstone and Laney Scott took some cracking pictures of the new VJM05.

Ewa Zaborska (@Lilla-my) totted up your votes for each Driver of the Weekend and reported back on them throughout the year. Daniel Thomas (@iamdanthomas) did likewise for Rate the Race earlier in the season and Jake Michaels (@jakemf1) has since taken over on that popular series of articles.

@John-Beamer continued his excellent technical features which for the first time included some of his own illustrations.

@AnthonyFrench has begun a new series reviewing the most interested Tweets from each race weekend. We’ve only had a few instalments so far but I’m looking forward to more during 2013.

And thanks also to @StevenSmith_f1f, @Greg-Morland, @Tim-Ferrone, Jen Campbell and Robert Beck (@Rbeck) who wrote guest articles during 2012 as well.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest writer for F1 Fanatic you can find out more here:


We have a small group of researchers who help check facts and produce material for articles and other features on the site. @Girts did plenty of work on this during 2012 so thanks to him as well as @KateM and @Guilherme.

Find out more about becoming an F1 Fanatic researcher here:


Earlier this year the 400,000th comment was posted on F1 Fanatic. That total doesn’t include posts on the forum and comments on F1 Fanatic Live, which gives you an idea just how busy our moderators are kept!

So big thanks to @DamonSmedley, @Olliekart, @Bradley13, @Estesark, Sebastian Pramanick, Arun Srini, LAK, IDR, and Armen Abrahamian for keeping the discussion areas in good order throughout 2012.

If you’d like to help out as a moderator, here’s how you can:

Supporting F1 Fanatic

While creating the content for F1 Fanatic is rarely a problem, keeping the money coming in is, so special thanks goes to those who’ve contributed to the site during the year.

If you donated to F1 Fanatic, bought a product through our affiliate partners or became an F1 Fanatic supporter, thanks very much for helping to keep the site running.

The F1 Fanatic Supporter programme launched during 2012 and has helped raise contributions to cover the cost of hosting, running and developing the site.

By contributing ??1 per month or ??12 per year to F1 Fanatic you can browse the site free of advertisements. See below for more information and to sign up.

I do hope I’ve remembered to thank everyone I should have. If you think your name should be on here and I’ve left it off, please accept my apologies.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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