Start, GP2 sprint race, Singapore, 2012

Surtees says young drivers’ path to F1 needs overhaul

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Start, GP2 sprint race, Singapore, 2012In the round-up: John Surtees says the road to F1 should be more of a meritocracy.


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Surtees: New racing structure needed (Autosport)

“Where else other than in motorsport can you win one series and then be rewarded by a team at the next level telling you ‘that will be ??550,000 for a season please’? It’s terrifying.”

Frijns: I do not have race plans for 2013 (GP Update)

“Everybody knows that GP2 would be the most logical step for me. The problem is, I do not have the money. Another year in the World Series would be totally illogical. But I don’t even have the budget for that.”

Vijay Mallya writes to employees, lists out revival plan for Kingfisher Airlines (The Times of India)

“The employees of the grounded Kingfisher Airlines, who have not been paid for eight months now, had yesterday threatened to file a winding up petition in the court under the Company’s Act, if the management did not share its revival plan with them.”

Formula One set to influence family cars of the future (EU Community Research and Development Information Service)

“Developments in aerodynamics, tyre technology, fuel efficiency, engine management systems, new lightweight materials like carbon fibre, and powertrain systems were also discussed and ways in which auto makers could meet strict new European carbon reduction standards.”

Fangio’s Incredible Nurburgring Victory (F1 Speedwriter)

Stirling Moss: “I know the word ‘incredible’ is much devalued these days but what Juan Manuel Fangio did on the 4th of August in 1957 was, and remains, absolutely that.”


Comment of the day

Several readers were disappointed to learn FanVision will no longer be involved in F1:

Such a shame to see this invaluable service being denied to fans. I have been to Grands Prix with and without the FanVision.

I made the mistake of thinking that I could get updates at Silverstone on my phone ?ǣ but the sheer number of people there on my network meant that getting 3G signal was nearly impossible.

At least at Silverstone, you can get 5 Live radio coverage, which is not possible in other countries. The German equivalent radio station was OK (if you speak German) but halfway through a practice session, they would start playing music! 5Live was always there to listen to on the FanVision in any country.

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On this day in F1

Adrian Sutil turns 30 today. He last raced in F1 with Force India in 2011, was replaced by Nico Hulkenberg, but is believed to be in the running to return to F1 with the team this year.

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