FanVision announces F1 exit

2013 F1 season

FanVision G3FanVision will not continue in Formula One in 2013 after failing to agree terms with Formula One Management.

A FanVision representative told F1 Fanatic: “We have, for some months, been trying to find the basis of an agreement between FanVision and FOM in order to continue providing the service in F1 in 2013.

“Unfortunately it is now clear that we are not going to be able to agree terms with FOM and very reluctantly we have to confirm that we won’t be in F1 in 2013. It’s a big blow for us.”

FanVision, formerly Kangaroo F1, allows spectators to purchase handheld devices through which they can watch video footage of race sessions and follow live timing and commentary during race weekends. They also supply their sets for NASCAR, NFL and some golf events.

2013 F1 season

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63 comments on FanVision announces F1 exit

  1. It was a good piece of equipment. But why did it cost so much more at the British GP to what it cost at some other European races?
    Whilst perhaps not having a live picture feed, the F1 mobile phone app that the guy next to me in Interlagos was running was pretty impressive. Leaderboard, times, splits, tyres, circuit map etc. But I guess it would be expensive to use it whilst not in your home country.

  2. Gabriel Fernando (@gabrielfernando) said on 10th January 2013, 20:53

    I am not rich to get this ****

  3. Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 10th January 2013, 20:54

    I gave it a try in Singapore last year and even my teenage kids weren’t intersted in fiddling with it. The line to return the free trial units on Saturday was a lot longer than the one for picking them up. The big screens at that track were good eenough but I understand that tracks might not be as good.

    That said, just because I didnt like it doesn’t mean that it shouldnt exist. Surely it costs Bernie absolutely nothing to provide the feed to FV so even if he only charges them a quid it’s a quid he got for nothing. Seems pretty silly to me. Or is it just one of his bargaining games.

  4. GT_Racer said on 10th January 2013, 21:11

    Not sure why people above are blaming FOM for this as it was the FanVision people who opted to discontinue covering F1, Not as if FOM forced them out.

    As I understand it one of the problems the past few years has been that they haven’t been able to shift enough FanVision units to offset there cost’s, They did reduce prices last year but it still wasn’t enough it seems.

    Speaking to someone at FOM they have no plans to create there own service.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 10th January 2013, 21:47

      it was the FanVision people who opted to discontinue covering F1, Not as if FOM forced them out

      Unless you have some further knowledge of what happened then what are you basing this one?

      FanVision said they were unable to agree terms. That does not tell us whether either, both, or neither side was imposing unreasonable demands.

    • As I understand it one of the problems the past few years has been that they haven’t been able to shift enough FanVision units to offset there cost’s…

      They were sold out at the USGP. Not sure about others.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 11th January 2013, 15:10

      To me it seems this might be a bit of 2 things coming together. First of all, its likely that Fanvision did not have enough rental of the units to make it worthwhile the cost for running the service and paying the FOM licences.
      And on the other hand, its well possible that FOM is not that interested in lowering licences to try and keep them in business at races, probably in line with having the solid and quite widely used timing app (which got added more and more features) which, combined with the wide spread use of smart devices, and lower priced for data-exchange, might offer a more interesting route to see people investing in instead.
      The fact FOM is not planning to make the service available by themselves does point to that direction.

  5. Well this is disappointing. Attending the Melbourne GP over the last few years on only a general admin ticket, FanVision allowed me to roam the circuit and find the best (and often least crowded) places to watch the race without tying me to a jumbo screen. Add to that the multi-view and replay abilities, I though it was invaluable.

    • RobertoLarcos (@robertolarcos) said on 11th January 2013, 7:48

      100% agree with this.

      Some of the best viewing spots at circuits do not have big screens, such as turn 7 at Singapore (where almost all of the overtaking there takes place). Also, at a lot of circuits big screens are scarce and can be too small or have poor picture quality.

      Once again FOM show their contempt for the fans that attend Grand Prix races. It appears that they are trying to make the race-going experience progressively worse.

  6. Fisha695 (@fisha695) said on 11th January 2013, 6:48

    I haven’t used any of the newer ones but I used the old version at a couple of NASCAR races years ago. It was cool but IDK I wouldn’t purchase a unit only rent it (and from talking to a sales rep at the track they barely break-even on rentals while they made their money on people actually buying the unit).

    I remember hearing a year or two ago about some issues that they had during their contract renewal with NASCAR but it appears that they must’ve gotten it settled because they’re still here.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 11th January 2013, 6:51

    What a shame. I’ve never used the service at a race, I can get by with my phone but many will struggle, wonder if FOM will see about an alternative?

  8. Steve (@machinesteve) said on 11th January 2013, 11:16

    The problem is simple: Bernie doesn’t understand media. He gets TV, to some extent limited to a 1960s/70s model of viewing, but understands nothing at all about gaming, social networking, data and anything-anywhere access. The man is in his 80s and arrogant enough to dismiss his young fan-future out of hand. F1 is going to die in the medium term, but not before Bernie dies very rich.

    Or maybe Bernie just wants a hollow, glitter-ball product for the East and Middle East….he will LIVE to regret that decision.

  9. Eastman (@eastman) said on 11th January 2013, 11:22

    I used a Fanvision device for the first time this year and found it pretty hand to keep track of laptimes. It was also quite invaluable at the end of FP2 when the 5Live team encouraged me to “seek shelter immediately” right before the heavens opened up and the grandstands emptied. I’ll miss them.

  10. Mclarengal (@mclarengal) said on 12th January 2013, 19:24

    A real shame for fans!

  11. smudgersmith1 (@smudgersmith1) said on 2nd April 2013, 16:48

    So bloody annoyed to read this, I bought one last year in readiness to use at a couple of races this year and have only just seen the story that they have lost the contract…… Ecclestone you are a nightmare, you have a great product which you price in such a way tat the ordinary punter gets stuffed all the time, time for a change at the top, the sooner the better.

  12. lavine (@lavine) said on 6th April 2013, 23:52

    Is the F1 app really all we are getting to replace this? I’m heading to Monza in September and hope to use a tablet on 3G to provide information.
    Is there anything other than the F1 app worth investing in? If there’s nothing else then I might as well just pay the subscription for the F1 app now and get some decent use out of it instead of just subscribing for Monza in September.

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