Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Madonna di Campiglio, 2013

Alonso triumphs in Ferrari’s ice kart race

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Madonna di Campiglio, 2013

Ferrari’s annual media event at Madonna di Campiglio came to an end today with an ice kart race.

Drivers from Ferrari’s racing teams plus Ducati’s Moto GP squad took part in the two races, both of which were won by Fernando Alonso.

Alonso won the first race after spinning and falling to the tail of the field early on. He then claimed victory in the second race as well which started with a grid based on the reversed finishing order of the first.

Here are pictures from the race and the rest of the event.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

18 comments on “Alonso triumphs in Ferrari’s ice kart race”

  1. I reckon there was some team orders here

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      18th January 2013, 23:56

      If this was a caption competition I think this one’s a winner!

  2. Ferrari is quickly turning into a retirement home with Gene, Fisichella, Badoer and now Pedro there. Speaking of Pedro, I’m surprised he wasn’t invited.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the whole idea. Attract the top drivers at the peak of their career by providing them with a top team until retirement.

      1. It also just goes to show that they really do consider Ferrari to be a proper family, where even the grand parents (aka Fisichella etc) get to come over and visit XD

  3. Now Alonso will say he is a samur-ice

  4. Badoer! How happy I am to see him again! He does look a little frightened in that solo picture though :)

    1. And with a deserved #1 on his kart, I must say :P

      1. Well since Alonso and Massa will have number 3 and 4 next season they better get used to it. And someone with the talent of Vettel has to have number 1! :D

  5. TYPO
    Hey Keith,

    The 2nd sentence reads: Drivers from Ferrari’s racing teams plud Ducati’s Moto GP
    Should be “plus” instead

  6. This is the why Alonso is the best driver

    1. It’s weird how hardly anyone was saying that about Jules Bianchi after the Desafio das Estrelas kart race.

  7. You should’t think that this kind of races won’t inflluence drivers confidance. I mean it looks like a game and fun but in the end Alonso has showed once again how focused and talented he realy is. Damn, and I don’t even like him :))))

    1. No it was jus alonso sending a political message..its all mind games. And very sneaky to mess with vettel by giving his number to badoer. :D

      1. Jesus! How did you came up with this? Very smart maaan! :)))

  8. Coming to a Nintendo Wii near you!

  9. That’s the bunny slope for skiing, right? Please don’t let Fernando break his leg from a skiing accident!

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