Zetsche expects Mercedes to fight for 2014 title

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Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes, Detroit Motor Show, 2013In the round-up: Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche expects Mercedes to be in contention for next year’s title but lowers expectations for this year.


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Detroit motor show: ‘Mercedes must fight for F1 title in 2014’ (Autocar)

“The coming season will probably not allow us to show the full effect of the changes, but in 2014 we will have a good shot at the championship, especially with the new engine rules. Optimising the chassis and engine for that opportunity is key.”

Steve Nielsen to join Toro Rosso as Sporting Director (GrandPrix)

“Steve Nielsen, Sporting Director at the Caterham Formula One team, is to leave the Anglo/Malaysian outfit and take up the same position at Scuderia Toro Rosso starting on February 1.”

Domenicali: “Two drivers, one guarantee!” (Ferrari)

“I think the toughest part of Felipe [Massa’s] career is now behind him. After last summer, his approach turned about and as a result, his performance on track changed and he managed to show just how talented he is. I?m sure his problem was not linked to his contractual situation.”

How do Teams and the FIA Control KERS Energy Usage? (ScarsbF1)

“For 2012 a new homologated sensor [was] fitted to all cars running KERS (Marussia and HRT did not run KERS) as part of the FIA SECU Package. Isabellenh???tte?s IVT-F ‘integrated current sensor’ controls the quantity of power supplied by KERS and aims to ensure that teams will not use KERS to break the rules.”

Navigating F1 PR (MotorSport, registration required)

“I well remember asking Rubens Barrichello, in his Ferrari days, about the joys of being Michael Schumacher?s team-mate, and his briefly contorted facial expression said, ‘I can?t answer that with her (the PR) here…’ Fortunately, Rubens being Rubens, he later caught up with me in the paddock, apologised ?ǣ and gave me the answer to my question…”



Comment of the day

Thomas (@infi24r) on Hamilton and Alonso:

It’s very clear that Hamilton has more natural speed than Alonso, and probably than any other driver in the field. However its also clear to me that Alonso?s superior intelligence and cunning allows him to deliver better results from his speed, even if it may not match the peak of Hamilton?s.

For me, Alonso is the driver I would have every day of the week, however Lewis still has incredible potential which I feel was never managed or tapped into that well at Hamilton.

For all of Mercedes shortcomings in recent years, the genius of Ross Brawn and his ability to form genuine relationships with drivers may be the best thing that has ever happened to Lewis.
Thomas (@infi24r)

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Obscure 1950s racer Gino Bianco died on this day in 1983. Bianco was born in Milan but moved to Brazil at the age of 12. He returned to Europe and competed in four Grands Prix in 1952.

Even the Grand Prix Who’s Who, an authoritative source on most F1 drivers, admits that “little is known” about his subsequent life other than a spot of racing at national level in Brazil. If you can fill in any of the blanks in the comments, please do!

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