Mark Webber, Red Bull RB8, Jerez, 2012

Red Bull RB9 may not appear at first test

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Mark Webber, Red Bull RB8, Jerez, 2012In the round-up: Red Bull will decide next week if their new car will appear at the first test of 2013.


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Title wins affecting 2013 plans – Newey (BBC)

“Red Bull told BBC Sport that they would confirm next week whether the 2013 car would be ready in time for the first pre-season test, which starts on February 5th at Jerez in Spain.”

Damon Hill shielded his son from F1, now he wants to get him in it (London Evening Standards)

“The reality is that motorsport is still dangerous. But I wouldn?t want to deny any of my children the chance of discovering or learning about risk. Life is a risk and you have to learn to be aware of the risks. If you?re not prepared for the risks, that?s more dangerous.”

Hill: Hamilton can become a leader (Autosport)

“When I went to another team I was seen as a leader, so maybe it’s easier to take on that role once they’re looking to you to give them some direction. Lewis might learn that, he might find that in himself. We don’t know, but put in that situation he might find it.”

Lauda leaves airline to focus on Mercedes role (Reuters)

“Retired triple Formula One champion Niki Lauda has left the board of Air Berlin so he can devote more time to his new role with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Formula One team, the airline said on Thursday.”


Comment of the day

@Nackavich’s reaction to the new restrictions on using DRS during practice and qualifying:

That?s a shame about the use of DRS in practice. I completely understand the need for the rule as it concerns safety, but I have tickets for the Waite stand at the Australian Grand Prix and was looking forward to watching the drivers get out of shape opening the DRS over the kerbs and slippery Astroturf on the exit of turn 12. Oh well.

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On this day in F1

Two years ago today Ferrari dropped Chris Dyer as a consequence of Fernando Alonso’s last-round defeat in the drivers’ championship the year before.

Technical director Aldo Costa was was similarly shown the door after the team produced another uncompetitive car in 2011. Will anyone be made to carry the can for last year’s disappointing start to the season?

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