The many helmets of Sebastian Vettel

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For many racing drivers their helmet design is a fixed part of their identity. But for the current world champion that identity is ever-changing.

Since he first appeared in F1 in 2006 Sebastian Vettel has used over 50 different helmet designs. He even had a special design to mark the appearance of his 50th style in Italy last year.

Vettel’s passion for different helmet designs started at a young age, according to his helmet designer Jens Munser. “He was eight years old and he wanted the crab from The Little Mermaid on it, which was called Sebastian too.”

Munser has typically produced a new design following each of Vettel’s 26 Grand Prix wins so far. And he also uses special designs for some races.

At Singapore last year Vettel raced with a unique flashing helmet, with LEDs used to represent stars and constellations. This gave Munser a few headaches.

“I was worried it might interfere with the radio. I was hoping the battery would last, it?s a long race, nearly two hours. It was amazing when he won the race, he was greeting the fans and the helmet was still flashing.”

The Singapore helmet and the rest of Vettel’s F1 designs can be seen in the gallery below. But expect it to be out of date soon after the 2013 season starts…

Pictures: Sebastian Vettel’s F1 helmet designs

This is the first helmet Vettel used in F1 while participating in practice sessions for BMW in 2006.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, BMW, 2006

2009 Chinese Grand Prix

Vettel sported this design when he scored his second career win and first for Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2009 Chinese Grand Prix

2009 Singapore Grand Prix

Vettel has always used a new helmet design for the Singapore Grand Prix. This one from 2009 also appeared in Brazil and Abu Dhabi that year.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2009 Singapore Grand Prix

2010 British Grand Prix

Several of Vettel’s helmet designs have included references to his mechanics, such as this one from Silverstone in 2010.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2010 British Grand Prix

2010 Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka is Vettel’s favourite track – in his four appearances there he has won three times and never failed to start from pole position. His 2010 helmet incorporated the Japanese flag.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2010 Japanese Grand Prix

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

A retro design from Monte-Carlo in 2011, when he scored his only victory in the principality to date.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2011 Monaco Grand Prix

2011 Indian Grand Prix

Another of Vettel’s team-orientated designs from the first Indian Grand Prix in 2011

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2011 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Italian Grand Prix

Vettel marked his 50th different helmet design at the 2012 Italian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2012 Italian Grand Prix

2012 United States Grand Prix

Vettel’s most recent new design was this Texas-themed one for the first race at the Circuit of the Americas last year.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design, Red Bull, 2012 United States Grand Prix

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  1. Must admit I do like Sebastian’s helmets. Always interesting to see what design he picks race after race and also they all look vaguely similar – you can always tell it’s him not Mark. And that’s the important thing.

  2. Vettel was Proving of his words ” I’m Not Baby Schumacher I’m a New Vettel” in every aspect
    Micheal has the Red colored helmet for most of his career. But Vettel already has 50+ designs.

  3. Abdurahman (@)
    16th January 2013, 4:32

    This gave me a headache……….

  4. Thanks for all the pictures. Like someone else commented here, I used to look for info about thinks like this as a spare time. I feel I have been overloaded with the amount and quality. With that said, I honestly do not like the changing of his designs. For me it is like changing a logo every other month in a company.

    1. *things like this in my spare time

  5. At first glance I’ve read “too many helmets of Sebastian Vettel”. And there is something to it actually, because I personally like when drivers stick to one design and thus become recognizable on track. Not that Vettel’s helmet are ugly or something like that, they are graphically interesting and on most occasions pleasing for the eye. It’s just that they don’t necessarily make distinguishing Vettel from Webber easier.

    1. Not really. Vettel is the not-Webber helmet :P

  6. I wonder how much each helmet costs to paint? I heard the helmets themselves are around 14,000 GBP. Is that right?

    1. if you bought an Arai GP-6RC from say Demon Tweeks or GPR, it would cost about £3,200 plus at the least £700 for a design with the complexity of Vettels helmets.

  7. I don’t get how people find this a) annoying ) confusing.

    a) It’s a unique characteristic in Vettel pretty much, surely we ought to encourage that?

    b) Confused which RBR driver is Vettel? Simple, it’s the one without the yellow helmet.

  8. I had an orgasm over 40 times I think, I became addicted to Formula 1 then I think … Seb is the best!

  9. I love that Vettel changes the design so frequently, at really got a kick out of the LED’s. Some of the designs fail, imo, but can’t fault him for trying. Bravo.

  10. Korea 2011. The helmet to end all helmets. I didn’t think I could ever fall in love with a helmet design, but wow the black, with gold detailing is simply beautiful.

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