Jules Bianchi, Force India, Shanghai, 2012

Bianchi and Sutil vying to be Di Resta’s team mate

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Jules Bianchi, Force India, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Jules Bianchi and Adrian Sutil are leading the running to partner Paul di Resta at Force India in 2013.


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Two horse race for Force India seat as Buemi is ruled out (James Allen on F1)

“According to veteran Blick writer Roger Benoit, this leaves Jules Bianchi in pole position for the seat [at Force India], with former FI driver Adrian Sutil still a possibility.”

Brawn: Aero changes caused slump (Autosport)

“We made a decision to change the structure of the aero group. We had to wait for [new aero chief] Mike Elliot to join us because we had a notice period he had to fulfil at Lotus.”

“The new engines are not going to be silent…” (Peter Windsor)

“Charlie [Whiting] didn’t elaborate here, but (in a nice counterpoint to what would occur in Singapore 27 years later) legend has it that Nelson [Piquet] had selected the exact rail of Armco barrier against which he was going to crunch the Brabham on its slow-down, victory lap in the event that its suspension was still down. Thanks to Nelson?s judicious use of kerbs, the ride height was legally up by the time he reached the potential accident zone, although Nelson couldn?t resist winding up the Brabham boys who were watching a hazy black-and-white TV monitor on the pit wall. Pretending to steer towards the relevant Armco and then veering away at the last second, he gave them all a cheeky wave as he drove on to the podium and thus to scrutineering. The gesture was lost on everyone else…”


Comment of the day

Will anyone follow Ferrari’s lead in using pull-rod suspension at the front of their car in 2013? Thoughts from @JamieFranklinF1:

I?ve been wondering for the past 12 months what may have happened had McLaren adopted the pull-rod suspension at the front pre-season. Their lower nose would have benefited the design more so than the Ferrari, and with Jenson?s smooth style, it would probably have assisted in heating the front tyres for better qualifying performance.

Had it not been for the alterations in the tyre compounds for 2013, then I reckon McLaren would have gone down this route, considering the driver line-up they had. Now, however, it may be too risky. But if any team are to do it, then they could benefit the most from it.

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On this day in F1

Ten years ago today former F1 team Arrows went into receivership. Their former base in Leafield, Oxfordshire was later home to Super Aguri and is now used by Caterham.

Image ?? Sahara Force India F1 Team

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  1. If F1 2013 will be anything like F1 2012, then the intense midfield battle will be won by the occasional spectacular performance rather than solid and consistent finishes.

    If Force India want that 5th place in the constructors, they can’t afford to have a pair of solid but unspectacular drivers. A string of top-10 finishes will mean squat if Sauber can pull off a handful of podiums again.

    I feel that, while both unquestionably quick, Di Resta and Sutil lack that certain spark that could put them up front on a drizzly day, or that would enable them to hold their own against Alonso. I reckon FI would do better with Kobayashi or Kovalainen, or even Alguersuari.

    Bianchi, well… he seems to have been hovering around F1’s higher feeder series for years and has not been exceptionally breathtaking. But I suppose we’ll never know how good he is until he races in a Grand Prix, so with the choice being to either take a risk with him or play it safe with Sutil, I’d choose to risk it with Bianchi.

  2. If Force India are serious about finishing in the top 5 in 2013, they will need better driver’s than Di Resta and Bianchi to achieve this.

    Di Resta has been beaten by every F1 team mate he’s had and Bianchi failed to win the GP2 or WSR 3.5 Championships dispite only driving for front running team’s in those series.

    Force India in 2013 could very well be running two of the most over rated drivers motorsport has ever seen.

  3. Di Resta was very clearly shaken by the news from Mercedes and McLaren..all his confidence from Singapore must’ve withered away..he must be given 1 last chance @FI IMO..if he can become consistent throughout the season, he could get as many as the Hulk even though he lacks qualy pace of his former teammate

    That leaves us with 1 seat which must be given to Kobayashi/ Kovalainen..Kobayashi will have some money through his fans(cheers to evryone who donated), and he looks more spectacular in a car-goes well with the larger than life attitude of Vijay Mallya+a lot of potential Japanese supporters for FI..I’d pick him :D

    1. @forcef1 Kobayashi has given up on pursuing a 2013 drive, so it’s unlikely we’ll see him in a Force India seat. Of the two most likely candidates mentioned, I’d pick Bianchi. Sutil is the dependable option but with the state Force India are in financially I’d say they’d be best off taking the risk with a comparative rookie.

  4. Kobayashi with podium no drive, Di resta drive ?

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