Nick Heidfeld, Renault, Nurburgring, 2011

Nurburgring expected to appear on 19-race calendar

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Nick Heidfeld, Renault, Nurburgring, 2011In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone indicated there will be no Turkish Grand Prix in 2013 and the Nurburgring will host the German Grand Prix.


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Ecclestone hopes for Nurburgring deal this week (Reuters)

“It should be the Nurburgring and we are trying to make it happen. I’m talking with them today.”

Nurburgring close to German GP deal, says Ecclestone (Adam Cooper)

“Ecclestone also said that the calendar will stick at 19 races, which means that his attempt to revive the Turkish GP has failed.”

F1 disorganised, blasts Sir Jackie (City AM)

“Was the judgement of yellow and green flags right or wrong in Brazil and why would that have to come up on a Wednesday or Thursday? That is a huge statement of a disorganised function that it should come up then. The whole world is celebrating a new world champion and then that happens on a Wednesday. That is a poor declaration of management.”

A new year and a new project under way (Ferrari)

“In the very first days of February, the new car will be officially unveiled at Maranello ahead of its debut on the track at Jerez immediately afterwards.”

Q&A: Adam Parr (, PDF)

“At the end of 2006, when I had first joined Williams, I attended a dinner in London organised by a sponsor to celebrate the season. After dinner, James Allen interviewed some of the people there. When he approached Bernie to give his views about the season, Bernie [Ecclestone] said ‘I won?t answer unless everyone here has signed a confidentiality agreement.’ I thought he was joking but he said nothing else??”

Marussia sure ’14 costs not impossible (Autosport)

“What the fans want is close competition, not a spending competition.”

‘I am not crazy’ – Grosjean (ESPN)

“That’s what cost me the nickname ‘first lap nutcase’ last year, but even that must be taken in context. Mark said it straight out of the car in Japan, with all the adrenaline of the race still inside him. I apologised which is the most I can do. I am not crazy, I am aware of the risks and I have worked hard to correct my mistakes. Over the last five races, I didn’t have any other problems and there is no reason to believe that I will have any more.”

Maldonado refusing to change (Sky)

“I have won in each of the categories in which I have competed and, every time I walk down the hallway in my house and see everything I’ve achieved with this style, I think I should continue.”

F1 Austin race rings up $2.8 million in alcohol sales (USA Today)

“The Texas comptroller’s office says circuit-related events had $2.8 million worth of beer, wine and mixed drink sales.”

Real Transformer Formula 1 Ferrari (YouTube)

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F1 Race Stars

Codemasters have announced three new downloadable tracks for F1 Race Stars: Canada, China and India. Pictures and more information below.

Comment of the day

Helmut Marko rarely has anything positive to say about Mark Webber but was his latest view really that unreasonable? @JerseyF1 says no:

I actually thought Marko was pretty fair on Webber. To me it sounds like he was saying Mark can be as fast as anyone in races but isn?t able to sustain that over the course of the season ?ǣ could Webber, looking back at the last two seasons, really argue with that?

He also made clear that the drivers have different preferences in terms of set-up. He didn?t say that they made Mark use Vettel?s set-up but clearly when it goes beyond set-up to car development they will develop towards Vettel’s needs as the main championship contender in the team. The alternative would be like suggesting Ferrari focus development on Massa’s preferences.

Mark had the chance towards the end of the last decade to earn the right to number one status in the team. He had a two year head start at the team and that period pre-dates exhaust blowing which is supposedly his Achilles’ heel. He failed to do that and Vettel grabbed the chance with both hands. If Marko had suggested that Mark was as good as Vettel it would have been ridiculous so why berate him for telling it straight.

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Having been out of a seat in 2002 Jos Verstappen announced his F1 comeback with Minardi on this day ten years ago. But the 2003 season turned out to be his last.

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